Aitus Moralis

The more I think about this the more embarrassed of myself I feel. Basically I sat down today to take stock of what I should be doing in my free time (yes I have to have to be doing something in my free time, I bore extremely easily). I decided earlier last month that I was going to finish off my commitments from last year as soon as possible.

These are basically Priya and Stathi’s websites. For the eagle eyed of you, if you go over to the illustration section of the site you will see the very first completed illustration of 2007 (the first of many to come I hope). It’s the basis for Priya’s website which I should go live by the end of the week (make a deadline public therefore making sure I deliver, nice). I’m about 50% into the coding; it’s a simple website that really should not have taken the stupid amount of time that it has taken but alas better late than never. Also by next week I should have the next illustration up there as well (it’ll be the basis for Stathi’s website) which is definitely one of the most detailed sites I’ve worked on in a very long time.

After which I will only delve into the world of websites when I’m fucking about with my own web space. It’s funny but the code that is currently running the site was originally written nearly a year ago and it’s been tweaked slightly over the year. I don’t really intend to screw around too much with the site to be honest but the colours and graphics will be changing in the coming months as I delve deeper into Aitus Moralis; this is the tentative title (and may end up being the actual final title) of my first graphic novel and my next confirmed project.

I knew the basic idea of the story and remembered that I had actually written something for it, but I honestly couldn’t remember what I had written. It’s not until today that I really realised just how much work I’ve completed over the years and just completely forgotten about. I’ve got flash trailers, sketches and pages upon pages of research and script already written. My life on the internet has seriously been one MASSIVE detour for my honest true passion, sequential storytelling.

So today marks the first day of the journey into getting published. I’m not going to hide it, I want to publish my book via Image Comics. I want the ‘I’ on my book. I know it sounds strange but while the older generation was into Marvel and DC comics I have always been a follower of creators. I guess that’s what’s I was raised on in the 90s. The pundits can say what they will about the 90s, it had a lot more creator owned books than what we have now. Oh sure a lot of it was pure garbage but at least it was the creator’s garbage and the stuff that was weak has and will never be seen again, I intend for “Aitus Moralis” to not fall down that stupid path. I want to own my book’s destiny, because honestly I wouldn’t allow for any other monkey to touch it. All monkey business will be under my control.

Lofty goals I’m sure but it’s a dream I’ve had since I was 13, so it’s about time I delivered and reached.

I will be peppering the site with sketches and designs and drawings from this series as the Kode starts to shift slowly but surely into that direction. Coco will be making his exit and I’ll be moving him over to Splash Panel as he will be the official mascot for Splash Panel. The logo might change slightly in the future to be honest to tie better with the new graphical direction which will be decidedly less vector and have a more painted feel to it.


  1. Cool, looking forward to reading how your progress goes (and how it’s reflected in the site design). I’ve got the story arc for a graphic novel pretty much plotted, but apart from the first page so far it’s all in my head; of course it’s not helped by the fact that I can’t draw for s**t…

    Aitus Moralis = After Ethics, or something like that?

    1 Matthew Pennell
    Quote | 9/2/2007
  2. God damnit Khaled… Love your drawing style… Ever considered to do do a web comic? I would do that if I had your drawing skills…

    2 Dan
    Quote | 9/2/2007
  3. Matthew, Aitus Moralis loosely translates to Higher Morals.

    Dan, when I first started writing this book back in 2002 there wasn’t print on demand publishing nor was I as cocky as I am now to say that I’m going for gold and say I’m going to try and publish it through Image even though that’s what I’ve always wanted. I actually was fully intending to serialise it on the net first. I may very well continue down that path in order to keep myself to a schedule and finish the story. We’ll see. I have to have the script completed by the end of February is my date. In the meantime I’ll be able to write the story and finish off my other mini commitments.

    3 Khaled
    Quote | 10/2/2007
  4. Looking forward to your posts about it…

    4 Dan
    Quote | 12/2/2007
  5. Hey kiddo, its looking good, how is the rainy country anyhow? its hot as buggery here, but good nontheless… catch you soon,

    5 ccmc
    Quote | 15/2/2007
  6. I know this has nothing to do with the article, but you have to check this out

    6 Matthew
    Quote | 16/2/2007
  7. All great creative people need a book in progress. If you finish it you will need to start another. :)

    7 Root
    Quote | 20/2/2007

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