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I got onto the scales this morning and swear to god I think I heard the scales sigh. When the hell did I gain so much weight? Over the last couple of months I’ve definitely noticed that my trousers have been shrinking in the wash more and more every day but I think yesterday I felt it the most. Summer is in the air and I’m the heaviest I’ve been in YEARS. Part of this I guess can be attributed to the general lack of exercise, another part of this can be attributed to the general amount of rubbish I’ve been eating at work, and even more can be attributed to the snacks I’ve been taking on in between meals, after meals and during meals (I know, how the hell do you snack during meals?).

Needless to say I need to do something about this and bloody soon. I’ve been down this road before, I’m prone to gaining weight, however I know EXACTLY what needs to be done to loose weight and sustain it for a good long time rather than these crash course diets. This isn’t for everyone, this is what has worked in the past for me, so I’m writing this down to make sure I REMEMBER my list every time I try and break it, and I will try and break it over the next week where my mood will no doubt be pretty foul for a little while until I get used to it all.
  1. Item one. Stop eating junk. Seriously it all fucking adds up. That little bit of chocolate at 11 from a colleague to that additional biscuit at around 11:30 to that kit kat at 3pm and the list goes on. Part of the main reason I guess is boredom and just wanting to get something done. So I’m going to have to get myself a whole bunch of fruit every Monday, every time someone has got their birthday cakes I grab an apple or something. I’m allowed one chocolate sweet thing a week and that’s about it.
  2. Item two. This is an important one and probably the one that’s going to be the hardest to maintain. Eat smaller portions. Don’t get second helpings. It’s OK to feel hungry every once in a while. There are loads of ways that will make you achieve this. Some have tried using smaller plates. I’m more of the thought that you should balance it out as best you can and keep it smaller than usual.
  3. Item three. Eat everything I’ve been eating but with care to item two, however include for removal of deep fried things like fried potatoes, etc. Keep the bread consumptions down to a smaller amount, in fact a lot lot less. Don’t eat the loafs, eat wraps exclusively and those Swedish style cracker things (they’re not all that tasty but they give the impression you’re eating bread and for next few months that should be ok, I’ve had my fair share of bread these last 27 years it’s time to take a break).
  4. Item four. Drink more fluids, cut the bloody sugar from the coffee and the tea. Four years ago I used to have 3 sugars in my tea and coffee, now I’m down to 1. I think it’s time to cut it down all the way to 0. This is a small thing but I think one that I’ve been thinking about for a good long time and I think it’s time I actually implemented, seeing as I’m on a roll right now anyway.
  5. Item five. Last item, but definitely not least, I’ve got to get back to exercising more regularly. Currently I’ll run sporadically and then I’ll play basketball once every other week for a couple of hours, get a crap and generally be slow as fuck on the court. It’s time to move it up a notch and have my 30 minutes run in the morning every morning. Combined with the above I’m pretty sure I can get to shape and loose the excess kilos that are hanging off me right now.

Currently my target is 12kg. If I get there it’ll be the least I’ve ever been and the target weight I’ve always wanted to be. Traditionally the first 6kg are moderately easy as my body has store an immense amount of crap so it’ll shed that faster than the last 6kg which will be pretty tough to get rid of. I’ll keep everyone posted with mini posts from now on regarding my progress. Is there any clever little php scripts that I can record all of this down? I’m pretty sure I saw something on someone’s blog a while back that was tracking his weight loss progress as well.


  1. Not that you should necessarily pay attention to anything I might say, but my sister always used to say that you should try different teas and see which you could drink without sugar. Those are the teas for you.

    1 David Rodger
    Quote | 15/4/2007
  2. Salaams,

    One thing I have heard, is to eat a real breakfast so you will be less prone to eat lots of “junk” because you starved yourself.

    Another thing I have heard is to eat dinner early, and if you are hungry later, have soup.

    Lastly, I have heard that drinking water throughout the day will help you. You won’t feel that hungry when your belly is full of water!

    I hate being chubby in the Summer!

    2 Dynamite Soul
    Quote | 15/4/2007
  3. You pretty much summarized my weight loss method as well. I recently moved to Houston, and while I was there I gained 35 pounds…from 180 to 215. I felt disgusting…was constantly tired, and just lethargic overall. I am no longer in Houston, but that is another story. I truly believe there was something there that made me gain weight like that. Needless to say, I needed to change my lifestyle and habits. I had gained 35 pounds in a matter of less than 6 months.

    People tend to do too much bullshit with their weight loss attempts. Count carbs, count calories, blah blah blah blah blah. They are all so worried about stuffing their face with as much content as possible within their alloted limit. It just doesn’t work.

