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Is it?

Seriously, don’t bother reading this because it’s going to be one long boring diatribes of bollocks with me smack in the middle winging and wining about something. I’ve not really had the chance to formulate the post at all in my mind and I’m doing what I used to do years ago on this blog, […]

Aitus Moralis

The more I think about this the more embarrassed of myself I feel. Basically I sat down today to take stock of what I should be doing in my free time (yes I have to have to be doing something in my free time, I bore extremely easily). I decided earlier last month that I […]

Left and Right

Forest was back in town for the weekend and we were catching up as I’ve not seen him since the summer. We’re shooting the shit and he asks me how my artwork and design work is going. Of which I had to answer with the truth, in reality it’s not. Oh yeah sure I’ve recently been playing around with Habari, but to be honest Habari is a hobby which I’m enjoying being a part of, but I wouldn’t say it’s stretching my artistic muscles. It’s definitely making me take a much more pragmatic approach to design and I’ve done this before but I know when my artistic muscles are being flexed and sadly I can’t really claim the last year to have provided me with any level of truly artistic expression and in talking with Forest I kind of inadvertently voiced the reason why.


Well Chris broke the news about, Habari, a new open source blogging CMS platform. While he didn’t want feel it correct to mention in the post who was involved, I’m going to step forward and put my hand up as the designated pixel pushing monkey of this motley crew.

What I find amusing is that as […]

Best Graphic Novels of 2006

Continuing in my series of the best of 2006, just finished my post on the best graphic novels of 2006 over at Splash Panel.

10,001 words

Fantastic bit of writing advise from one of the top (and now Lost staff writer) Brian K Vaughan over on his Myspace account. I’ve got like 150 pages under my belt, only 9851 pages to go :).

Best of the Net 2006

I started writing a best of 2006 about a week ago, however I’ve had to break that down into several posts because it got far too large and I didn’t feel that I would be doing each topic justice, if I bulked all of them into one post. So for the first topic of conversation I’ll talk about the best of the Net for 2006. Word of warning, there’s a lot of images in this particular post just to bear it in mind.

Break the Silence

In a time when I should really be blogging MUCH more often (as I’m going through some pretty tough and generally strange times right now) is actually the time when I felt the need to stay away from my blog and the online world in general. I’ve not really been able to pinpoint the reason […]

Remember, remember

I got back from Greece on Sunday in a pretty mixed way. I’m glad that I didn’t have a repeat of previous experiences in airports however even though the flight was delayed by an hour it was worth it simply for the view coming into London. Sunday was the 5th of November, as ‘V’ from […]

Broken Kode Season One Complete

Broken Kode Season One the dead tree version of Broken Kode is finally ready for general consumption. I talk about decisions I’ve made regarding the book and what you can expect to find between it’s covers and I talk about the Lulu process briefly.

An itch to scratch

I’m currently in Greece for a full 2 weeks. I’ve been looking forward to this break for well over a month now, hell I’ve been looking forward to this break for at least 3 months. I didn’t go anywhere during the summer period, which was probably the worst thing to do for my psyche to […]

Breathing Earth

Breathing Earth is one of the scariest things I’ve seen in a good long while. Prepping myself up for watching ‘An inconvenient Truth’.

Ramadan 2006

I’d just like to extend my wishes to all those about to fast (and those who are like me already done it for a day). This is without a doubt the hardest Ramadan I’ve ever had to go through, simply because it’s been a pretty hard year, which has drained me mentally and emotionally from […]

User Control, Eliminate the Noise

When it comes to doing things in WordPress, any idea I come up with has usually been implemented several times over, however I think (and I really hope someone has actually done this and I simply can’t find it) but the idea for this plugin came about after talking with several of my friends who […]

Blogger Burn

It’s been one of the longest summers that I can remember, which definitely followed one of the longest winter’s I can remember in a really long time. As I looked around me I saw more and more of my blogging friends slowly start to blog less. It’s not that we have less to talk about […]


Mapmyrun, one of the best use of the Google Maps API, I’ve seen so far on the net. My estimate of 5km for my runs wasn’t that far off, I run 4.8km.


“Bitch I’ll pull out all your blonde extensions from their big black roots“. That’s what I heard when I saw Stathis on Saturday as he was watching You Tube videos. Seems that several people have been forming a YouTube community, essentially creating video blogs. I saw a clip a couple of months ago with the […]

Crazy Egg

Quick thoughts on the new online service provided by Crazy Egg. I’ve been using it for about a week now. It’s another way of looking at how users interact with your site. I use Mint for my stats package; Crazyegg provides three levels of visualisation of where the majority of visitors click on your site. […]

27 | Friendships

27 years ago yesterday, my mother gave birth to me in a little hospital in Saida, Lebanon. Usually around the time of my birthday I get supremely depressed. This can be attributed to the fact that every year that passes by I always feel as though I’ve failed in my one main goal in […]

Mighty George

I got this link (via Sylvane) yesterday and I’ve watched it like 10 times now. Every time I watch political debates/interviews I always find it extremely frustrating because the people are not talking about the real issues here, they’re smoke screened out. The ‘objective’ journalism is lost. In this interview George Galloway rips Anne (I […]

Broken Phoenix

Reason I’ve not been able to write anything these past days is because I’ve been feeling numb. Every time I sit down to type anything I feel ill and the words don’t go anywhere. I start thinking about the situation currently going on in Lebanon and I feel this sorrow and it takes over my […]

why macs suck

Some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in a good long while. I need laughter right now, otherwise I’ll be going insane. Very inventive; it’s like the antithesis of that microsoft packaging advert from a while back that came out of Microsoft themselves. Tres amusant.

6000 free fonts

While looking around the net for font viewers I stubbled across 6000 free fonts to download (scroll down a little bit). Still can’t find a decent font viewer for ubuntu though, any ideas about this and font management in general on Ubuntu?

