Rafik El Hariri

El Hariri died today. The ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon was assasinated today. When I found out this afternoon I was in complete and utter shock. I seriously didn’t know what to say or do with myself. You’d think I wouldn’t care about a politician. This is different though. It’s different because it means a number of things for my country. In my eyes a number of bad things.

This has seriously upset me, as I’m sure it has a number of other Lebanese the world over, and it’s done so for a number of reasons. For me Rafik El Hariri was the first Lebanese politician I actually knew anything about. I guess the reason behind that was because he was the first Prime I became aware of after the war. My dad knew him as they were both raised in the same neighbourhood in the small city where I was also born, the city of Saida. As a ‘child of the town’ as we’re called in Lebanon, my dad obviously liked him regardless of what actions he took and what situations he got into as Prime Minister of the country. My mum was more sceptical at times and angry at other times.

However undeniably the thing that every single Lebanese person will agree on right now , is that his death is ultimately a very bad thing for country. The reason is we don’t really have a simalar figure like him, which his strength of character. Whether you liked him or not, one thing was very clear, he was the main person responsible for bringing Lebanon back on the map. Bringing it back to a place of acceptance. Instrumental in it’s rebuilding. Apparently and I wish I could remember who told me this story, but during the 80s, during the war, various consultancies in New York (I work for a consultancy) were commisioned to do some work. When asked what they were doing, they replied ‘On rebuilding downtown Beruit’. They were commissioned by Rafik.

He was responsible for putting over 20, 000 students through school and University (4 of my cousins are part of that list).

Oh don’t get me wrong I know the man wasn’t a saint. I can fully appreciate that his intentions weren’t always pure. I know he made mistakes. However he won’t be remembered for his mistakes. He’ll be remembered for what he brought to the country of Lebanon and he’ll be remembered for being assasinated.

May brings about the elections. I’m 25 years old and I’ve never voted. I think I know when my next trip to Lebanon will be.

Rest in peace.

Rafik El Hariri
1944 - 2005


  1. I agree with you, friend, I grew up here I mean in Los Angeles, however my whole family still live in Saidon and I somewhat still get the news every now and then, Just like your dad, my uncle grew up with him (in the same house). Like you said my dad and mom didn’t agree with some of his action, they were still devistated by his death. May he rests is peace


    1 Eddie
  2. Hang on dude, as you know Saidon is a very very small place; here’s a completely lebanese question for you, what’s your surname? _.

    2 Khaled
  3. He was Lebanon. We lost the dream…. No words can give him his right…
    He died for a country, that hopefully after this regretfull incidence will stay united and will make president rafik hariri’s dream true: a country where the multiplicity of religions is an advantage, where you speak about joseph, roupen or mohammad as lebanese and not as christians or muslims, then, only, our dearest president will rest in peace, seeing his dream come true for lebanon cannot survive if not united…Please, let him rest in peace and make his dream come true.

    3 tala
  4. they killed the best person in lebanon , allah yekhod yalli ken el sabab.He was the best, he was kind,generous,sweet……… they killed our dream.They ruined lebanon , lebanon will not be the same without him:-( walla haram.insha allah bahaa will take his place and make us lebanese people proud and continue his dads dream.allah yer7amo howe and his friends.From Rima men London.

    4 Rima
  5. I am Lebanese from Minnesota. Since the late 1970’s there has been 11 asasinations of political leaders in Lebanon. They came from all walks of life and every religion, one thing most of them had in common was that they were working in the best interest of Lebanon. I’m not sure what to make of this, but its clear to me that we need a more powerful force on our side. I know many people feel differently, but if America were to help the Lebanese Gov’t in the smallest way, it could make all the difference. It is a gamble, but on the other hand no matter how far Lebanon comes there is always a force dragging us back to another civil war. It needs to stop, we need to claim our country back once and for all!

    5 Leslie
  6. i am not lebanese but i am a muslim arab moroccan girl who was like all other arabs shocked by the assasination of rafik alhariri. though i neither live in lebanon nor did i ever visit it i can see what did that man add to lebanon. i think that he will be best remembered for his achievements and good doings. above all, i found out that his family should be in some way happy because it is very clear that God loves elhariri for he first blessed him with the great gift of Islam, gave him a good offspring, money, love of millions, and a wonderful ending “ashahada”. who can ask for more than that. i totally believe it was the assassination itself and the wild way with which he was killed that hurt us more but after all his soul must be now in a better place from that who die in his bed. in fact, what i really appreciate is the lebanese people solidarity and the wonderful scene of religious tolerance that elhariri’s death showed. may God bless him and protect lebanon and all the arab world.

    6 meriem
  7. I don’t think we need any world power on our side. Right now I think it’s time people left us alone, to deal with all our issues by our selves. I would not like the American government to ‘help’ us in the same way it’s ‘helping’ Iraq.

