Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Finale SPOILERS

Ok if in case you didn’t read the title of this post, it has the word spoiler in it for a reason, not interested in finding out what has happened on the end of the third season then pretty please with a cherry on top go somewhere else and you don’t ever need to blame me for ruining anything for you. Good everyone else here?

Watched it yesterday and I’ve got to say I was pretty damn excited about this episode. I got back home at a normal time and went straight to downloading the episode. All the while I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. The big massive revelation; who is the Cylon, who is the Cylon. I don’t get one I get 4 of them, definitely didn’t see that one coming, especially Saul as one that’s come out of NOWHERE. I’m sure they’ve thought this one through, but seriously how the hell does that actually work? He’s like over 50 years old and that’s how old the Cylons are right? At least that’s what we were originally led to believe.

So I did a bit of researching. Ron Moore’s podcast isn’t up on the scifi channel yet however if you look around you’ll be able to find a couple of interviews scattered around the place where he talks about things.

The biggest twist of couse was definitely Starbuck’s appearance at the end of the show. I honestly didn’t expect that. I’ve got to say that while listening to Ron’s commentary regarding the reasons to kill off Starbuck never rang true with me. It seemed as though it was all about the AUDACITY of it all, which felt a little bit on the weak side. It’s nice to see how they’ve pulled one of the best cons in recent television history. ‘Kill off a character’, have actress in on it as well so all her interviews point that she’s going to be moving on, don’t insert her name in the credits of the actual episode and then have her come back right at the end. Of course there are a lot of unanswered questions but it’s definitely one of the better endings on the show which always has pretty spectacular cliffhanger season endings.

Also I really loved ‘All along the Watchtower’ cover by Bear McCreary and his brother, definitely will be getting that once it’s available from somewhere.


  1. I loved the episode - Starbuck coming back was a given and easily predictable, but they still did it in style.

    As far as the 4 Cylons go - I’m not sure I believe they are Cylons. It seems to easy for them to all hear some music and all meet up in the same spot and “Oh! I guess we’re Cylons, huh? Well frak… that sucks. Oh well - back to work.”

    It would make for some very interesting internal conflict with the characters - trying to act like humans, trick everyone into thinking they are humans, while they all know they are Cylons. But, I dunno, it all seems very shady to me - how it was accomplished.

    I think the music those 4 heard will end up being the answer as to why Gaias and #6 can essentially implant themselves into one another’s conscious. I am curious as to whether or not those 4 are from the same planet - in their childhood - as well, it could possibly be something related to that.

    As far as the 5th Cylon goes - there are a lot of options out there, some of which could be amazing if pulled off correctly.

    Starbuck: A little to obvious, which is why I don’t think so. I assume Leoden was in the ship when she “crashed” and took her to see Earth, he obviously has some sort of connection with her.

    Lee Adama: Leoden told Starbuck, “Adama is a Cylon,” we all just assumed he meant the Admiral. What if… Lee Adama was conceived via an affair (as far as the Admiral knew), when in reality.

    Callie: I don’t think this either, because she isn’t a very important character. But, if she’s not and Chief is - we have another hybrid baby on our hands.

    All in all - Pay attention to Starbuck and Leoden, they are the only ones that really matter. Everyone else are secondary characters around the interaction between those two.

    1 Michael Wales
    Quote | 27/3/2007
  2. I’ll have to agree with Michael on this. I don’t think Tigh, Tyrol, Tory and Anders are Cylons. You have to consider that the only reason they jumped to that conclusion was that they were all hearing (and reciting the lyrics to) All Along the Watchtower, a song first recorded by Bob Dylan in 1967. Theoretically, the song has nothing to do with the remote colonies, the Four’s lifetimes, or the Cylons. Since our radio broadcasts can theoretically escape out to space and travel an unknown distance, it could be possible that the Four are (for whatever reason) the only ones aboard Galactica hearing a stray broadcast, but it doesn’t mean that they’re Cylons.