The meaning of Terrorism

For those in the dark, yesterday evening the state of Israel has declared war on the country of Lebanon. This is not the first time that hostile action has been taken against Lebanon, however it does mean that 6 years of peace in the country have been brought to a devastating halt. Today we (the […]

Over the Crescent

Usually when things are quiet on the ‘kode it’s generally because I’m busy with stuff and can’t really concentrate on writing anything. Well that’s the case right now, however I’m supremely busy at work rather than outside work, which is not really how I like to be. Things have been COMPLETELY insane for me, as […]


One thing is for sure regarding the switch to Linux is that there is soo much to learn, however I am actually really looking forward to the plethora of applications that I can start using and learning and the various things I can actually start creating. I’m going to share some of the things that […]

Calm waters

I’ve been pretty quiet this last week and there’s actually two main reasons for that. The first one is due to the fact that I’ve been extremely busy at work. Every summer it happens to me and this one is no different. I’ve been landed with far too much work to handle in an exceptionally […]

Summer nights that seem to go on forever

Last night reminded me of Greece during the summer. The humidity was absolutely ridiculous to be honest. It felt as though the walls were dripping with moisture. Usually I fall asleep within like 10 seconds of my head hitting the pillow, this was obviously not the case yesterday. Tossing and turning I remembered the days […]

Tea Tree Special Shampoo

Yes no subject is taboo on the Kode so I’m going to talk about my haircut today. Generally speaking I really really hate going to get my hair cut. It’s like when you ask a kid to go for a bath; there’s like a million reasons that make absolutely no sense whatsoever that come between […]

The Importance of PT

I’ve been in LA for a couple of days now and I think I’m finally ready to talk about the city a bit more. The single most important aspect of LA that makes it (as far as I can tell) pretty damn unique all over the world is the lack of a coherent public transportation […]

Viva Las Vegas

I’ve already talked ever so briefly about the visit to Vegas on Monday. The first thing you notice as you enter Vegas is the fact that it’s seriously in the middle of no where. I’ve watched Bugsy, which I think ‘tells’ the Hollywood version of how Vegas started. I’m not completely completely familiar with it’s […]

Randomness in America

Coffee? I doubt it It’s baffled me for years as to how and why Starfucks came to this MASSIVE prominence around the world. How it came to be the Mcdonalds of coffee. How it came to be that the clusterfuck of caramel, cream and cheesecake came to dominate the world of coffee around the world. I […]

World Cup Excel Spreadsheet

I generally hate football. With the odd exception of the World Cup which I’m a really big fan of. The last time, a guy at work gave me this Excel spreadsheet which I found extremely useful in keeping me abreast of what was going on. Excely have provided an updated version of their spreadsheet which […]

Class of 2006

Today was my brother’s graduation day. It comes 5 years after my graduation which was the last time I was in a similar situation so obviously I did start to reminisce about that day in Nottingham all those years ago. This time of course I was on the other ending of the stage so I […]

Cream Cheese and Butter

That was the longest trip I’ve ever made. Now it wasn’t actually boring nor was it particularly uncomfortable, it’s just that had some chinese guy sitting next to me that decided he was going to take up all the arm rests and go to sleep from the word go for like 6 hours. There was […]

America Bound

Damn time flies by. I’m off to the States tomorrow for my brother’s graduation (an event we all wondered if would actually ever come to pass). I’ve got to say that in general the visa application system was relatively painless with the exception of the courier service which honestly sucks some major balls. However the […]

Reincarnation Cycles

I’ve never actually researched the idea at all and therefore know seriously little to nothing about this concept. I don’t know how I got to think about this today, but I was sitting there on the tube and I got thinking (there’s little to do on the tube). The reason I started thinking about this […]

Blowing Kisses

I hate Mondays. Every Monday that comes around I always remember that episode of Garfield where he’s trying to get away from Monday so he books a ticket to fly to another country to get away from that dreaded day. That’s how much I hate Mondays. So I wake up this morning and I’m greeted […]

Stop Urban 4×4s

I noticed this guy wearing this t-shirt yesterday and I actually remembered the url. It’s definitely something I agree with. Traditionally over here in the UK, 4×4s look as out of place as bloody hummies. Completely unnecessary, as far as I can tell used mainly by mothers to take their kids to school (it’s a […]

Spring Musings

Looking at my archives April was the slowest month of blogging since I began over 2 years ago. 10 posts the entire month. Now I’m generally not for one regarding quantity as something I heed much as I blog whenever I feel like it. The curious thing about the whole situation is the fact that […]

Brain Dump

Creativity It’s really annoying, a month ago I was talking about being on a creative high, however for the past couple of weeks I’ve seriously been hitting a creative wall, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. I knew back then that the creativity wouldn’t last forever but it’s really frustrating when you sit down and honestly waste […]

Dry Rain

It’s been a while since I got rained on in London. Generally speaking I always carry a bag with me. In it I keep my umbrella, Moleskin, pens and a book or magazine that I’m reading at the time. Tonight for once in a good long time I didn’t have that bag as the sky […]

La Coruna

That was seriously one of the best weekend breaks I’ve had in a good long while. I think it was due to the combination of being back in Spain, the company and the actually city/village we visited that contributed to making it a special break. I’m going to dedicate a whole post to the main […]

Spanish Dancing

So about two weeks ago Joe sends out a mass email to the group and asks whether anyone is up for going to La Coruña (Spain) for a weekend and being at the opening of a gallery project Arup worked on. Joe was stationed (yeah I know not exactly a war zone over there is […]

Smokes and Mirrors

On Grooming Today I took a look at myself in the mirror and didn’t really like everything I saw. It not so much just my physical appearance but in the past few months I’ve honestly not been taking care of myself in many other ways as well. So I’ve decided to deal with a few things […]

Superstar Rosberg

Please tell me everyone saw superstar rookie Rosberg’s debut race in Formula 1? No. Well allow me to give you the cliffnotes, but please come more prepared the next time :).

