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#1 23-12-2005 08:47:15

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Just curious if I'm missing some files...  When I go to the manual, specifically the Design page, I see this text: 

"The following breaks down the Rin code as much as possible diagramatically so that the divs can be understood better."

Which sounds great and would be VERY helpful, but below that is just a one-paragraph statement:

"CSS Structure.
The CSS file basically controls the entire design of the site. The structure of the site, ie what holds it all together is found at the top. The typography is found after the structural elements have been declared."

Is that it?  Should there be more explanation that I'm missing somehow?

What I'm trying to do is get FAlbum working.  I've got Rin working great, but when I go to my FAlbum page the columns are all jacked up...





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