    Also, you have to remember how the original series ended. The crew of the Galactica arrived in Earth’s orbit in the year 1980 and were shocked to find that we were in no position technology-wise to thwart a Cylon assault. If the Galactica that we know is also poised for arrival any time in the late 20th century or even 21st century, then the possibility of them hearing a stray radio broadcast from the 1960s or even 1970s makes some sense. However, I’m not a physicist, so this is my best guess. It just sounds logical to me.

    I believe that it’s far more for Baltar and Roslin to be Cyclons. After all, they’ve both had experiences in the Cylon dreamscape. And, when Roslin was sharing a dream with Athena, Six, and Hera, where were Tigh, Tyrol, Tory and Anders? Why didn’t they share the same dream as well? Also, during the trial Roslin begins to fall asleep, when (in the background) she and the red-haired reporter woman suddenly stand up and lock eyes, just like when she and Athena awoke in sickbay. Now, we know that there are five unknown Cylons, and Tigh, Tyrol, Tory and Anders make only four, but Baltar, Roslin, the red-haired reporter woman and her two friends who help her escort Baltar to his “new life” make five.

    So, that’s just my theory. I guess we’ll find out for sure next season (I hope).

    2 James
    Quote | 27/3/2007
  3. Roslin as a Cylon and the last one I can imagine however I think you’re stetching with the broadcast of the song. Not really sure what the significance actually is however 1960s broadcast to the Galactica, I don’t see it seeing as it’s a cover :). Look if we’re going to come up with crazy schemes then at least lets be consistent :) lol.

    Yes I hear you about the whole the 4 being too convenient to be the Cylons themselves and how they came to that particular conclusion, and his interviews haven’t been all that convincing to be honest so maybe there is more than meets the eye here, however that damn song and what it actually means is pretty key here, or maybe it’s completely not.

    As for Starbuck, I know that there is more than meets the eye however I think it’s fair to say that it wasn’t a give Michael, I mean c’mon all the interviews and the podcast and the lack of credits, they covered their tracks really well I thought. It seemed odd for sure but they played it right and I for one appreciate the effort they took to actually give me a twist in this preview intensive tv land :).

    3 Khaled
    Quote | 27/3/2007
  4. Adama can’t be a Cylon. Remember from the pilot when he get’s stranded on the Anchorage with Leoden. Leoden gets sick from the radiation of the nebula. Adama then calls Leoden out for being a Cylon. They fight to the death. Adama didn’t get sick because he’s not a Cylon.

    No, the final five are Anders, Tyrol, Tory and Tigh and Starbuck. They went to a lot of trouble to set it up that way. I doubt any other conclusion. The reveal is that these characters won’t necessarily be evil or adversarial to the human race.

    Like I have said before, this is looking more and more like the Matrix all the time. The blacks and whites are fading to grey. I believe that the endgame will involve some sort of truce or preaceful resolution. The destiny of man and machine is one and the same.

    4 Scott
    Quote | 28/3/2007
  5. The Starbuck thing was definitely a given - Starbuck is one of the main focal points of the show to kill her off would defeat one of they factors holding the story together. Of course, I didn’t watch the interviews so I didn’t have anything other than the show itself leading me to believe the way I do.

    As far as the 4 Cylons go - a buddy here at work told me about an interview he saw in which the producer (I think, the name has slipped my mind at the moment) said they are definitely Cylons.

    This has led me to believe, based on Anders being sick on Caprica in the earlier seasons, that the last Cylon we see is the most human of them all (either Baltar or Roslin). This Cylon led to the creation of the 4 we just met who are also very human (they can get sick and have real internal issues - Tigh’s drinking for instance) These Cylons are basically the ringleaders and creators of the 7 others - in which they decided to devolve a bit (cause being sick sucks) and they are decidedly less human.

    A lot of people have discounted Baltar as being a Cylon (based on them telling him no he wasn’t after his torture and all) which is exactly why I think he is. He is the most human character in the entire show. The other Cylons can’t really tell him no he’s not a Cylon because they don’t know themselves! None of them have seen the final 5 except for the one they shut off (#4?). Plus, one thing that has yet to be explained - how are Baltar and #6 so connected? How can they be within one another’s conscious? My belief: Baltar is the first Cylon and he is a part of all their conscious, he just doesn’t know it yet. How the connection was made between him and 6 is yet to be explained, but it exists - maybe through 6’s longing to be loved?