Nico Rosberg is the son of Keke Rosberg, the 1982 Formula 1 world champion. He’s driving a Williams, powered by a Cosworth engine (much in […]

Blogging Is Raw

Increasingly I’ve been reading many people on the blogosphere talk about their posts as articles; to which all I have to say is that you’re talking out of your ass if that’s actually what you think you’re writing when you post something on your personal weblog. In my eyes it’s very simple because blogging is […]

Grasping Inspiration

Traditionally February is generally a shitty month. I’ve had several things mar it in my eyes that for a while there I used to dread the month. This year however it’s been an exceptional month in terms of creativity. I’ve seriously been able to pucker down and deal with things that have been on my […]

Contact Form problems

Just noticed that my contact form is not working since I upgraded to WordPress version 2.0 so I’ll try and sort that out asap. If you’ve sent an email in the last couple of weeks and I’ve not responded, please don’t see this as me blanking you, I try my best to answer anyone who […]

Women’s Fashion | Shoes

This should be interesting. The last time I decided to talk about fashion I got a response from a slew of sleeper readers. So this one is BOUND to get a few more sleepers to come out of the wood work, because I’m about to embark on what many guys consider a big black hole […]

9rules Community Interview

Lindsay is conducting a slew of interviews with all the 9rulers in the Personal Community. Thame was first, seems I answered by questions before the other guys. If you’re interested in finding out where the name Broken Kode comes from that’s where to go.

Creative Sessions

The new institution for both Stathis and I this year has been the ‘Creative Session’ (in the past we used to go out on stakeouts).
I generally used to do these on my own. The problem was that at the end of my writing or drawing I’d get that feeling people get if they go […]

Four things

Darice has been kind enough to tag me into this meme, so here’s something you might not have known about my stoopid ass.

Kobe Bryant

Had an intersting conversation with Hamish today regarding Kobe Bryant scoring 81 points in a single game. See that’s pretty insane. If your entire team scores less than 40 points and you alone score 81 points, there’s something seriously wrong with this picture. Either you’re a complete BALL-HOG or the alternative is your teammates suck […]

2 Years Anniversary

Today effectively marks 2 years of blogging. It’s soo strange but I remember the day I decided to start blogging like it was yesterday. I’d actually heard of blogging before that, in early 2003, however for the life of me I couldn’t see the appeal for myself or for the general public. I was as […]

Back Online

Back online which is very very cool indeed. I swear not having an internet connection at home was a lot harder than I thought. If I didn’t have this many commitments for January 2006 you’d have thought that I could live without the noise for a week or so.

Sadly I honestly can’t do that. […]

No Net

Got back home yesterday to England and I’ve got no net at home. Therefore until this gets sorted out at home I’m effectively without my eyes and ears. The good thing I guess is that I’ll get some of these projects done and dusted without ANY distraction whatso-ever. The net is a double edged sword […]

PHP Designer 2006

Perfect start to 2006, the super talented Michael Pham ofMPSoftware releases the new version of PHP Designer 2006. This is my preferred editor of choice, even though 2005 had loads of little bugs it was still great. A full review of this is forthcoming.

Bad Architecture

I’ve been quiet for a couple of days as I’ve tried a bit of a net detox effectively. Also all my feeds are sitting on my computer at home as I’ve still not subscribed to an internet feed aggregator. The way in which it works for me just isn’t there yet. I have an idea […]

Live from Athens

I’m typing this from Athens from my bro’s computer (the biggest brick you’ve ever seen), bastard doesn’t even have Firefox, so I’ve got to sort this rubbish out for him…meanwhile I’ve got some serious R&R to catch up on. I’ll be writing a whole slew of reviews for Splash Panel as I’ve got 50% of […]


Time for reflection on the year that’s passed us by. This isn’t my end of the year analysis, (that’s still being typed out). It’s been pretty tough at work and that has propagated into my overall anxiety in general. Not really as calm and collected as I’d like to be. I simply flip very quickly […]

London Meetup Continues

Well this is the first London WordPress meetup that I know of and to be honest even if it wasn’t, it’s the first one that’s actually counts :). Started off by me getting to Starbucks and finding Mumbles on his own (with his friend he got to tag along just in case we were all […]

Bad Service

I just realised today how much BAD service in a restaurant can completely fuck up your experience. Even if the meal is as you would expect, bad service will make you reconsider going to the same place again. I’m not talking about the bard ‘rude’ service but more about the completely incompetent service.

Waiting tables […]


You might have noticed that I’ve been pretty quiet lately, which is attributed to the fact that I’ve recently been commissioned to redesign an esteemed gentleman’s website. For those who have their ear to the ground know who I’m talking about, but that’s not what I wanted to talk about at right now, I’ll save […]

Bouncy Balls

I’ve been sketching all day practically. I actually left the house in order to give myself a fighting chance away from my computer. So I headed down to Starfucks and got a number of sketches done for the Broken Kode Blook. Now when I sketch I’m very focused. You could move heaven and earth and […]

Character Design

Character Design Blog is an amazing collection of interviews and profiles of some serious character designers around there. I’m ALWAYS looking for inspiration, especially now going through Broken Kode | Season One blook.


Fruitcast has gone live. Mr.Kartooner himself and I helped out with the copy of the site. Hell I’m sold on the concept that it makes me actually think that I should give this podcasting thing a whirl, whereas before I had little interest. Sounds like pretty easy money.

Gorillaz Toys

Gorillaz toys from Kidrobot. These things are absolutely MASSIVE. The main problem being that they’re terribly expensive, which didn’t stop me from buying a Russel figure today. Easily some of the best inaction figures I’ve seen since the brilliant View Askew ones from a couple of years ago.

New Snippets Format

After hammering this a couple of times (and in the process getting an even better understanding of exactly what makes PHP tick), I’ve formatted the snippets to be part of the main posts. This is mainly to give these random ideas of mine a home, that don’t necessarily require a full post, but also shouldn’t […]

Eid Mubarak

Today marks the end of Ramadan for the year 2005. Just wanted to wish all those who have just finished their fasting or are about to finish their last day of fasting in a little while’s time EID MUBARAK (loosely translated you can think of this as Arabic for MERRY CHRISTMAS). I’ve got to […]

Taking care of yourself

Think of this as a public service announcement. If you’re one of the people that says ‘well D’uhhh’ at the end of reading this post I wish you’d shared this information with me earlier i.e 20-something years ago, instead of keeping it to yourself.

While talking to Eric tonight he told me he was feeling a […]

Brian Wood

Brian Wood’s new website is online. Brian’s definitely got a destinct style, both in his writing, drawing and design work. Whatever you do make sure to check out his excellent CHANNEL ZERO graphic novel. One of my TOP 11 picks of all time.


Stephen King’s Graphic Novel. Not really ‘news’, merely a confirmation of a promo that was released by Marvel back in July.

