10,001 words

Fantastic bit of writing advise from one of the top (and now Lost staff writer) Brian K Vaughan over on his Myspace account. I’ve got like 150 pages under my belt, only 9851 pages to go :).


  1. Good adviCe that… and well done for the linkage.

    On a not quite related note: Warren Ellis put this http://www.warrenellis.com/?p=974 up as an Author’s Commentary to his (then) new comic Desolation Jones.

    It would be fantastic (waste of time and effort) if someone - ahem - were to hunt out as many of these little treasures from teh interweb and compile some sort of repository… perhaps, maybe.

    If only to help out struggling artists and creative types as well as helping to educate the rest of us towards a better form of comic appreciation.

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