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#1 07-09-2005 00:37:45

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Background image in the main body

Hello, I am not sure if someone has already asked this question here before, I have tried searching for it, but to no avail.

What I would like is to have a background image instead of the white background. I would like it around the masthead, and all over the site. I would like to use the image :

Where would I have to edit the CSS to make the appropriate changes please ?

Many thanks



#2 07-09-2005 04:08:31

From: Thailand
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Re: Background image in the main body

Seems to have worked for mine if you change the background tag under the very first part of code in the CSS....the A: Universal Elements.

background: #fff url(...url of the picture in here);

(I've heard it's good to also have a default colour plus the background, in case your picture is slow to load..or doesn't load)

If you don't want the background to move, i.e. I have a gradient background which I want to stay put if the user scrolls... put in a line

background-attachment: fixed;

Hope this helps...seems to work on mine, though hopefully Steph will be along soon to help if I've given you a dodgy tip!




#3 07-09-2005 05:28:13

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Re: Background image in the main body

Thank you breakscode, it seems to have done the trick and thanks for the 'background-attachment: fixed;' info too, I needed that too and it works just well.



#4 15-12-2005 07:38:57


Re: Background image in the main body

Well this didn't work for me sad only the white areas inside of the main frame, where the posts and comments r supposed to be gets black for me neutral

Plz come up with another solution, cuz i've been trying this for days now and am really really tired of it neutral
Hell, i'm gonna give it 1 more trie, plus i want to discover some other things ... I'll start my own topic about that question wink


#5 15-12-2005 09:28:57


Re: Background image in the main body

I know this isn't the place for this topic, but i've tried to become a member at no avail !!
All my e-mail adresses are awaiting that sign-up mailthingie at the moment ...

First of all gratz with the great design. There were a few things on which i thought really needed improvement. Not about the coding, but about the lay-out.
Though i'm a newb and never even tried css or php, and this is my first install of
wordpress. I thought let's make small goals and achieve them step by step.

First goal : getting that menu on the right side seemed like a cool place to start.
After reading some CSS tutorials and some kind of hacking the CSS and php files it payed off. Can't remember what i did exactly, but my menu is on the right side.
Second goal : Adding green to the colors of RiN. The easiest place is ofcourse in the header image, so i started there and experimented with adding it to menu titles big_smile
This goal is not completed : I want the green gradient bar i made also on the name of posts  ... how do i accomplish this ?
Third goal : Making the link categories appear individually, and the links in the category under it. This was easy, tnx to the codex and help from irc.
My current goal is finding out how to make all the white background black, i did what they said in this post, but it makes only parts black sad Any1 got an idea for that 1 ?

The last question i have is this : if you look at the bottom of the mainscreen, there is a part of the page that doesn't have the right place compared to the rest. This is only so when the menu on the right isn't very large ... and it goes away when making it bigger with lots of links. This is very sloppy coding, which i don't like .... so any1 got an idea how to fix this ?

To see where i currently stand visit !!
Any suggestions are welcome, maybe you guys got a cooler colorscheme or something.
Plz don't start about the logo ... it sux and a friend is working on a cooler one, so this is just there for the colour ...
If i think this theme is good enough for me, i'll make a page on my soon to be domain ... and share it under my beloved GPL with the main credits still intact tongue

Tnx 4 ur time already !!


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