Human Behaviour

So I’m in front of the Greek Embassy yesterday, trying to get myself a visa to go back down to Greece to see my folks:”(I was raised in Greece, my brother was born there and neither of us have the Greek citizenship. I’ll be sure to write a proper post in the future about the […]

Places to Find Free Images

Top 10 Places to Find Free Images For Your Blogs . This one’s for me, since I know I’ll forget about it, but I should use this resource more.

Scarves in Autumn

Can someone please explain to me why oh why people in London insist on wearing scarves in the autumn, when it’s no less than 20 °C ? I mean honestly, has style over content got to such a degree that people are so overly keen to wear a god damn scarf? The straw that broke […]

Normal ‘Kode

It was my harddrive. Bastard thing melted on me, well not literally but you get what I mean. I’ve wasted around 1 and a half weeks of work on this. I’ve got a laundry list of projects that have effectively been put on hold while I sorted out this rubbish. I now know a hell […]


Every once in a while I’ll go into one of my many Art and Design Havens and come out with something inspirational. Chromophile by Brandon Ragnar Johnson is nothing short of spectacular. The man has a very similar style to Rian Hughes (whom I’m a massive fan of), but with an added twist and […]

Better Weeks

I’ve had better weeks, I know I have. I think this week easily ranks up there are one of the worst week for me this year. Started off on Friday of last week when my computer started to die on me. This was augmented by the fact that I had to clock in some extra […]

Waste of Time

Last week my computer decided to die on me. I’ve been having problems with it for about a month now, and everythings pretty much come to a head this last week. First it decided to take 15 minutes to load up. I formatted the damn thing (luckily due to it’s brainfart last month I’d made […]

Projects Checklist

Just putting my thoughts in one place to check up on later.

Computer Meltdown.
I’m currently experiencing my first hardware meltdown. If you remember I had a bit of trouble a while back with my windowz box. It seems that problem was more hardware induced than software, as now I get a blue screen straight away, […]


CUBE Creative My new favourite multimedia/animation studio to watch. Check out the 7Tones 2 short video. So brilliant.

Ramadan 1426AH

I’d just like to extend my warmest wishes to all those who are about to finish their first day of fasting for the year 1426 AH (2006 AD). Small history lesson for those in the dark, AH stands for After Hijra and is how the Islamic calender is dated (only reason I know the exact […]

Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks - News and Updates

Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks Video Blog. Extremely funny stuff, especially the intro by Kevin Smith in the first installment.

Williams F1 Factory

I’m working on a new project in Wantage which is just south of Oxford. To get there we have to pass through Grove, the headquarters of Williams F1. It’s a lot less imposing than I imagined, but then again not everyone’s got a Foster’s designed HQ.

Alex Maleev Teaches you to draw

Alex Maleev teaches you to draw the Owl. Great stuff, from one of my favourite artists of the past 5 years.

Dreamhost Outage

As some might have been aware, Broken Kode was down for a few hours on Sunday, along with most of the Internet (seems everyone cool hosts their sites either with Dreamhost or Mediatemple, noooch). I don’t mind that since I’ve had it happen to me before, countless times with my previous host. Dreamhost have […]


GAME BOY MICRO site. That this is TINY. The question now is whether I go for the GBM or the PSP.

World of Inspiration

World of Inspiration Quotations. New site from fellow 9ruler, Garret. If you like quotations, this is where to go.

Official Adam Hughes Website

The Official Adam Hughes Website is live. Not sure ow long that’s been up. Just to clarify, everytime I see a new Adam Hughes piece, I weep at how completely talentless I am compared to this guy, who should be an international rock star.


Horhaus exceptional comic book work. I’ll definitely be picking up Warlands when it comes out. Where the hell did this guy come from?

Site Problems

Got a few problems I’m trying to sort out, seems my .htaccess file screwed around with my install, then I deleted that and the admin is working but all the posts are getting 404 errors, anyone with any idea what’s going on I’d really appreciate it.

Right the problem is with my htaccess file and Permalinks. […]

Starfish Diaries

Starfish Diaries I’ve setup a blog for Stathi. Remember when you first started blogging and you had that itch to keep posting, Stathi’s got that itch.

City Slickers

About 3 months ago I was on the phone to Housy, and he asked me if I wanted to go on a mountain bike trip he always organises in September. At the time it seemed like a really good idea, bearing in mind I’d not been on a bike since I was 20 years old. […]

Fuel Games - Advergames, Viral Marketing and Brand Entertainment

Fuel Games Online Gaming has definitely come a long way. Excellent stuff here.

Step Back

I’ve had a technical problem plaguing me at work for the past 3 weeks. While I’ve tried very hard to let it not affect me, it’s been hard running away from it. See the thing about me (and this is something I really should work on) is that when I have a problem that I […]

Free Opera 8.02

Free Opera. As part of Opera’s 10 year Anniversary celebration it’s giving away it’s browser for free. That’s today only people. Read the footnotes. (via designateonline)

Mobile Phones

On my 26th birthday I was forced into seriously thinking about getting a proper mobile phone, with a proper contract. I’ve been pretty adverse to the idea, essentially because I feel it’s a bit of a rip off, which after a day of searching, it effectively is. The problem however still remains that it […]


Update: Seems there’s a wordpress bug that I didn’t know about, if the topic name is a number then the post is broken. I’ve fixed it now by putting in some characters.

I remember when a coke was 50 drx (that’s Greek money), that’s the equivalent of 10p, or 20c, that’s bloody old.
I remember when […]

Flash Earth

Neave Lab’s Flash Earth Oh so so cool :).

Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer’s Superman Journal. Pretty great set of clips for you to download. Still think the costume is rubbish, but the casting of Clark is pretty spot on.

Didn’t get away with it.

Update: Probably going to be offline throughout the weekend, while I sort my PC out. I’m going to load up a linux distro from CD to see if it’s actually a windows fuck up. Hopefully that’s all it is, and I can retrieve most of my data, and then simply format the box and start […]

chris webb

chris webb has got a new site up, and it’s such a clever idea.

