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Aitus Moralis

The more I think about this the more embarrassed of myself I feel. Basically I sat down today to take stock of what I should be doing in my free time (yes I have to have to be doing something in my free time, I bore extremely easily). I decided earlier last month that I […]

Inksmith Explained Redux

Let me start off by saying that Inksmith is what I view as my biggest online failure, after a fashion and this is what this particular post is about. Whenever I announce a project or something I usually deliver, notice I said whenever I announce a project. I may be a blabber mouth an I […]

Left and Right

Forest was back in town for the weekend and we were catching up as I’ve not seen him since the summer. We’re shooting the shit and he asks me how my artwork and design work is going. Of which I had to answer with the truth, in reality it’s not. Oh yeah sure I’ve recently been playing around with Habari, but to be honest Habari is a hobby which I’m enjoying being a part of, but I wouldn’t say it’s stretching my artistic muscles. It’s definitely making me take a much more pragmatic approach to design and I’ve done this before but I know when my artistic muscles are being flexed and sadly I can’t really claim the last year to have provided me with any level of truly artistic expression and in talking with Forest I kind of inadvertently voiced the reason why.

Habari | Design Week 02

It’s been a truly exciting time for Habari on the design front (not that it’s not been exciting on the code front, but I can only really properly comment on all things design to be honest). Since the last time we talked, Michael has been a busy boy with absolutely everything under the sun. All […]

30 Dark sites

Gotta thank the guys at Smashing Magazine for putting the Kode on the list of dark sites you should’ve seen list. Dunno if they were partly responsible for bringing the site down for a couple of hours yesterday but it’s an honour to be on the list.


Well Chris broke the news about, Habari, a new open source blogging CMS platform. While he didn’t want feel it correct to mention in the post who was involved, I’m going to step forward and put my hand up as the designated pixel pushing monkey of this motley crew.

What I find amusing is that as […]

Broken Kode Season One Complete

Broken Kode Season One the dead tree version of Broken Kode is finally ready for general consumption. I talk about decisions I’ve made regarding the book and what you can expect to find between it’s covers and I talk about the Lulu process briefly.

CSS File Structure

This post is for those who dabble in a bit of CSS, so all those who don’t know or care for such things can move right along, I won’t take it personally, honest. For those that are interested in such things, I’m trying to change the CSS convention from what it is now to something a little bit more manageable.

Standards Reboot

Standards Reboot. In a way it was inevitable, following these pretty shocking results. Seems we do actually have a way to go before the majority of sites are standards compliant.

An itch to scratch

I’m currently in Greece for a full 2 weeks. I’ve been looking forward to this break for well over a month now, hell I’ve been looking forward to this break for at least 3 months. I didn’t go anywhere during the summer period, which was probably the worst thing to do for my psyche to […]

Broken Kode | Superstructure

Broken Kode version 5.2 | Superstructure is the next iteration of the design I started in May of this year. It’s not a redesign as I reused most of the code and the general core ideas. It’s a soft realignment just to get things closer to where I want them to be. What makes it special is that it’s probably the last major update I do to the site design for a very long time.

Flickr Cards

Flickr Cards. What makes this strange is that I only sorted out my flickr account yesterday (yeah I’ve been resisting this for a while now). I love print as well.


I’ve been trying to find ways to increase my productivity and effectively take my life back by the horns, which for the past couple of months has spiralled out of control.

Gmail is a staple in my life. I use it and don’t think about it. I’ve not gotten to the stage where I really use […]

User Control, Eliminate the Noise

When it comes to doing things in WordPress, any idea I come up with has usually been implemented several times over, however I think (and I really hope someone has actually done this and I simply can’t find it) but the idea for this plugin came about after talking with several of my friends who […]

Blogger Burn

It’s been one of the longest summers that I can remember, which definitely followed one of the longest winter’s I can remember in a really long time. As I looked around me I saw more and more of my blogging friends slowly start to blog less. It’s not that we have less to talk about […]


I definitely noticed spamming coming through, which left me scratching my head (50 in like a few hours). I guess those spammers are seriously getting their ass kicked by Akismet, easily the only ESSENTIAL plugin you want to have as a blogger of any description. Damn, was it really that bad before this plugin? The […]

Contributing to Open Source

The last week has seen some movement on a couple of the open source projects I’ve been involved with in the past couple of years. I’ve already spoken about the first one but now I’m going to talk about the other project that I had such high hopes for which have been washed away and […]

FOFRedux | First Contact

This is what I’ve been reading my feeds from for the past couple of days :).

I promised the guys on the dev team I’d keep it quiet until we had more kinks ironed out, but I’ve got to say that I’m so excited and over the moon that the new FOFRedux UI is now a […]

Broken Phoenix

Reason I’ve not been able to write anything these past days is because I’ve been feeling numb. Every time I sit down to type anything I feel ill and the words don’t go anywhere. I start thinking about the situation currently going on in Lebanon and I feel this sorrow and it takes over my […]

Calm waters

I’ve been pretty quiet this last week and there’s actually two main reasons for that. The first one is due to the fact that I’ve been extremely busy at work. Every summer it happens to me and this one is no different. I’ve been landed with far too much work to handle in an exceptionally […]


Anyone mind helping translate this site post for me? I’ve been getting some a serious referal spike from it, but I have no idea what it’s saying?

