May 2004
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It’s been a while…

Since my last update. I guess when you’re busy with stuff I kinda got side tracked and lost my way. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me to be honest. Between work, socialising with people and generally designing and writing I’ve just had no time whatsoever to think about much.

I mean first […]

Apple XP

Ha, cool. Downloaded this program which you can find right here. Download the program called WindowBlinds, and Iconpackager, both easy to use simple and free.

And presto I’ve got myself an apple mac looking desktop. It’s not so much that it operates like a mac but it feels like one in terms of the overall design which […]

Until the universe fades away…

In life I’ve been handed an exceptional hand. I’ve got my health and most of the people around me have got their health as well. I’ve got both my parents who are happily married and I’ve got a younger brother. My friends and family around me help me get through life no matter what is […]

New Computer ideas

I’ve been thinking about getting a new PC for a long while now. I love my computer it’s a reliable powerhorse of a computer. Very swish little tft screen, and overall does most of the things I chuck at it. However currently the issues I’ve been getting is that well it’s really not cutting the […]

100 Bullets

For those out there that haven’t heard me talk about 100 bullets well you’re going to be seeing it in front of you at some point. It’s without a doubt one of my favorite series ever written and drawn, and can’t disappoint in any way whatsoever. I’ll be doing some serious reviews on the subject […]


The act of writing isn’t terribly difficult. Writing something clever and meaningful that has an impact on the way people think of a story and something you think is actually important and genuine is a completely different subject. I’ve been trying to get back into my writing a little more as I’ve been doing the […]

Montoya away…

FINALLY. I mean it’s been too long since Williams actually looked like there were getting anywhere with the new car. I am of course talking about qualifying today in the Barcelona GP. Button collapsed after the pressure on him and he’s starting right at the back, or damn close to it, ie 14th. Sato, whom […]

Weeks and Weeks

Weekend is finally here and I can start thinking about what to do with myself over the next couple of days. I have the feeling it’s going to be very productive. I’ve got the drive to actually tackle my next project. I think it’ll be the book. Just sit down and deal with it. I […]

Full House Flush

Life as I see it is one big gamble. From religion to personnal morals I never gamble. It something I see can lead to some serious problems and many people think they can control it, I’ve seen it, and they can’t control it. Once you’re caught into it that’s it, your addictive nature takes the […]

Obssesive Compulsive Behaviour

I thought I’d include my favourite poem in all the world here for the world to share. The writer doesn’t know I’m doing this, but I personnally believe this is the best thing he’s ever written. The man in question is Stathis Londos, Greek friend with heavy South African roots. If you need to contact […]