    Here’s a sample of what I think about the American Government and it’s help : https://brokenkode.com/archives/clarifications/

    7 Khaled
  8. First , Allah bless his soul in peace. I am really sad for such a loss. I am Egyptian and I was watching the news about the Hariri , I feel really sorry for his family and for his nation. 4 millions people in Lebanon either Muslim, Christian , no matter which sect they are, they should together with one good hand continue his vision and mission to re-build lebanon and lead .
    No need for other countries to interefere and ‘deal’ with the problems.
    May Allah bless his soul in peace

    8 Nerii
  9. Allah the almighty bless his Soul in Peace.I am an Indian that to from South.I am really sad that I lost such the Humple and Respected ,Kind Gentleman in the earth.He not only re-build the lebanon,with his Company of Saudi-Oger he made the poor to the rich and gave status life of most east-asian people.We the people living with rich status means the man from the Saidon’ Son Mr. Rafik El Hariri.My Sincier Condolence to his family,his loving Sons,his freinds,his country people,his company employees who is in all over the world .
    May allah blees his soul in peace.

    9 Iliyas Ahamed
  10. I live in Slovenia and I was born in Italy. I have never known Uncle Rafik, but my Father Fatine always told me that we were relatives and that he was a good man. When I look at his face I see my Father …same face, same blood…..When I have heard about his death I didn’t believe …I hoped that was just a dream….but it was not. Allahyirhamo. Rest in Peace dear Uncle Rafik.

    10 Baschir El Hariri
  11. First of all I pray lord almighty may his soul rest in peace.Iam an Indian Hindu by religeon.
    Iam saddened by the events happening in Lebanon.Lebenon has suffered too much and should not continue to be the pawn for selfishness of other countries.It’s up to the people all over the world who stand for values , peace and justness to register their anguish in a non violent way to arouse the conscience of mankind.Let by gones Be bygones. Can we look for a better world where human values triumphs?

    11 Balachandra M.N
  12. i would like to suggest something which i hope my friends in here will accept. i hope that this site may be a more effiscent sphere. i mean that we can discuss all our nations problems all over the world in a sincere and founded way. in fact, the world is worsening in a way that it seems that we have become in the same bucket. i am not violating the real aim of this site but i think that we will be adding more to rafik elhariri and to the whole question of justice, democracy, freedom and good doings all over the world. i will appreciate any answer whether you want or not, especially the responsibles on this site, just say it as in all cases i will always be proud to have contributed in this site.

    12 meriem
  13. First of all ,in the name of tunisian people, I pray lord almighty may his soul rest in peace.I am a Tunisian and i was watching the news about ELHARIRI .I feel really sorry for his family and for his nation. though i neither live in lebanon nor did i ever visit it i can see what did that man add to lebanon. i think that he will be best remembered for his achievements and good doings. above all, i found out that his family should be in some way happy because it is very clear that God loves elhariri. This is the life, we lost two important leaders right now” YESSER ARAFET & EL HARIRI“. Let them rest in peace and make their dream come true. may God bless him and protect lebanon and all the arab world.
    from tarek, tunisie.

    13 chihi tarek
  14. One of the things that is very clear, and even more clear from the above posts from the multitude of people from all over the world that there still is a feeling of solidarity in being an Arab. The common link between the Egyptians, the Tunisians, the people from Morocco, etc all have an added link to this.

    Our friends from India do bring a great deal of international flavour to this as well, which is great. I like that this thread is for the memory of Rafik and it will always be up here for people to add their thoughts to it.

    Meriem Broken Kode is my personnal playground. I’m the sole author here, and it’s my little baby. Having said that I wouldn’t mind having guest writers on here, but what you’ll have to understand is that as the editor I’d be checking everything, from spelling to the actual content. So as to not feel restricted there are ways you can voice your opinion without me telling you that this is ok and this isn’t.

    I know for a fact that this facility is available to you to type in Arabic if you’re more comfortable with that. For a free service check out Blogger. That’s what this site started on 13 months ago.

    14 Khaled
  15. 10 days passed… and sometimes i still think i am dreaming
    unexpected end of a man like this. what is really sading is i am sure we will don’t now the truht : who killed RAFIK EL HARIRI. loosing this man is loosing the conutry
    ALLAH bless his soul in peace

    15 Imad Rassas
  16. mr khalid i would like just to understand one thing if u accept my suggestio or not and believe me i am not violating your ownership “your baby” as you call it as i appreciate very much this feeling which i got whenever i write anything: poem, essay…..then what if it was a site like this for which i congratulate you. but i would like also to know how did you prepare this site from 13 months and el hariri died only two weeks ago i mean did you intend to devote it for another thing at the beginning and then you change your mind or what .if it is i would bevery glad to know about it . again, i am sorry for interfering in your sites rules.

    16 meriem
  17. moi ikram ,j’ai étais trés choqueé par ça mort tragique ,moi une algérienne ,on a vécu les attenttats et la mort. ce qui ma le plus choqué comment peut on étre sans coeur avec tout étres bon ,j’ai suivi tout son historique sur la télé. il a laissé des hommes qui sont ni moins que ses fils et je pense qu’ils suivront le chemains qu’a tracé leur pére .allah yirhamouuu

    17 ikram
  18. hey guys
    i dont know what i can say but it was really terrible for me and my family!!
    Here in germany!we was all really shocked!
    when i heard the story i couldnt say anything!
    so i want to say good bye and i will say allah yirhamak ya rafik hariri

    18 unbekannt
  19. i would like to say that Rafik El Hariri was a great person i mean Lebenon with out him in the first place would be nothing .I hope whoever killed him would regret what he did . But even though he had past away we will always remember him in our hearts and minds we should pray for him and for the people that died with him too . Allah Yirhamak ya Rafik.

