April 2004
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Volume 2

Right so I finally saw KILL BILL Volume 2 yesterday. Before I continue I’m going to say that this review has major SPOILERS. I’m going to be talking about everything I liked and disliked about the movie in detail, so be warry. If you’ve not had a chance to see it, go somewhere else, come […]

political correctness

I’ve got theories that I generally share with friends whenever I feel like the conversation is dying down. Sometimes I say things just to get a rise out of people, and other times I genuinely believe what I’m saying to a certain extent. I’ve come to the realisation that I haven’t actually thought up any […]

NASN basketball challenge

God I’m tired. We went to the Basketball challenge today, and I’ve got to say we did better overall this time round considering it was the shortest team that could possibly show up to a 3 on 3 competition. We fared pretty well I thought all things considered and I think it worked well, except […]

Spring is here.

And I’m in the house. To be honest I was a bit disappointed with myself today as I thought I should be doing stuff since it’s such a nice day here, but truth be told it didn’t feel it was going to last here in London. I guess that’s the problem with British weather, it’s […]

changes are acoming

Yes I’ve changed the design AGAIN, in that respect I guess I’m an architect, however I think you’ll find that as I keep adding to this place it’ll be a much more pleasant journey from start to finish. This is a BETA version, so by no means finished. Give it a few more days and […]

Getting back into the groove

So after god knows how long, actually probably something like 3 weeks I finally did a bit of designing, other than for this blog. I’ve still got loads of little things I need to sort out for this blog, but I’m working on that as well. Just completed a logo for a charity organisation for […]

Cheltenham there and back

Well went to Cheltenham this weekend. That’s two weekends outside London in a row. I’ve got a trip to Newbury and a trip to Italy and a trip to Southampton planned in the near future, Wales sometime in June. Man, busy and expensive couple of months ahead of me.

The countryside road trip was very […]

hmm there are days and there are days

Today I’ll be honest, it’s been less than productive. Be it at work, or at home or whatever. Seriously the only good thing is I got a haircut, it was getting pretty bad and all it took was seriously 20 minutes of my time if that, 20 minutes, and I kept putting it off again […]

These ideas in my head

Got a few ideas in my head right now, at least 7 drawings I’d like to start, all with my new vector style. Eventually I’ll start developing a new style with my 3D programs, it’s just that my hardware right now isn’t really up to the task. As such I’ll be using my laptop for […]


Yeah well this is my blog and I’m a bit upset about this. I can’t say I was completely and utterly in love with this book. For a start it didn’t have my favorite characters in it, and it wasn’t really snappy enough for me. The thing is however is that it really was unique […]

Nottingham and back…

So I just got back from my mini vacation to Nottingham, and what a two day break it was. Cram packed from the word go, and hasn’t calmed down till this very minute that I sit here and type this quick thoughts dump. First off Nottingham Uni has changed a great deal.

image taken from official […]

Frustration sets…

As exhilerating as it is to finally get something to work in MT it’s just as frustrating when things don’t really go your way. As such I’ve been trying long and hard to sort out the comments systems. I know hardly anyone will use them, which is fine, but dammit I’m a perfectionist and I’d […]

Random image generators

Well the details to this here blog are starting to come together in a nice way. I’ve got my random image generator at the top there, which means I’ll be adding random images at least 1 a week to the little space, hell I might go mental at one point and put 30 in a […]

factory testing…

As I was on the train towards Ayesbury, which is in Buckinghamshire, near oxford I realised I hadn’t had a day outside the office since end of January, and that seemed like ages and ages ago, and yet it only really was 2 months ago, I only got paid for my expenses like 2 weeks […]


This has been a long time coming. I’ve been building towards this for a while now, and this shows a lot of hard work finally paying off. In the next week I’ll be doing some major tweaks to this place, making it look more and more pro. I’ve had to install netscape navigator onto my […]

Saturday Begins…

Right this is going to be a busy week ahead of me. In fact the next 10 days are going to be filled with pressure. From work and from outside work in terms of what I’d like to accomplish, the list is scary. Having had my coffee this morning, and a decent 8 hours of […]

Things to do…

A few things I’d like to tackle this April:

1. Start learning how to draw clothes correctly.
2. Sort out my moveable type blog, and integrate everything under neath this hear blog as well.
3. Finish off the few drawings I’ve got in my mind, 18 in total, getting up to the 25 mark.
4. Sort out the logo […]

New Computer thoughts

So I got a new computer at work today, and I’ve actually been enjoying work lately, simply because I’ve been doing some artwork there and some cool consulting as well I guess. It’s a buzzing time for me, and everything looks and feels good probably due to the weather. I feel as though I’ve made […]