    I can’t tell you how important the smaller portions are. For the most part, I eat whatever I want. I just eat less. Don’t supersize that meal, hell, if you aren’t that hungry, don’t get the fries either. I still eat lots of bread and pasta (I couldn’t live without it), but again, portions are key. I also don’t eat candy or sweets anymore…and the funny thing is, once you have cut them out of your diet for a while, you will find that they just aren’t appetizing. I tried eating a candy bar the other day, and had to spit it out because it was just so sweet. Same with sweet tea. Being from the south, sweet tea is a staple of our culture, but I forced myself to grow accustomed to unsweetened iced tea…now, I can’t drink sweet tea without feeling a bit nauseated.

    Kudos to your weight loss endeavors, I know I feel a lot better because of it. Just making the exact shame changes you are making, I actually found myself 10 pounds lighter than I was prior and weigh around 170 (I am a little over 6 feet)…all in a matter of about 6 months…most of that loss being in the first 3 months. Don’t despair…the first few weeks, your body is going to fight it and you won’t shed a pound, but it will start flying off soon.

    3 E.T.Cook
    Quote | 15/4/2007
  4. You seem to be pretty determined, and if you really are I guess you’ll succeed. As with most kinds of endeavours, setting up the aims strictly before you begin usually helps, and your are good ideas.
    Know that the last item though, at least if you are somewhat like me, might be difficult to put in action…
    For at least one year I’ve been telling myself to get more serious with various things, such as “begin studying chemistry more regularly”. Now, two weeks before my exams start, I would give anything to be back in those cheerful days… And I know I’m not alone, but perhaps it has to do more maturity. Haha.

    I’m curious about your new design. When is the time?

    4 Erik
    Quote | 17/4/2007
  5. who ate all the pies?

    5 bloophead
    Quote | 18/4/2007
  6. bloophead said:

    who ate all the pies?

    I fucking did, more like cheesecakes and sweety shit.

    Erik said:

    You seem to be pretty determined, and if you really are I guess you�ll succeed. As with most kinds of endeavours, setting up the aims strictly before you begin usually helps, and your are good ideas.
    Know that the last item though, at least if you are somewhat like me, might be difficult to put in action�

    I�m curious about your new design. When is the time?

    Only been running twice since I posted that, but I’ve got a bball game tomorrow and I’ll be sure to run twice this weekend, but you are right it’s bloody hard to keep that one up. It’s been surprisingly easy to cut the junk at work, I just remind myself that I’m on a diet and I move away. Sugar away from coffee and tea was also pretty easy as well which is a definite welcome surprise. It tasted rank for the first couple of days but I’m not finding it totally alien now.

    As for the new design, would you believe I’m on version/iteration 16 or something like that. They are pretty different to each other in general but I think I’m actually pretty close to what I want. Now it’s just a question of coding everything up.

    6 Khaled
    Quote | 18/4/2007
  7. Running isn’t really enough on its own… you need to get the adrenaline pumping too. The best way to accomplish this is to be chased. I suggest being offensive to large healthy people - really offensive so they keep on coming and don’t just give up after a few blocks.

    Either that or get a rag soaked in fox pee (easier to obtain than you might think)… and run through a fox hunt (they’re still going strong). Now that will get you fit. And mauled. Either way you’re losing lots fo body weight.

    7 Meoq
    Quote | 21/4/2007
  8. Twisted boy :). Does Francis know the extent of your imagination? How is the old girl btw. I’ve emailed her a couple of times, but all I got was tumbling weed and shit.

    8 Khaled
    Quote | 22/4/2007
  9. Khaled,

    As a fellow 9ruler and weight loser I feel it my duty to chime in here for your benefit.

    I’ve lost over 128 pounds in the last forty weeks by changing my lifestyle and habits. I follow the Body for Life program by Bill Phillips. It’s not a diet, but a life change. He promotes eating healthy, small meals 6 times a day and drinking 10 glasses of water daily. In addition to the eating change, he recommends starting an exercise program that consists of weight training 3 days a week and cardio 3 days a week, alternating of course, leaving Sunday free, and by free he means completely, on Sunday’s you forget about exercise and you forget about eating healthy and do whatever feels good.

    I seriously recommend the program and his book to start out, if you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off permanently.

    Another 9ruler Mike Stickel has also started the program and had great results as well.

    I hope this information helps and finds you well.

    You can always drop me a line if you need to talk about the journey, I’m always up for lending an ear, it can be a rough trip.

    Take care.

    9 James Mathias
    Quote | 22/4/2007
  10. 128 POUNDS!!! Damn boy that’s pretty amazing.I just went to google to see what that is in kg, 58kg!!!!!!! James that’s INSANE. I’m trying to loose the equivalent of 30 pounds or thereabouts. Since I started last sunday I’ve actually started loosing (even though I really didn’t expect to as it’s only the first week and all). My brother has mentioned the 6 meals a day and the one day where you treat yourself.

    I’m going to write another post to get the first week off my chest.

    10 Khaled
    Quote | 22/4/2007

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