Freedom of Expression

So I saw my uncle on sunday. Whenever I see the good doctor I always end up sitting there and taking in some serious pearls of wisdom. More often than not he’ll give me a small history lesson. Stuff I never learnt in school, stuff that captivates my imagination. Today he was telling me about […]

WinDirStat Home Page

WinDirStat Very cool Windows stats program (open source software, which I always have time for).


LifeHut Go check it out, then come back and thank me for pointing it out to you.

Partition Crash

You know how they tell you to separate your normal files from your OS files. That way when your OS decides to crap up on you, because you know it will, at least you’ve got all your files on a separate drive? Yeah well what happens when you can’t seem to access your other drive […]

Not just a Comic Book Baton

Jonas sent me a baton on Sunday, but due to work I’ve just not had the time to finish this off. This baton kind of feeds from the baton of earlier last week. Joen feels that the baton is something used by weblogs to disguise for lack of content. Interesting point. I don’t really need […]

bran man

Bran Man. This is a pretty cool idea. You either get it or you don’t.


GoogleGrab. Not tried this yet but looks pretty interesting.

Working Under Pressure

Currently I’m fighting the most important deadline of the year at work. It’s the culmination of a year and a half’s work. 25 drawings need to go out tomorrow afternoon, and I’d say I’m about 90% done. I’ve got a least 1 day’s worth of work between now and then, and well obviously not enough […]

CSS Reboot Fall 2005

CSS Reboot Fall 2005. Well BK4 will be out long before then, but still pretty cool.

millarworld magazine

millarworld magazine uses wordpress. Interesting use of a blog format.

Book Batton

Shawn sent me a book baton today. I like these ‘batons’. This is only the second one I’ve done but it’s good fun. Thing is though I generally write about the books that I’ve just read if I find that they deserve some mention etc, so some of the below is basically a recap in […]

Networks that have 9 Rules?

Now that I’ve infiltrated the 9Rules Network, I’m ready to blow the conspiracy wide open. It’s a complete lie. There aren’t 9 Rules. There are in fact only 8. I think Paul thought it would be funny to throw people of the scent.

Just to keep things on the level and completely REAL, here on the […]

IT Services

I swear I was about to go downstairs and throttle the twat in IT services. This guy effectively erased my bloody profile, screws up all of my Firefox settings, EVERYTHING was lost. I’m talking all the notes I’d downloaded, links, plugins, the whole lot. Screws my desktop up and then when I was like:

‘What the […]


Sucharaka*Paradise Loads of really great pixel fonts.

London Aftermath

I have seen my country destroyed by war, I have seen how it’s effected people physically and mentally. Experienced an air raid and can remember very vividly how war can rip a country apart. A journey I made when I was no more than 8 years old with my father’s cousins, effectively set the […]

London Attacks

Damn, not really sure how to react to all this. I’m writing this from work, which I almost never do. It’s just that I seriously can’t concentrate on anything. Everyone’s been phoning each other, making sure nothing was happening.

It only hit me that this was actually serious when I saw Stathis standing at my […]

Windows Longhorn

So you want to know what Longhorn is going to look like? Go here and download away. I’ve been using CrystalXP for months, so it makes for a good change.

Solaris Comics

So after my podcast experience with Augie I decided to look around the net for something that could restore both my faith and enthusiasm for the Podcasting format of delivering information. Luckily I didn’t have to travel very far. Part of the great thing about the new itunes upgrade is that you can search for […]


I can’t remember much of my early life; I’ve got a pretty poor memory when it comes to things that happen to me. That’s actually part of the reason for keep and maintaining a blog. It helps me to actually categorise and file my memories away for later consumption. Of course there are numerous other […]


ONG-BAK. The best MAN-FLICK I’ve seen in a very long while.It’s completely RAW and the fact that it was done without all the wires and cgi that is found in every single martial arts type movie this is a massive fresh of breath air.

Podcasting Experience

So I finally got round to hearing my first set of Podcasts. These were courtesy of Augie De Blick (it’s funny by Augie’s been on the default WP theme for like over a year now, first time I’ve seen him do anything to that site is add that logo of his, which btw is a […]

Kevin Smith

Just finished Kevin Smith’s collection of essays and articles, called ‘Silent Bob Speaks’ (his blog is called the same btw), and I’ve got to say that the man is one of the funniest guys around right now. A lot of his humor is directed at himself, as he’s got this exceptional mechanism to take whatever […]


forgetfoo is this crazy blog that takes AJAX to the next level. I absolutely love what he’s done with the functionality. Not so keen on the overall design (liquid and all) but it’s a spectacular effort.

Chris Diclerico

Chris Diclerico is now on WordPress. No wonder his old feed was not working.

Floating Tents

Sorry I just had to put this up. Picture taken today (via the bbc website) of the tents at the Glastonbury Festival. There’s rain and then there’s rain. Tracey and Rupert are down there, Stathi is meant to be going down there as well. God I’m so glad I’m not going, oh so glad. Related […]

BMW Buy Sauber

Shit. See I knew this was coming but like someone who just doesn’t want to get on the scales because they’re afraid what they’re going to see, I chose to ignore the inevitable. With BMW effectively buying out Peter Sauber, their commitment to Williams will obviously be secondary to their team proper. That’s just the […]

Shaun & Javascript Madness

So I’ve been looking at Shaun Inman’s new design. The man knows how to innovate in terms of web design that’s for sure. My main gripe with the design is that all the text is just too damn small. It looks good for sure, but in terms of it’s legibility it doesn’t score many points, […]

Batman Begins

I did originally publish this on Monday morning, but after thinking about it a bit more, I realised that I wanted to say more about the movie and ultimately write it all up in a better fashion. So this is effectively take two of this review.

Went and watched this this comic book movie on Friday […]

WordPress Dashboard

For all those experiencing the problem, and do miss the dashboard (I for one think it looks bloody empy), go check out this little fix from the forums.

Billy Corgan at the London Forum

[quickpic image=bc.jpg]

Yesterday I saw Billy Corgan at the Forum in Kentish Town. The venue itself is very much like Shepherd’s Bush, only slightly smaller I think. It’s an old victorian theatre I guess (I could be completely wrong); you’ve got an upstairs seating area, and then the downstairs stand and roam area; Stathi, Yiota and […]


Mecha photo set. God I really miss my lego.