    Roslin is another good choice - just because it would be so crazy. She had that connection with Hera and #6 in the last episode, which is interesting, but I think that will all come down to her having Hera’s blood running through her veins.

    Starbuck is definitely not a Cylon just because that is the most obvious choice - people expect that.

    An interesting thing to note is that they didn’t decide these last 4 were going to be Cylons until this season (according to the interview). This means there will be a lot of backtracking to explain things this upcoming season. For instance, what about Chief and Callie’s baby? Isn’t it special as well (being a hybrid).

    Also, there is going to be that Pegasus mini-series, which I believe will clear a lot of things up as well.

    I know I am jumping around, but going all the way back to Baltar really quick: you notice how much he looks like Jesus? Notice there are 12 Cylons (the 12 apostles)? If Baltar is the father of them all it would explain the connection between him and 6 (she wants love, you don’t get anymore love than from God himself). They have strayed away from the religious undertones a lot in this last season and I see those cropping up in this next season a lot.

    The big thing throughout all of this is the phrase “All of this has happened in the past, is happening now, and will happen in the future.” It will be interesting to see that explained.

    5 Michael Wales
    Quote | 28/3/2007
  6. It’s an interesting theory, of course this does beg a couple of questions as far as I’m concerned. For example, if Baltar is a Cylon (which to be honest for me would make all the sense in the world based on his connection with #6 and the fact that he got BLOWN UP in the pilot episode but was saved by Trisha’s incredible legs, erm yeah whatever, he’s a FRAKKIN Cylon).

    But I like your Jesus take. Seems like it would fit in nicely with the number of Cylons and potentially the backstory. Maybe he’s a Cylon can be a man with a mechanical brain or cybernetics or whatever, as the line between the two blur?

    I think that’s what Ron Moore (the producer) has been talking about how the two things blur and we question what a Cylon actually is. It could be a man made hybrid? How much do you have to be machine to be a Cylon 50%, 30% ?

    6 Khaled
    Quote | 29/3/2007
  7. I think the blurring he is referring to is emotionally, not physical. Lee’s speech in the last episode was one of the first steps in really showing how evil the humans have become.

    Look at Roslin - if you watch the first few episodes she is meak, working for the people, etc. Now, she is a murderer, scandalous, and on the verge of attempting to become a monarch.

    Adama had gone from battle-hardened Admiral who wants to kick some Cylon ass to this little guy who thinks he still plays a big part, but is really nothing more than a pawn in the president’s game.

    The blurring is how the machines are bad, since they attacked us, yet we attack ourselves all the time - against one another as well as personal, emotional attacks, within ourselves.

    7 Michael Wales
    Quote | 29/3/2007
  8. Ok. reset. Those four are geneticaly programmed to hear that song emitting in radio waves through the cosmos. They arent cylons. There could be others hearing that song also. As for Starbuck showing up like that, well, it is pretty clear to me that she is in his head (like dr. Baltar) because only he saw her fighter. Pres. Roslin received cylon blood so that could explain her shared dreams. I believe the final five are yet to be revealed. And the final take where they show the Earth, well, look again, there is too much green on that continent. where do we have forests that vast? No my friends, they are going to keeps waiting perhaps another season. Cheers!

    8 Verlow
    Quote | 29/3/2007
  9. Sorry guys - - says they are really cylons.

    Special cylons, but still cylons.

    9 JSP
    Quote | 29/3/2007
  10. Verlow: Moore has already said yes they are Cylons. With the actor that plays Starbuck signed on for next year, I see that as really being her as well.

    My personal belief - there were never any dreams. When Starbuck (blew up/ crashed/ whatever) going after that Cylon she was dreaming up - she wasn’t dreaming it, it was really Leoden getting her attention and showing her the way to Earth.