    19 zeina
  20. im very upset thats all what i can say coz if stay all life explaining my sad feelings its gonna be no ting all what i can sad allah yerhamak u r the best and nobel man in the world i love u so much

    20 joe mouras
  21. i went last year for the 1st time in 11yrs to lebanon and there was an unbelievable difference. people were telling me that Hariri is the one responsible for bringing beirut back to life…so i wished i could go meet him and tell him what an awesome job he did! unfortunately i didnt have time since i was down there for only 2 weeks.
    and now i regret it so bad i wish i went to visit him and tell him how much i love him for what he did!

    21 windy
  22. We all need the truth and the truth w le2atal ill hariri ye2tlou 7eloun. And I know that Rafik Ell Hariri is a good person.And he do all Biruts an I want to say that God bless Hariri Soul. and I want to say for him also that I can”t believe him and I love him not only me all the people love but how don”T love balesh Rafik Ell Hariri is a good person and preavus person. We all need the truth and the truth but they are not saying the truth :( For me Rafik Ell Hariri was the first lebanese politician.He”s a good person. So I am really sad about him I lost so the humple and respected. I notice that when Rafik Ell Hariri died 2lla ye7amou lebanon is change.Besmellah ira7man ira7im ill 7amdoula rab ill 3alamin ar ra7man ir ra 7im malek youm ill dien iyaka na3boudou wa iyaka nasta3im ihdena iserata ill moustakim serata iall lathena 2ll 3amta 3alihem wa ghayra ill baghdoub 3alihem wala illdalelllll 2aminnn sadaka 2llah ill moustakim. This is for Rafik Ell Hariri 2lla yer7amouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu:)

    22 Nirmeen Ell Samra
  23. May god burn , torture and kill those who killed u ,U were,still and will always be A KING above them all…..For ur eyes only :(

    23 hana
  24. we all need the truth we all love u lebnon(rafic el hrriiiri) int el wa6an aslan law men dounak kena hala2 be damar ma btetsawar ade nehna be 3azeb min donak …ya rfi2 el ba3dk ma3naa..bierut 3am tebke w kel libanon kamen we love u ……..

    24 sara masalkhi
  25. we loose u ya rafic i hope ino yetla3 sa3ed m7lak my mial:
    we love u

    25 sara masalkhi
  26. Er war unser Libanon er wollte nur das beste für die Menschen!!! Er war wie ein Prophet!!! Er hat Libanon ein neues Leben geschenkt!!! Er hat die guten und die schlechten Leute Gemocht!!!!Wir haben nur geweint aber das weinen nutzt sowieso nichts mehr!!!! Ich kannte diesen Mann nicht aber ich habe viel über ihn gehört und das hat gereicht!!!Wir sind krank geworden als wir das gehört haben wir haben das garnicht geglaubt!!! ich hoffe das seine Kinder genau so werden wie er!!!! aber so einen Menschen gibt es nicht mehr!!!! und es kommt kein Mensch wie er wieder auf dieser Welt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bye bye ich hoffe ihr versteht es alles und gibt mir recht!!!! Ulla fromGermany from berlin!!!! ich gehe auf die Heinrich-Mann-Oberschule!!!

    26 Ulla from Germany from berlin
  27. i love you Rafik el Hariri!!!!! i’m from Germany from berlin!!!! you was the best for my and my Family!!!!So very very good Mann!!!! i`m go tothe Heinrich-Mann-Oberschule this is a School!!!! byebye!!!

    27 Ulla from Germany from berlin
  28. he was the best preson who realy love & help his country lebanon
    and finaly he died for it
    alex from australia

    28 alex
  29. What can i say Allah yerhamak and God punish those who did it all i wanna know is those who did it dont they have a heart but its ok one they they will die INSALLAH SOON and they will regret what they did because Allah would punish them Insallah and Allah lay samekon and Allah la yerhamkon… and Allah yerham a good man that made lebanon and it people the best Rafik el hariri Allah yerhamak and insallah ur in da janeh and da na3em Insallah :) love u ..Australia.

    29 Mervate
  30. yeah sorry for the long comment but i just found the site once again Allah yerhamak and Allah lay sameh those devils who did that

    30 Mervate
  31. Hey Everyone - I know I’m late I just want to participate in this discussion -

    I was in complete shock when I heard about Mr. Rafik death. What can I say those who assasinated him didn’t only killed him but they killed the hope inside alot of people. I only saw him on T.V. but I felt it like one of my family, you cannot imagine how sad I was.

    Rafik was a good person. May his soul rests in peace.

    We will always remember you.

    Mohamed, Jeddah. Saudi Arabia

    31 Mohamed