Manchester Corporate Games 2005 - Part 2

If you missed part 1, scroll down to get the heads up.

Day two and after a big night on the town of Manchester, a £12 breakfast that Sylvane is still shaking his head about, and we’re off to the basketball centre again. We all were feeling pretty confident about ourselves, thinking we’d worked out who […]

Hacking is fun

Stathi decided to write something for my blog, the bastard came up with the below entry (first person to actually write a post other than me for the site, might be something to do in future, when they’ve actually got something useful to say :).

Well this is for all the guys especially for my […]


Microsoft finally does something with the Expression code. Go download Acrylic.

Manchester Corporate Games 2005 - Part 1

From the top left clockwise: Sylvane, Oola, Archie, Hamish, Matt, Forest, Me, Nicholas and Rob.

This was the second time the Arup basketball team entered the Corporate Games tournament. Last year we went up there, not really knowning what level of basketball to expect. The result we came out with was 6th of 16 teams. […]


Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me about Spotpress? I can see that James has posted about it. I’m using it until those lazy a$$s release Shuttle :p.

Manchester Bound - Corporate Games

Tomorrow we’re off up to Manchester for the Corporate Games. The irony of the name is seriously not lost on me. I hate the word and what it implies. However Arup is not a corporation, so I feel slightly better about it all. Crap name, and rubbish website. For the uninitiated, these are games organised […]

Sons of Suckerfish - HTML Dog

7 Sons of Suckerfish articles are now available on htmldog. Good web design resource in case you missed it.

The Manji Story on Nirantar

A while back Pankaj e-mailed me to ask me if I’d be willing to answer a few questions for a Hindi blogzine Nirantar he was working on that was going to concentrate on WordPress. I was more than happy to answer the man’s questions. The catch was of course that the final interview would be […]

ONE Year Broken Kode

Two days ago officially marked ONE YEAR of Broken Kode. What a year it’s been. Although I’ve been blogging for a little while longer (1.5 years), I didn’t buy the domain name till I was completely happy with WordPress as the defacto blogging tool I wanted to use, instead of Moveable Type. I originally […]

Emmanuel Todd - After the Empire

Intro: While in the Aeroport in London, waiting to go off to Lebanon, I checked out the various stores around. I know Terminal 4 like the back of my hand, as I’ve been in that aeroport countless times on my flights to and from Greece. Straight to Books, etc to see if there’s anything I might […]

blender 2.37

Blender 2.37 has been released. It’s been 5 long months since the last release. Got to get my ass in gear and start working with that program.

A Lebanese Story - Let’s Begin

Got back a few hours ago, and I’ve got to say that blogging everyday is something I’ve seriously missed. I’ve basically got to play ketchup now which isn’t really how this whole blogging thing should work, however one thing that’s become very clear to me in my stay in Lebanon, is that I can’t blog […]

A Lebanese Story - Mountains and Excess

I’ve got a slew of posts I’ll be firing off in the next couple of days, as I get a whole bunch of stuff I’ve written while in Lebanon. I’ve got to admit that I really miss blogging. I miss it because all these ideas and thoughts that keep floating in and out of […]

A view from Lebanon

Can’t believe it’s already been a week in Lebanon. I swear not having the internet in the house for my to blog about all these things on a daily basis. I think I’m going to have to invest in some moblogging (that’s equipment when I get back to England.

This has been on my […]

Lebanon Bound and other stories

This year I didn’t actually have any clear travelling plans. Usually these things fall into my lap, or it’s a standard trip to Greece. This year however I’m not in the mood to go to Athens again. Sure the parents are there but I need a bit of change. Having said, with the upcoming elections […]

EU Lance

EU Lance European Professionals for European Business, interesting site that I’ll be signing up for.

Automated Services

God how I fucking hate these things. I mean seriously, it’s the sort of thing that they put into place just to PISS people off. The worst is the ones that sit there and talk to you and ask you for your name. Once that’s done, they’ll repeat your name to you. Isn’t that nice? […]


My god for a second there I thought I’d actually forgotten what it was like to be truely inspired. I draw a lot of inspiration from graphic novels and graphic design in general. The thing is though it’s been a while since I’ve been truely inspired to do some kick ass work in the past […]

Musical Baton

Sebastian passed me a musical baton, would it have been too hard to pass me a pizza? I mean what am I supposed to do with a baton..oh wait I get it. Okay then here’s my musical baton/pizza:

Total volume of music files on my computer:
5 Gb (too many CDs, can’t be bothered to […]


Morcheeba have brought out a new album. The Antidote, summer playlist.

David Choe

Great little interview with David Choe on Pixelsurgeon in case you missed it.

New DC Comics Logo - DC Spin.

Yeah like something this big was going to happen and I wasn’t going to comment on it? Haven’t I taught you anything? When I heard that this was going to happen, I swear I thought that is was a bad idea. DC’s bullet is timeless. It’s a classic and it’s something that we all know […]

Dave Chapelle

Dave Chapelle as the ‘President Black Bush’. (Thanks for the link Christos)


Designtimes , South African design Mag. I love the neat flash at the top. (via pixelsurgeon)


Go get WordPress 1.5.1. I’ve upgraded to the latest version, 170 bugs squashed. Good number.

Flash Resources

Flash Resources links. Found this on my search for better Flash development.

PIM Backpackit

Backpack PIM. I was searching for something like this. Still I would have liked to have this installed on my system, like Tasks.

billy corgan

Billy Corgan Live tour dates have been released; in case you missed it.

Emmortel Update

When I originally signed up for the May 1st Reboot, I actually didn’t expect to hit the date at all. The main reason was that I had something specific in my head, and I’d been out of the Flash loop for around a year, so I’d missed the boat on several clean advancements, and an […]

Batman Begins

Batman Begins full trailer. I can’t wait for this movie. It’s going to be 1986 all over again.

Apple - Trailers - Serenity - index

Serenity Trailer is out and about. Can’t wait for this. (link via Matt)

Star Wars Revelations

Star Wars: Revelations. Just downloading this MAMMOTH project right now. I’ll post a much more indepth review once I’ve properly digested everything.

Are you Human?