    Why did he do this? I don’t know, but those two have a very odd sort of connection. Could they be a reference to Adam & Eve? A bit of a stretch and I haven’t even thought of how it could be possible - just thinking off the top of my head now.

    I think the religious undertones I have been discussing here (Baltar = Jesus, Cylons = Apostles) are really a good place to start working this all out. Especially now that Moore has publicly compared Roslin to Moses.

    He also said that 6 and Athena were different than the rest of the Cylons as well - my answer: they know what love is, thus they’re connection with one another in the last episode (as well as with Hera and Roslin due to Hera’s blood), and 6’s connection to Baltar.

    Does this mean we’ll see some cross-connecting later on? If Roslin connected to 6 in the last episode, the chain goes: Roslin->Hera->Athena->6 with Boomer and 6 being connected because they are both Cylons that know what love is. This means Roslin and Baltar could connect in ways (Roslin->Hera->Athena->6->Baltar) or Baltar and Adama (it’s obvious Roslin and Adama have some feelings for one another).

    10 Michael Wales
    Quote | 30/3/2007
  11. How can Tyrol and Tigh be Cylons? They didn’t get sick from the radiation at the Ragnar Anchorage. Leoben had been there for only a couple of hours and he was at the verge of death. I know there are a lot of crew on board the Galactica, but not enough to have transferred all of the live ammunition that they were shooting in less than a few hours, and then get it all loaded up into the weapons systems (because don’t forget, they were firing the rounds when they came out of the radiation cloud). If they really are Cylons, then that exibits some poor writing, which is not what I’ve come to expect from Galactica’s creators.

    11 Vic
    Quote | 1/4/2007
  12. @Vic

    Ron Moore has said they didn’t decide these 4 were Cylons until this season, so yeah - there is a lot of discrepancy and a lot to go back and explain. The easy answer: he’s said these Cylons are fundamentally different.

    Someone brought up an idea on my blog (the pingback of this post links to it) and it’s the only way I think they would make Starbuck a Cylon. I don’t think they would say at the end of the show that, “Yeah, Starbuck you’re a Cylon.” That is what everyone expects. But… if Starbuck ends up being a Cylon - and she has known about it the entire time, now that’s still surprising enough to get under people’s skin.”

    What if the Cylons have been shown Earth and it is now Starbuck’s turn to show the humans that they can coexist with Cylons easily (as they have been doing with her, and Athena, etc) and they can all live happily ever after on Earth (and make lots of hybrids).

    12 Michael Wales
    Quote | 2/4/2007
  13. oioi me add

    13 rafael
    Quote | 3/4/2007
  14. no.the final cylon is adama’s son.think of it.he is high enough in the power structure and no on suspects him because he cant be a cylon if his father isnt one.of course everybody would agree adama sr cant be a cylon , (it would be dumb if he was) , so naturally everybody would overlook his 10 cents

    14 hakim
    Quote | 4/4/2007
  15. There were some interesting revelations on the most recent iteration of the Moore podcast. First and foremost, Tory, Anders, Tigh and Tyrell ARE DEFINATELY Cylons. Second, Nicholas is a half-human hybrid.

    15 Scott
    Quote | 4/4/2007
  16. Is it just me or do all the final (4) Cylons have names with the letter T? You have Tory, Tigh, Tyrell, samuel T anders (bit of a stretch but then I can’t remember any other character having their middle name or initial mentioned so explicitly on so many occaisions). Who’s next? Mr T? Is this a conspiracy to have the ultimate A-Team & Battlestar Galactica crossover since a Cylon walked past Face?

    I Jest, but I will just mention that Starbucks last name is Thrace.

    16 Rob
    Quote | 6/4/2007
  17. Can someone please tell me who are the 5 cylons with first names coz tyrol could be the chief or callie. Thank You

    17 StarbuckRules
    Quote | 15/4/2007
  18. Also, are they really known to be cylons or have u seen them and are just assuming they r?

    18 StarbuckRules
    Quote | 15/4/2007

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