Full House Flush

Life as I see it is one big gamble. From religion to personnal morals I never gamble. It something I see can lead to some serious problems and many people think they can control it, I’ve seen it, and they can’t control it. Once you’re caught into it that’s it, your addictive nature takes the better part of your senses and you’re down a big wad of cash.

In this instance I’m not talking about cash, I’m talking about emotions. In life you gamble with your emotions and you hope for the best roll of the dice. You gamble with the trust you put in your friends, you gamble with the love you show someone, you gamble with your feelings. Obviously the alternative is to live like a hermit and not have any human contact whatsoever, and we know how unbearable that would be after 2 days.

So what’s the alternative? Trust me if I knew the answer to that question I’d be the happiest man alive. I guess the only way to live life is to know how much emotion to invest in a particular situation, person, country, politics, ANYTHING. You have to strike a balance.

So essentially if you’re anything like me you’re fucked. I’m too emotional about things, too trusting in people, too gulible in life. What hurts the most however is that I realise all these things, but that’s what makes me who I am.

As a natural born optimist however I’ve got to see the upside of everything, the glowing aura of the situation, the silver lining within the grey and dim clouds. Some days it’s harder than others, my only consolation at this point in time is to say at least I don’t gamble with money, my emotions and psyche heal after a while, no matter how hard my ego is hurt at the time. It’s the way of life, and some of us handle our ‘losses’ in complete and different ways.

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