We’re all Broken Kode

Please allow me to introduce myself,…my name is Khaled Abou Alfa. Born on the 23rd of August 1979 in Lebanon, raised in Greece and have been living for nearly a decade in the UK. So you can make up your mind about where I’m from. I work for Arup and I’m a Building Consultant Engineer (I design the electrical systems of buildings). My job however is hardly telling of where my passions truely lie. My true obssession lies in the visual form. Specifically art, illustration and design, in a multitude of ways.

I read parts of a graphic novel EVERY day without fail. I say parts, because even if I don’t go through an entire book I will look at something everyday and get inspired and be taken away from this world for those brief 20 minutes I engross myself. It’s one part of my life that I don’t think I’ll ever tire of.

Broken Kode History

This site is my therapy. It’s one of my forms of expression. Started off as a method to update my portfolio, it evolved into so much more.

This site didn’t always start with that name. I originally had it under kaydo.net and then I came up with the name Broken Kode. That name stayed in my header for 1 month before I bought the domain name. The site has been through 3 blogging systems, Blogger, Moveable Type and now currently running on Wordpress 2.0.2 .

Contact Form

Please feel free to contact me about commisions and any design jobs you’ve got on your mind.