Google Reader Theme

Google Reader Theme by Jon Hicks. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe this. I wish someone would do something similar for Gmail, because there is just soo much cruft and rubbish in gmail. The code is great and the functionality is great but google couldn’t design themselves out of a paper bag in most cases. Their forte is making applications usable and fun but not pretty look at.


  1. For Gmail I can recommend a javascript from under the name of Gmail Super Clean. In addition I’m using it with another two scripts: Gmail RL CSS Skin and Gmail Conversation Preview (the latest one).

    1 wetfish
    Quote | 17/4/2007
  2. i dunno, i tried it and frankly, the default style looks and works better for me, esp. the rounded border around posts. i’m all for Mac styling, but i think Apple would have done this different(ly).

    2 boss sauce
    Quote | 19/4/2007

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