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Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Finale SPOILERS

Ok if in case you didn’t read the title of this post, it has the word spoiler in it for a reason, not interested in finding out what has happened on the end of the third season then pretty please with a cherry on top go somewhere else and you don’t ever need to blame […]

Dining in Hell - 300 reviewed

Frank Miller’s 300 had my money several times over from the moment I heard it was going to be made. Then came the trailer and I nearly came in my pants several times over (I know not a pretty vision but at least I’m being truthful). Then I shared the trailer with Stathi and Christos […]

I’m Linux

Novell’s spoof on Apple’s MAC/PC adverts. One of the geekiest and funniest things I’ve seen in a SERIOUSLY long time. I especially LOVE the ‘NICE’ at the end of the commercial. Very very cool. (via Miguel)


Definitely one of the more interesting takes on ’supporting’ the troops I’ve read in a while. Fundamentally the question is flawed. I come from a country, and was raised in another one, which both had mandatory conscription. The mantra always was:

leave logic at the door when you enter the army.

The reason was simple, in […]

20 must have firefox extensions

20 must have firefox extensions. The usual suspects are all involved, however I didn’t know about the showcase plugin which I think is pretty slick.


Massive shout out to Jos Buivenga over at Exljbris for the truly excellent and awesome fonts he’s got on offer for free. When he says “Quality Free Font Foundry” he’s seriously not lying. Excellent stuff. I love Delicious and Fontin are both fonts that I’m going to definitely try and use in a future […]

Open Source Graphical Applications

Great little interview with Jakub Steiner and Andreas Nilsson over at Gnome Journal. The most interesting part of the interview was this little side project, Art Libre Iconset. An integration of Gimp, Inkscape and Scribbus would be great, not that I use Gimp (but that’s another post for another time).