Shuttle FAQ

To avoid any confusion and answer some questions that have been raised I’ve created this small FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to dispell any rumours and set the record as straight as I possibly can. If you’ve got any questions put them underneath and I’ll update the post accordingly.

Shuttle Launched

Before you read this I suggest you go and have a look at the 20 mockups showing the future of WordPress.

The idea of redesigning the WordPress administration panel began believe it or not in December 2004. For over a year and a half myself, Michael Heilemann, Joen Asmussen, Chris J Davis, Joshua Sigar (later joined […]


Just wanted to thank the guys and gals over at Web Creme, CSS Vault, CSS Remix, Adam (of CSSReboot fame) and Olav, for featuring the ‘kode in their galleries and lists, much appreciated. If you’re new to the Kode, please have a look around the site is constantly changing as I’m still trying to pull […]

FOFRedux - Design

The real reason why I decided to reboot to something more simple this time round hopefully is becoming more obvious with the latest change in the background on the front page. As the section implies the background (which occupies the most real estate on the site) will be used to throw the spotlight on specific […]

Broken Kode V5 | Foundations

A very strange thing happened during the design of this particular iteration of the ‘kode. Usually speaking I’ll be thinking about if for months, then I’ll see something on the internet and get depressed because I can never get that good and then I’ll begrudgingly try and plow through coding I really have no right […]

Forum Spam

Sorry to all the Rin and Manji board users for the spamming that’s going on. I think I’ve rectified the situation and now I’m going back and sifting through the sheer amount of spam comments. Punbb isn’t as easy to moderate comments as WordPress is so it’s taking some time and is a little bit […]

Broken Signal | Coming Soon

So I’ve decided to take up podcasting. I’ve got to admit that it’s in many ways inspired by Michael sorting his one out and me twigging to the benefits or at least the potential of this alternate medium. I’ve been listening to podcasts for a little under a year now, but I never thought I’d […]

Online Printers

A small part of creating the BK Logo was to have something to put on my business cards. As you’d imagine these things are not going to be your run of the mill cards, as I wanted to have some fun with them. So the mammoth task came down on me to actually do a […]

CPU Minutes Problem

I’m having a little bit of a problem finding the sneaky php script that is making me clock some serious CPU minutes (yeah like I know what those are, or give two shits about them). Dreamhost have been pretty good not bugging me about this too often, so you might experience a bit of weirdness […]

Broken Kode | Season One - The First Copy

Guess what I received in the post this morning?

Needless to say I couldn’t actually get much work done for a little bit until I calmed down my giddiness and concentrated to finish off this day. So here’s some initial thoughts:

The internal paper stock is top notch. Lulu scores loads of points with me in terms […]

9rules Community Interview

Lindsay is conducting a slew of interviews with all the 9rulers in the Personal Community. Thame was first, seems I answered by questions before the other guys. If you’re interested in finding out where the name Broken Kode comes from that’s where to go.

February Schedule

Well I did actually like the whole documenting what was on the table to be completed during any particular month it did actually keep my mind focused on the task at hand. So recapping January I didn’t complete everything I had on that list of things to do, the main one was Shuttle. My intentions […]

Lulu Shipping

I said I wasn’t going to talk about the book itself until I had a url, but after tonight I’m pretty sure that ANYONE living outside the US will definitely not be interested in that URL even if I did give it to them. The reason is very simple, the shipping costs basically kill any […]

Broken Kode | Season One - The Cover

This is the last time I talk about the book until I post the link(s) where it can be bought from. I’ll be writing some stuff about my Lulu experience when I finally get the book and hopefully provide some helpful insight and tips for people crazy enough to undertake a project such as this. […]

Broken Kode | Season One - The Archives

Michael god bless him has been trying very hard for years now to develop ideas (he’s really good at ideas, which is an unbelievable quality); his ideas (and he’s said this on several occasions) is to try and push people to go to his archives. He’s helped with developing the livesearch, or at least brought […]

Broken Kode | Season One - The pitch

Well I guess it’s time to start breaking out the champagne as I’ve got a load of posts to start writing. Part of the reason I’ve been so quiet over on BK is simply because I’ve actually dedicated every conceivable waking hour over completing Broken Kode | Season One. What’s that you ask? Well I […]

Broken Kode Logo

When I’m not talking much on the Kode, it usually means I’m up to something. This has been a pretty long weekend for me. I didn’t go to work on Friday because I was pretty determind to finish off several of my projects. You’d be amazed at the amount of progress someone can get done […]

2 Years Anniversary

Today effectively marks 2 years of blogging. It’s soo strange but I remember the day I decided to start blogging like it was yesterday. I’d actually heard of blogging before that, in early 2003, however for the life of me I couldn’t see the appeal for myself or for the general public. I was as […]

January Schedule

One idea I’m going to try and do this year (and who knows if I’ll actually continue with it, but it seems like a good idea now) is to write down what I want to accomplish by the end of this month. Baby steps, month by month.