Since the editors of the book Alison and Dave have updated the official site with a mock up of the concept behind Human? I guess it’s okay to talk about it. A while back I wrote a review of Freewave, which ended with a brief e-mail conversation with the guys and hey presto I’ll be […]

Supersize Me & Running Shoes

Went and got myself some running shoes Saturday. Bearing in mind that I think I’ve only every bought running shoes once in my life, and that was back when I was 12 years old or something stupid like that (i.e before I discovered basketball), and I was amazed by the different styles and ‘technologies’ available. […]

Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia has got a new album out which I’m currently pretty fond of.

Products | Round Two

Round Two is a good thing for FireFox users.

Pamela Anderson Blog

Pamela Anderson blogging? WTF. Damn that’s pretty crazy, although I keep remembering the Quentin Tarantino Blog a while back, which was actually pretty funny.

Emmortel Poem

I’ve been soo busy sorting out Emmortel out for the launch next week that I’ve had no time to write about anything these past couple of days. It’s really strange but what got me pumped up to finish it on time, isn’t the promise I made myself ages ago, but rather a poem that Stathi […]

The Helsinki Roccamatios

While I was in Wales, we went into Fopp, which is without a doubt one of my favourite stores in the UK. The stuff they sell in there is aimed squarely on my kind of demographic, and at prices generally speaking I canâ��t resist. So itâ��s generally a struggle NOT to buy something every single […]

Flash Overdrive

Yesterday I spent the better part of 3 hours scrounging the internet for decent Flash tutorials regarding how to make a dynamic Flash gallery. I stay away from Flash for 1 year and the amount of development on this application is simply astounding. I mean anyone who’s played around with Flash knows what an incredibly […]

Adobe’s Macromedia

Adobe has bought Macromedia. First let me start by saying that I didn’t even know that Macromedia was for sale. The official statements can be read from the Macromedia website or the Adobe website.

Just went over to Pixelsurgeon, and BAM there was the news. My initial reaction to this current turn of events is skeptical […]

The Truth about Rin and Manji

Rin and Manji are two themes created for the WordPress blogging system. Rin is an extension of Manji and between the two of them they have been downloaded over 6000 times from this here site. However I’ve never spoken about why I chose those names. The names were chosen as an homage to the fantastic […]


So I’ve just been for my first run in over a year. Not that I haven’t done any running since last year, just not this particular type of running. London is very strange in that the early hours of the morning are always bright and sunny and incredibly misleading for how the rest of the […]


The Eisner nominations for 2005 have been announced. Weird one this year as it’s the first one since Eisner died.


What a complete and utter mess. Read more about the future of the Valiant characters.

Warren Ellis writes DC

Warren Ellis actually writing a DC Universe story? The bastard is going to force me to buy JSA!!

Gimp Shop

Introducing Gimp Shop. Haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll be sure to give a full review in due course.

300 free fonts

300 free fonts you have to have. Just in case you missed it.

Elite Designers

Absolutely FANTASTIC promotional site for IKEA. Elite Designers Against IKEA.


Creative Suite 2 is out from Adobe. Interesting to see when Macromedia will release the next iteration of Freehand.


Go check out Phu Ly’s new redesigned IfElse.


Haven’t checked in with Rustboy in a while. Awesome animation project.

silent bob speaks

Silent Bob Speaks. A collection of writings by Kevin Smith. Very interesting…


The voice for Marvin is truely inspired. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is going to ROCK!

Cannon Busters

CannonBusters is out this week! I’ve got high expectations.

top 100 cartoons

TOP 100 Cartoons according to Channel 4.


A Perfect Circle released ‘two’ new albums and nobody bothered mentioning this? Shame on you!

Brandon Peterson

Brandon Peterson has a brand new website. Not so sure about that navigation though.

United Vector

Have you grabbed your calender from United Vector yet?


Pacdesco’s Design Community 2005 Cover Design Competition

computer arts

Computer Arts have updated their website, which honestly is a massive improvement over their previous one.

N design

Been waiting a long while to implement this little feature. Go check out Ndesign.

Web of thoughts

Chris beat me to it. I’ve had this little post in my draft box for a couple of weeks now, so I guess now is a good a time as any to finish it off and publish it.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. This past year has seen me be online a […]

Dentist Woes

I went to the dentist today. It’s pretty funny you could say that currently my family tradition is medicine (even though a generation before that we were carpenters) and for some reason I just never get the inclination to go to the doctors when something is wrong. I’ve very bad that way, but the rubbish […]

Tie Rack

So I decided to wear a tie yesterday. I don’t normaly wear ties, as I’ve been getting into my jumpers this winter, simply because I’m a mediteranean soul and need my warmth. However sometime on Thursday night I just had the inclination to wear something a bit smarter. I don’t know what it was, just […]

Flash Block

Well that’s depressing. I’m a MASSIVE Flash fanatic. I love how the program is built, the interface, the freedom it provides. All these things make Flash one of my favourite programs, except for the past year or so I’ve got to say I’ve only really used it for colouring in and completing my images. […]


I’m down in Cardiff this weekend. Or as the Welsh like to call it Caerdydd! Road trip down with Stathi and his dancing ass, to brighten up his sister Yiota’s who’s a completely stressed bunny. She’s in the final month and a half of her course, so obviously this is where you stress the […]

Symphony vs Shuttle

How come no one’s really mentioned this on the blogosphere? Symphony is the new kid on the block when it comes to blogging software, and it’s a complete beauty. It looks as slick as hell and has got some great little features.

As I look at what they’ve done to it I can’t help but […]


In what shall be now lovingly refered to as my IMPULSE buy of the year, I got myself an A4 wacom tablet today. Am I not beautiful?

You certainly are.


