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Smashing Pumpkins Zeitgeist

Smashing Pumpkins, Zeitgeist will be out on 07/07/07. I remember where I was the last time an official Smashing Pumpkins album came out. Actually this is a funny story, not haha funny but funny. The pumpkins believe it or not where not all that massive over here in the UK, even at their absolute height […]

Blender 2.43

Blender 2.43 was released today. To my mind (and I’ve said this many times before) is the most professional open source project EVER. This is how open source should be. Every release is golden, and this one is a keeper. From the new website, the excellent release log, feature videos and the list honestly goes […]

Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Official

Battlestar Galactica season 4 official press release! It’s about Frakking time they made this official. After last month’s story on cbr that they were thinking about cancelling the series this is good news. Notice the rubbish about it being renewed for at least 13hours though. What’s that all about? Those assholes got it wrong the […]


Honestly, I’m amazed by the quality of the Zotero plugin for Firefox. Zotero is a little plugin that enables you to collect and store information, tag it and a whole lot more for all your research needs. Easily one of the best plugins for Firefox I’ve stumbled on in a long time (I’ve seen it […]

Aitus Moralis

The more I think about this the more embarrassed of myself I feel. Basically I sat down today to take stock of what I should be doing in my free time (yes I have to have to be doing something in my free time, I bore extremely easily). I decided earlier last month that I […]

mac vs pc

Interesting article on the Guardian regarding the new UK mac adverts, some valid points while others seem like their there to goad people into a reaction.

Inksmith Explained Redux

Let me start off by saying that Inksmith is what I view as my biggest online failure, after a fashion and this is what this particular post is about. Whenever I announce a project or something I usually deliver, notice I said whenever I announce a project. I may be a blabber mouth an I […]