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some days are just good…

And yesterday was one of them. Apart from the splitting headache at the end of the day it was a pretty good day. I was down brick lane taking my cd to be printed at the hype gallery. So that went down well, it’ll hopefully be up on Tuesday and for a week, which means […]

my dreams are awash…

Well I’m standing in front of the hype gallery on Brick lane and I actually got very nervous. I mean seriously I got very nervous about what I was planning on doing. It’s pretty exciting stuff for me, but this is where my promotion starts I guess. Hey 1 month in and I’ll hopefully have […]

Looking back…

Well it’s on the front of the site so it’s no secret that my piece was accepted to the hypegallery.com website. I’m going down there tomorrow to see if I will actually be able to get it into the gallery. It’s the same place where Bodyworlds was held last year. Lots more submissions to the […]

The Tate Modern

I’ve had the MOST AMAZING DAY today. Apart from meeting Lee who’s a pretty cool guy and visiting a new place in the english country, apart from going to the Tate Modern and actually seeing some real DALI apart from seeing Sam again after a while which is nice, I had the most amazing surprise […]

Hype my act up…

Follow the link here. As far as I can tell I’ll hopefully be featured on the site at some point. This is all part of the promotion I’ve been building towards. Not really sure if they’ll accept the piece, if they do, then I’ll definitely try and get it down there so it’s in the […]

kaydo update

New image in the main page also means I’ve completed my work for the time being on the site. It’s taken me a little over 3 weeks to complete it. I’ve already got ideas that I want to put in for the february edition. Designwise it’ll probably stay the same, I mean generally in terms […]

Swiss Re

Now I know what the Re stands for. Apparently right, there are insurance companies that insure insurance companies, enter the re part of Swiss Re. So who care right? Well I’ve started my mini secondment in the new London headquarters for Swiss Re, in the Gherkin, just off Liverpool St. I’ve got to say it’s […]

Portfolio time

Well if you’ve ventured over to the portfolio section you’ll have noticed it’s finally gone online. It’s taken me 3 weeks to get to this stage in the site, and I’m thinking it’ll take me another week to have the site completed. Rather than have this thing come out all at once I’ve been slowly […]

Madness I tell you MADNESS

Here I was minding my own business and I thought I had it cracked. I knew what I was going to be installing. And I got it all wrong. I didn’t need movable type. This is like blogger only it’s installed onto your website directly, no need to link externally. I’m pretty annoyed as I […]

Man I hate my ideas sometimes…

So there I was loving my new site, I’d actually managed to do it, I’d created the site and the artwork and I knew how I was going to sort out everything else, then I thought, no I’m going to add comments to the portfolio section. Ooops, that means I’m going to have to learn […]


It’s times like this I wish I was a massive celebrity; where me updating my site and actually getting my ass down and sorting out some new art and animation would get people excited, but alas those days are far away in the distance, I kinda see them although they’re soo far away I could […]

Website frenzy

Tell you what I haven’t had this much fun creating a website in god knows how long,… probably never. The reason is pretty simple, I’ve learnt a whole bunch of tricks in the past year and I’m trying very hard to implement them as best I can. I mean sure you keep getting all sorts […]

It’s all about the appearance

Truly it’s all about how you present the work that makes it appealing. With a few clever little tricks I’ve been able to transform a few of my old pieces of art into really funky stuff right now. The site should hopefully launch sometime this weekend, but I’m not sure I’ve got a lot of […]

Purr for me, the new catwoman…

Saw this thought hmm, nothing like the comics, although you’ve got to love Halle Berry. First she bears everything for all to see for a massive amount of money (swordfish, 150,000 for that scene alone, you know what I’m talking about). She then get’s an Oscar and then she plays Storm in the X-men 2 […]

Restaurant at the end of the universe

Just finished reading the sequel to the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, thank god I’ve got part 3 right next to me. I love this series, thing is I’ll probably finish the final three books in like a few weeks, then what? These characters are brilliant, and it seems like such a shame that they’ll […]

everything old is new again

Truth be told I’ve been thinking about the new site all day and how to implement a few things that I really wanted to do with it. I’m glad I worked out frames earlier today so I’ll hopefully be incorporating some clever little flash bits and pieces pretty soon, once I get some more artwork […]

Version 3.0

I’d also like to emphasise that this current incarnation of the website is version 3.0, with a major hard look at the oh, since I put this together in less than 24hrs it’s going to change and morph and become something much much better, that at least is what I’m telling myself. Whether or not […]

A new thought…

Woke up this morning without much of a plan. Usually my sundays are filled with something to do. Today however I wanted a small break from the constant thought that I’ve engulfed myself into the past 2 weeks. This is all due to my book. I have a new found appreciation for well written stories […]