Honestly, I’m amazed by the quality of the Zotero plugin for Firefox. Zotero is a little plugin that enables you to collect and store information, tag it and a whole lot more for all your research needs. Easily one of the best plugins for Firefox I’ve stumbled on in a long time (I’ve seen it before but this is the first time I’m actually using it so that makes it different in my eyes).

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  1. I discovered Zotero only a couple of days ago, and downloaded it instantly after reading several runs on it. if its integration with MS Word works as hoped, it would be one of the best, open source on-line research tools out there. Its annotation capability needs more tweaking to resemble the one used by DIIGO - the Social Bookmarking engine.
    DIIGO allows you to also highlight different words, paragraphs on the same page or a whole page and add notes or annotations without much ado. i think as far as Social bookmarking goes it outdoes Delicious and all the rest. It only suffers from being a late-comer!
    Joe Essel

    1 jofssel
    Quote | 13/3/2007

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