February 2004
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online radio stations…

I’ve really never gotten into the online radio station thing to be honest, but I know for a fact I’ll probably start enjoying this a lot more, from now on. The link? www.live365.com you should click on alternative, and there are a few to choose from, my personal favorite is mescino radio which is also […]

Hype gallery redux

So here I am sitting down after a long day, I’ve been to the hype gallery again and actually picked up Happiness Appears. It’s amazing in size (A0) which is HUGE and although it’s mainly white I think it was the right thing to do at the time. Who knows if they do it again […]

Going through my paces

I’ve sat down and gone through all my stories that are in one part or another of development. It’s strange but they’re all at a progressive stage like 60 odd pages in, and there is loads of parts that I know how to expand upon, it’s just that I’ve not really thought about the time, […]


Ignore me time and time again as I work my life to a halt.

Ignore me forever and touch the sea of my dreams.

See me through life’s hotel and my thoughts torn aside.

Dare to ignore me once more and I’ll rip your heart out.
Spare me your sweetness and spend the rest of the hour.

Ignore me once

Ignore […]

it’s been a crazy week…

Well I just read the most shocking thing, well for me at least. If you go over to www.billycorgan.com you can read who broke the smashing pumpkins up. Now while this might not mean a lot to many people, it means the world to me, simply put the pumpkins where and still are the greatest […]

music makes my life better.

It’s true, and it should make your life better as well. Although I generally never listen to Arabic music, I’ve finally stumbled upon a little factoid that I never thought would happen. When I was much younger there was always arabic music blaring in the background. I was too young to have my own musical […]

no name no game.

What a shit week. I’ve never been so happy to see friday in my life. What a rubbish rubbish week. Damn didn’t think lots of things could phase me you see. I’m generally overly optmistic about life in general. Sometimes however I just give up and honestly can’t be bothered to see the bright side […]

Went for my first ever proper Japanese….



And the truth will set you free.

Well I’ve been thinking about this a lot more lately. Things have been set into motion with regards to what I want to do with this place. The website will probably get a major facelift in the coming months, not because I don’t like it, but because it’s reason for existance will have changed. When […]

I’m going to ramble…

That’s how I feel right now. Honestly I don’t expect to make much sense, but I’ll probably read these thoughts a few years from now and either smile or look at myself in a whole new light. I suppose I’m going to actually start using my thoughts section as a pathway to everything I want […]

k1a2.com has expired

Well it’s been one year since I started building websites on my own. I’ve learnt a great deal in the time inbetween. I’m happy to say that I’ve actually got roughly 4 websites I’m currently in the talking stage of designing them. It’s actually a serious range of topics which is pretty nice to have. […]

damn tired

Played basketball today after something like a month and a half. The longest I’ve ever gone without proper exercise and I tell you what I’m going to feel it tomorrow for sure. It was damn worth it though, and I think it’ll be damn good to get into it again, although it’s one of those […]

Progress report

Well I’ve actually picked up my pencil after an absence of way too long. What I find really amazing about the whole experience is how I seem to not have lost anything in the time between the drawings, not only that but I can actually see more speed in my work, and more accuracy. Oh […]

Back to the drawing board,… literally

Well it’s been a good break actually thinking about it. I’ve had around a month to re-energise my batteries and think about my book from a fresh perspective. I’ve given it a lot of thought and I think I should be able to actually crack on with it sometime soon.

My brother is complaining that […]

The internet on overdrive…

Tell you what, I’ve done it. I’ve finished all the technical aspects of the site. It took a while but dammit I’ve uses 4images for the portfolio collection, I’ve used blogger for the thoughts section. Don’t even know the name of the site I’m using for those comments. My newsletter is from notifylist.com. It’s all […]