Is it?

Seriously, don’t bother reading this because it’s going to be one long boring diatribes of bollocks with me smack in the middle winging and wining about something. I’ve not really had the chance to formulate the post at all in my mind and I’m doing what I used to do years ago on this blog, which was to just write the first shit that came to my mind. If you’re looking for quality then I can hardly promise you that with this post, so take that as your warning.

I guess my completely FOUL mood can be attributed to several things kicking about the place, so in no particular order.

  1. Is it the shitty music industry? What the hell has happened to the music industry? I mean seriously. Once the cornerstone of my inspiration. I would get a new album it would blow my fucking mind away, I would get inspired and I would draw the early hours of the morning. When was the last time I had this experience? Like in 1845 or something like that. I’ve been listening to the old stuff more and more and there just isn’t any new stuff out there that is making me sit up and take proper notice, which pisses me off even more as this is the longest I’ve gone completely dry without any real creative output. I’ve not been writing and I’ve not been drawing and my designing has been limited to tampering with Broken Kode Version 6 (hey c’mon it’s been nearly a year with the dark blue, it’s about time I lightened things up a bit).
  2. Is it work that’s got me pissed off? Well I’ve been working 150% for the past couple of years. Honestly I don’t remember the last time I actually had a relatively easy week at work where I wasn’t being asked to issue something or upsetting people because I didn’t get things I promised them in time or whatever.
  3. Is it the fact that I seriously need some holiday time off? Well that’s fucking great, I need to go to the Greek embassy again and get myself a Visa. Yeah getting treated like shit for 5 hours seems like a great idea for me, after paying a tenner on a god damn phonecall where they’ll tell me to come and visit them in 6 fekking weeks???!!!!!
  4. Is the woman situation (or lack thereof) starting to piss me off, what with a string of false starts? I mean seriously this is starting to put even an natural born optimist like myself in slight (notice the word slight) doubt.
  5. Is it the website design that I can’t seem to pull off in a way that I’m happy or moderately content with that’s annoying me; is it the fact that I’ve had to switch back to fekking windowz for the love that is holy because Adobe still don’t seem interested and probably never will port Photoshop over to Linux? What about Pixel Beta fucking 7 that doesn’t EVER want to come out?
  6. God I fucking hate Tuesday evenings. They’re COMPLETE nothing nights. NOTHING happens on Tuesday. You never organise anything good on a Tuesday. It’s still too soon in the beginning of the week for you to do anything interesting to rev you up to the weekend.

Fuck it dude, lets go bowling.


  1. You are not alone. If you need some input for «1.» say a word.

    1 Yoram
    Quote | 3/4/2007
  2. (for «1.»)

    2 Yoram
    Quote | 3/4/2007
  3. Suggested Solutions for the “Is It” Trauma:

    1. Music Industry: I understand you hate Myspace and reasonable so. However this place seems to be the haven for all old and new artists. So go on a scavage hunt within Myspace and you’re sure to find some stuff you might enjoy. you might not. It’s a shot you have to take.

    2. Work: Issues at work will always be there. Finding new ways to manage them in a timely, approriate that can work around you not shooting yourself in the foot is the your best bet to calm things down around you. Write a calander; someone needs something, see what your upto for the rest of that day. Urgent issues will arise and you will have to move your schedule around. Write what your plan for the day is..But a realistic plan that you can achieve, not one that you can’t and get all pissed cause you didn’t finish your plan. Thats not works fault, that your fault for not setting the approriate time for everything.

    3. 1 Year from September you will no longer need to deal with such issues. Not only for Greece, but for the whole EU. Yes this is a pain at the momment, however in due time, your vacation will taste sweet, and when you have your new passport, you will be home free.

    4. Women…… “Its OKAY to Look”…..OK on a serious note…Goodluck with that! :-) This certainly goes back to your work status of being at the office too many hours, your mood when you go out, and the places where its possible to meet people. Spontaneous Wed/Thur night outings may be the perfect time to meet people due to smaller crowds, less crazy nights and a more relaxed atmosphere of just taking a break, not out to party like Fri/Sat Nights.

    5. All designers have their ups and downs. Its no surprise that you have no inspiration at the momment. Can’t wait for a vacation to Greece: Hop onto a Train with a buddy, take nothing but the air in your lungs with you and goto a place you haven’t been yet for a weekend trip. Learn to deal with Windows and its crap…Have a laugh with it and write down in a blog the differnces of the two OS. Use Photoshop.

    6. Tuesday is a nothing night only by choice. You have the free will to pick yourself up and go somewhere, with someone or on your own for a cup of coffee…go buy yourself a new toy, some clothes, some weird thing that you never expect to use again after that day….

    3 Fadi Aboualfa
    Quote | 3/4/2007
  4. Re: music

    I mean this with all sincerity when I say there’s just as much good music now as there ever has been — you just have to know where to listen. There may be more bad music now then there ever has been due to overpopulation of the industry, but that’s all it amounts to. If you ever want some recommendations drop me a line. I’ve stumbled across more good music lately than I know what to do with.

    4 Justin Ruckman
    Quote | 5/4/2007
  5. I just need to say that I really enjoy coming upon a site which a nice cool interface. One can tell you have put your soul into building it. It is truly inspiring!

    5 Erik
    Quote | 5/4/2007
  6. Justin, not that I can hear to be honest. To be fair the only new avenue of new music has been Pandora but I used to listen to internet radio, but I don’t watch MTV (does anyone?), I won’t sully myself or my computer with Myspace, and my friends that listen to the same music have little recommendations to send my way.

    Rocky/alternative/massive attack/smashing pumpkins/radiohead/placebo/bonobo/anything with a piano is the genre I go for. Please give some recommendations.

    Erik, thank buddy, it’s always really nice to hear feedback like that, I’ll let you in on a secret I’ve been working on the latest version for a month now and it’ll be mighty different to this one but it’s definitely the site I’ll have spent the most time on EVER!!!

    6 Khaled
    Quote | 5/4/2007
  7. Music: I have to agree with you here. I’ve found myself listening to much the same music as I’ve listened to for the past several years. I haven’t really listened to much in that list in your comment above this, but based on the Radiohead reference (love their stuff) I’d suggest looking up Zero 7, The Album Leaf and Sigur Ros if you haven’t already. I’ve also just recently started really listening to DMB (I know, behind the times) and some of his newer stuff’s pretty nice. Perhaps it’s so obvious that you never went about listening to his stuff, cause I didn’t.

    Design: Yeah, as a fledgling web designer, I can attest to the not ‘happy or moderately content with’ designs. I actually started working on a new design for my site about a week after I put up the most recent one cause I’m really not happy with it. (Exams are really getting in the way of time I can allocate to that right now though, so I’ll have to tough it out.)

    Oh and I tried switching over to OpenSUSE but couldn’t stand using GIMP. Sure they tout it has much of the features of Photoshop, but I can’t understand what the people who designed the interface were thinking. I mean with Photoshop as prevalent as it is, who decided GIMP should use a completely GIMP’d up UI? I couldn’t get GIMPshop to install properly either, so I pretty much trashed that Linux idea. I still need to pick up a Mac to fit in with all the cool designer boys. :P Do try PS CS3. I’m using the Beta and the UI is quite an improvement over CS2. I don’t typically use many of the fancy filters and whatnot, but the UI itself would make me upgrade.

    7 charlie
    Quote | 9/4/2007

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