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#1 27-02-2006 14:09:22

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Some Newbie Help Please

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a little help modifying my site layout. I have what I believe are some very newbish problems I'm hoping someone can help me solve.

1) In the header, how can I make those three links invisible or otherwise move them? Out of the three links up there the only one that would need to stay is the "login" link.

2) In the sidebar, how can I remove the text for "pages" categories" etc...I want my nav headers to be an image with those words in them.

3) Adding the sidebar to all of the pages. How in the blue hell do I do that? I searched around the forums here and read the instructions some people have posted, but I never can get pages to display properly after I put in the code. The bar will show on everypage, but then the content box on the right side gets a screwed up.

Thanks in advance for helping me out with this!

For reference my website is

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#2 28-02-2006 16:23:55

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Re: Some Newbie Help Please

Hi Tawnos,

Once you log in as Administrator, go to "Presentation" then to "Theme Editor." It'll default t RIN (or Manji, which everone you're using). On the right, you'll see a menu called "'Rin' theme files."

From the Rin theme files, select "Header Template." Scroll down past the header information </head> to the body. You'll see the Menu items which are defaulted right now like <li><?php wp_loginout(); ?></li>

From here you can add or delete as many menu items as you like. I was a little tenative adding and deleting so maybe save a copy of the original code somewhere.

To chage the menu items to click-able images, you'd just fudge with the code replacing the text you enter with the appropriate <img src> information.

The theme is great and so flexible; we added 6 items to the menu on

Good luck!




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