About 3.5 years ago I was scared of computers. Well not so much scared, as just didn’t really want anything to do with them. This I guess was due to my brother, who when we brought a computer back in 93 or whenever, decided to methodically trash the thing, and install viruses on for shits […]

Work Ethics

In a bit of an unusual mood for me. I was meant to do a bit of drawing this weekend. That’s not happened. Instead I’ve gone out with friends, played some basketball, done some reading and generally speaking very little creating. I think after close to three months solid of concentrating on my various projects […]

Funky Anam

I’ve got two posts in me today, one I’m going to let fester in me for a while, the other one is right here. Yesterday went out for Tracey’s Birthday. For a very brief couple of minutes I was contemplating about not going. This was after the 3 hour basketball session, and a […]


I’ve been coasting for the past couple of weeks. You know the feeling you get when things go around in a circle and you’re a slave to a certain routine. That’s been my life for the past 3 weeks. I’ve been buried in my design and writing. Not much drawing, which is annoying. I remember […]

Spring in London

You know all those stories you hear about English weather being terrible, blah blah blah. For the most part it’s true. The thing is it doesn’t rain all day. That’s not true. The standard however is for a constant white cloud to be above your head 70% of the year. That’s what we call in […]

Broken Kode Version 3 - Brewing

Allow me this moment to take a second and thank EVERY SINGLE person that’s ever given any time to WordPress. Be it in the help forums, helping out with the Wiki, sorting out a theme, sorting out a plugin or generally trying to get people to use WordPress and Open Source software more.

I’ve been slogging […]

Manji2 Development

Like a butterfly Manji2 is going to evolve into something more, and the name, well the name will have to change to reflect that. After a few nights of thinking, I’m prone to saying things and then going back on my word, I think there might be a theme for the Alex King Competition coming […]


Finally got around to sorting this out. All I wanted was a holder page. It’s been on my mind for like 1 month, but I always found other things that took preference in completing. Now that a date for it to go live has been set I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’ve […]

Randomness Part 2

As some of you will have noticed I went back to my one coloumn jobbie after toying with a sidebar. I wasn’t 100% convinced that my previous re-design was the way to go forward, so I sat down and wrote a list of things to do/complete for this here site. I was really surprised at […]

Personal Information Managers and Lists.

Seems everyone and their dog is trying to come up with ways to maximise their productivity. I can sympathise completely. I’ve been searching for the past year for software, (open source generally) that might fit the bill. The route to go I guess would be using a Personal Information Manager, or PIM.

I’ve downloaded and installed […]

Gmail Problems

Now see this is weird. I’ve been having some issues getting gmail e-mails to get through to Lebanon. Seems it’s really random whether or not the e-mails I send or receive on my gmail account get through or not.

I know it’s gmail related because I used my work e-mail address and it all went […]

May 1st Reboot 2005

Five years ago a handful of designers decided to band together and relaunch their sites on the 1st of May. It’s a nice idea and keeps things fresh and gets a target into people’s heads. Everyone needs a target and this date is as good as any really.

The 2005 version of the website is live […]

Design and Redesign

Ok so I’ve finished the design for the site, would you believe I’m getting itchy again. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s taken me soo long to get it the way I think I want it and now I’m having second thoughts. This is not normal. There are sites that haven’t had […]

Building Letters - Tsunami Relief Update

About 2 months ago I sent out my flower for the Building Letters edition for the Tsunami Relief effort.

Seems the flower was accepted which is nice, because I’ve given money and this is something I actually did that I’m proud of giving, since nothing I create is lost, just archived waiting to be used later […]

Emmortel or Iliosnare

Now here’s an interesting situation for me. I just got an e-mail from Godaddy, my domain registration site, and they’re asking me whether or not I want to re-register iliosnare.com. I bought the domain last year and I’ve not touched it since then. I’ve thought about it, but I just wasn’t ready to do with […]

Communicating Design

What a fantastic day. Went on a course today called ‘Communicating Design’ and it’s emphasis was on how we as engineers could basically better communicate our designs to each other, architects, clients, everybody. It’s the first workshop I’ve been on like this in a good long while. The great thing about it is that I […]

Effects of the Net Boycott

Well, I know I said I was going to actually stay away from the net for 2 whole days. I couldn’t do it. I had to check my e-mails. I had to see everything was ok on the net. Strange nothing really much to report, a couple of cool pictures from the WonderCon convention, but […]

Turn off the NET

I don’t watch TV, but I’m pretty much glued to the damn internet. It’s a curse to have broadband because you’re always connected. I’ve been thinking about my list of never ending things to do and the more I think about it the more I think about why it’s taking so long. The reason can […]

Epson Promotion

I know this is old news to some people within the creative community, but for all those that don’t know about this, Epson are doing a promotion for their new printing technologies. The deal is you register and then send them a CD with whatever you want printed out. They then print it out on […]

It’s all in the details

I’ve been giving this all some serious thought and I think I’ll be changing the index page to BK in the near future. I guess it’s due to a shift in how I want to present my posts. Some of my posts I feel are articles that take me hours to craft and I’d ideally […]

Rafik El Hariri

El Hariri died today. The ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon was assasinated today. When I found out this afternoon I was in complete and utter shock. I seriously didn’t know what to say or do with myself. You’d think I wouldn’t care about a politician. This is different though. It’s different because it means a […]

Chinese New Year

Picture the scene, 2000 chinese and me. That was the scene last night, as we descended on Elephant and Castle for the Chinese New Years Party. It’s pretty funny, Sylvane apparently wasn’t ‘feeling’ 100% so he declined to go and Amone decided not to come ‘because she was broke’, so as the night unravelled, it […]

Dreams and Nightmares

I can never remember my dreams. I know I dream, but it’ll be one of those things were I’ll remember something later on in the day but it won’t be in any real detail, and it’ll be a slight passing moment. I remember my nightmare though. I wake up and I know I’ve had a […]

Something going round

I’m ill as a fart. Chicken soup, soft music to calm me, and lots of fluids. What a horrible night. Every bone in my body is aching. Every single muscle is on fire. I don’t wish this on anyone. All I want is for the weekend NOT to be a complete and utter waste of […]

FW27 Launched

Fantastic stuff. I’m getting really excited in the leadup to the new F1 season. My sunday just hasn’t been the same without F1 somewhere there, screwing up my timetable, as I have to work around the schedule. What can I say I’m an F1 junkie. Probably due to NBA deprevation, but hey you’ve got […]

Clarifications Abound.

Seems the person(s) behind Library Planet were none too pleased about my previous post. They’ve chosen to talk about it on their site rather than comment directly, probably because they thought that might be rude. Just like to say right out, when I type anything ‘controversial’ I’m not doing this to be controversial, nor […]

Alia’s Mission

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