February 2007
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Superstar Rosberg

Please tell me everyone saw superstar rookie Rosberg’s debut race in Formula 1? No. Well allow me to give you the cliffnotes, but please come more prepared the next time :).

Nico Rosberg is the son of Keke Rosberg, the 1982 Formula 1 world champion. He’s driving a Williams, powered by a Cosworth engine (much in […]

Williams F1 Factory

I’m working on a new project in Wantage which is just south of Oxford. To get there we have to pass through Grove, the headquarters of Williams F1. It’s a lot less imposing than I imagined, but then again not everyone’s got a Foster’s designed HQ.

BMW Buy Sauber

Shit. See I knew this was coming but like someone who just doesn’t want to get on the scales because they’re afraid what they’re going to see, I chose to ignore the inevitable. With BMW effectively buying out Peter Sauber, their commitment to Williams will obviously be secondary to their team proper. That’s just the […]

FW27 Launched

Fantastic stuff. I’m getting really excited in the leadup to the new F1 season. My sunday just hasn’t been the same without F1 somewhere there, screwing up my timetable, as I have to work around the schedule. What can I say I’m an F1 junkie. Probably due to NBA deprevation, but hey you’ve got […]

Williams F1 - 2005

Well how could I not comment about this little fact. It’s basically taken the entire F1 community completely by storm. The reason? Jenson Button has decided to leave B*A*R to join the one great Williams BMW, in the quest for a World Championship.

It’s completely insane because he seemed very happy and very content with […]

Montoya away…

FINALLY. I mean it’s been too long since Williams actually looked like there were getting anywhere with the new car. I am of course talking about qualifying today in the Barcelona GP. Button collapsed after the pressure on him and he’s starting right at the back, or damn close to it, ie 14th. Sato, whom […]

Spring is here.

And I’m in the house. To be honest I was a bit disappointed with myself today as I thought I should be doing stuff since it’s such a nice day here, but truth be told it didn’t feel it was going to last here in London. I guess that’s the problem with British weather, it’s […]