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Fugly Google

I really don’t understand why it is that all Google applications are soo bloody fugly. I mean seriously. Joen recently blogged about being a Google boy and I was thinking the same thing, that I do actually use a lot of Google products. I’m using Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Reader, Google Maps, Sketchup (at work), […]

Random Sundays I

I’m going to post a collection of one liners that are rattling in my head, probably going to make it into a regular sunday evening thing:

The Offspring Greatest hits album dualdisc is pretty damn good listening. Reminds me back to when I was 13 and was about to take on the world. 30 was a […]

Thirteen Sense Contact

Thirteen Sense’s new album Contact came out recently. It’s easily one of my favourite set of tunes at the moment (listen to Spirals, it’s probably the best track on the album), and currently holding the title for the album of the year so far (that’s going to be replaced, I’m sure, by the Pumpkins in […]

Better Gmail Extension

Better Gmail. Ok so it’s not as cool looking as the Google Reader theme, but it’s a definite step in the right direction. My favourite part and something I really wonder why google hasn’t sorted out instead of just giving us more and more space is icons for the attachments. Such a simple thing and […]

Google Reader Theme

Google Reader Theme by Jon Hicks. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe this. I wish someone would do something similar for Gmail, because there is just soo much cruft and rubbish in gmail. The code is great and the functionality is great but google couldn’t design themselves out of a paper bag in most cases. […]

Weight Gain

I got onto the scales this morning and swear to god I think I heard the scales sigh. When the hell did I gain so much weight? Over the last couple of months I’ve definitely noticed that my trousers have been shrinking in the wash more and more every day but I think yesterday I […]

Iron Man Grey Suit

First look at the original Iron Man grey suit. I’m actually really looking forward to this. A marvel movie that doesn’t completely suck. To be honest ever since X-men 2 and Blade 2 the Marvel movies in general have been a let down. So much so that I’ve not seen Elektra, Ghost Rider or Fantastic […]

Chinese Anyone

So I’m talking to Fern yesterday on Facebook, and when I say talking I actually mean ‘Wall-ing’ her (yeah it’s not the technical term for it but alas it sounds funnier). Anyway, so she’s dissing 300 and calling it gay porn or some such rubbish, so we started talking movies. I asked her whether or […]

Red State

Red State? Kevin Smith’s new movie is going to be a ‘horror’ movie? Seriously didn’t see that one coming. How’s he going to put Affleck in that one?

Is it?

Seriously, don’t bother reading this because it’s going to be one long boring diatribes of bollocks with me smack in the middle winging and wining about something. I’ve not really had the chance to formulate the post at all in my mind and I’m doing what I used to do years ago on this blog, […]