March 2004
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Design and thoughts

So I’m sitting here trying to understand how exactly I should play this whole blog thing out. I mean for a while there I was doing well. I was blogging nearly every day. Not really telling much, just my thoughts what I was feeling that sort of thing. Thing is a lot of my thoughts […]

waking up is hard work sometimes…

I’m not complaining it’s just that I wake up and I honestly don’t feel refreshed sometimes, or ready to do some work early in the morning, it’s strange I used to love it, and used to get a lot done, now I’ve got to be in a certain way. Hmm dunno, hopefully I’ll actually snap […]

creative high

I’ve been riding this massive creative high now for 5 solid days. All the images or most of the images on this site have been tweaked and have a more professional feel, hoewever it’s going to take a lot more work to be honest, because I can see some major short comings with a lot […]


How to create an identity in a weekend. I’ve been working furiously these past few days trying to set things up. I’ve hit walls, cars whatever along the way. That said I’ve achieved something pretty special to me at least. I’ve been able all these things I’ve learnt in design and whatnot to come up […]


I’ve been doing a lot of research these past few days into a little major redesign of the place. Hey it has to stay fresh for me, and I was reading this article about the main guy from cubancouncil and he was saying that his personnal portfolio/website keeps getting changed nearly on a daily basis […]

website update…

So I’ve been thinking about updates and after reading this interview with the main guy from cuban council I can rest assured that I’m not alone in never being happy with my actual website ever. I will always want to keep tinkering around with it. I’ve got a busy weekend in front of me. I’ve […]

One to One…

I love them. When it’s just you and someone else, and they tell you something personnal because they trust you, they know you won’t betray their words. I’ve been having a few one to ones lately and I think I prefer these times 1000 times better than any other form of ‘entertainment’. It’s true I […]

My Supreme adventure

I think I’m going to be using one of these blogs as a comic book review blog. I have a lot of reviewing to do, and since I’m pretty opinionated anyway this should be good for recommendations etc. I’ll include links galore and build it so that I can have a whole bunch of things […]

Every journey has a begining

So this is basically the first step for me using everything I have in terms of resourses at my disposal. I’m doing something special to me. My thoughts and ideas continue. This time I’m consolidating everything right here and now, in this little space before me.

Had a seriously funny lunch today, nothing I could really […]

Thank God It’s March….TGIM

Tell you what I’m pretty glad to get February and all it’s leap year poncy rubbish attitude out of the way. Really it had some highlights but generally I regard it as one of the rubbish months this year. I must say that I can’t believe that it’s March already. I new years, Secondment and […]