RWebsDesigns Code cleanup
I’ve got to clean up the code […]

In Review 2005

In a way it’s really important for me right now at this particular time in my life to seriously take a step back, reflect and look at what’s gone before. It’s posts like this that actually make my blog an extremely important part of my life. The sheer amount of information and experience one goes […]


Time for reflection on the year that’s passed us by. This isn’t my end of the year analysis, (that’s still being typed out). It’s been pretty tough at work and that has propagated into my overall anxiety in general. Not really as calm and collected as I’d like to be. I simply flip very quickly […]

Where are the Broken Kode Tees?

As I announced this a while back I think it’s important to finish what I started. When I first started writing this post it was actually to say that I wasn’t going to go through with the whole t-shirt thing and that I wasn’t going to be able to produce the designs that I wanted […]

Naoto Hattori

I spent yesterday chilling out with Naoto and his family (that Scottish bastard Gordon tagged along as well). While we’re there we decided to do a few google searches (as you do) came up with this fantastic artist’s work, Naoto Hattori


You might have noticed that I’ve been pretty quiet lately, which is attributed to the fact that I’ve recently been commissioned to redesign an esteemed gentleman’s website. For those who have their ear to the ground know who I’m talking about, but that’s not what I wanted to talk about at right now, I’ll save […]

Why Adsense?

Well I can definitely tell you it’s not about the money. I don’t need it, my hosting is pretty cheapo-tastic provided by Dreamhost. I haven’t really been able to take advantage of their referral scheme to be honest, someone did use me as their referee and I thank that person greatly for that, but that’s […]

Google Adsense

Right I’ve Google Adsense on the site (only in one location and far away from the main page, it’s just below the posts in the individual posts pages), just as a test. The problem is the damn thing’s not showing up. Quick question to everyone that uses this service, does it take a while before […]


The title of the post says it all, lots of little things I’ve got on mind I’d like to get out.

» We’ve upped the InkSmith founding contributors to a total of 10. The latest additions are the impeccable Jennifer and the sublime Becca. You all know who I’m talking about.

» Thank god this week is […]

Formatting Comments

Finally got the information regarding how to format your comments sorted out. This has been on my to-do lists since I launched version 4, which is a sad state of affairs to be sure. Special thanks to Joen; well for actually giving me a way that doesn’t look crap, keeping everything nice and clean.

Evil Machine

My computer is both one of my favourite tools, link to the outside world, online friends, but at the same time it’s my worst enemy. I actually had to leave the house and go down to one of the two local Starfucks in order to GET AWAY from my computer. In the past I’ve actually […]

Comic Book Publishing

The comic landscape wil change in the years to come. Historically when a comic book fan had an idea and wanted to do a comic they would set about doing it sometimes putting the actual things together, photocopying A4 pages and stapling them together themselves. These things would be called minicomics Quality varied considerably and […]

New Snippets Format

After hammering this a couple of times (and in the process getting an even better understanding of exactly what makes PHP tick), I’ve formatted the snippets to be part of the main posts. This is mainly to give these random ideas of mine a home, that don’t necessarily require a full post, but also shouldn’t […]

Broken Kode SALE $1M ONLY

Think of this as a complete and UTTER bargain. This is your chance to own Broken Kode. Hell I’ll even throw in the hosting for the rest of the year. According to Central Scrutinize if you extrapolate all those crazy numbers that have been thrown around the internet after the AOL buy-out of Weblogs Inc, […]

On the Drawing Board

I hate ‘getting’ back into drawing. The reason is very simple as it takes me a good couple of tries before I remember how to hold the fucking pencil up straight. Yesterday was a very important day as it marked the FIRST day that I started drawing Sublime. I have eluded to this book for […]


One thing that my little experience with Emmortel has proven to me is that if I’ve got a deadline I will do everything that I have to to meet that deadline. I will not cut too many corners, just be professional enough to achive a specific level that is acceptable to me. I’m a complete […]

Broken Kode Version 3.0

I’ve decided to go for a more dynamic approach to v3 of this site. There are a number of reasons, but mainly it’s because I’ve been sitting on this design for a while now, and I really wanted to start using some of the features I’d set up for it, mainly my snippets column. I […]

CoCo 2 1/2

I’ve literally wasted 2 evening on trying to sort out my bloody update to the site. I was only intending it to be a slight tweak. Spent yesterday trying to work out how to make navigation bars in CSS lists,…the way I wanted. See that’s the crux of it. I have a navigation list but […]

Portraits II - Trees of Thought

Right after University I spent a few months learning how to draw faces. I spent the better part of 3 months drawing portraits of my friends to understand exactly what the structure of a face is. From this little exercise I even got one of these drawing up in the Hype Gallery last year which […]

Once the dust has settled

Okay as far as I can tell the migration from Dreamhost is nearly over. It’s been one of those mornings. What I thought was a database error in actual fact a new crazy feature of the latest ‘unstable’ iteration of wordpress. Oh well, live and learn I guess. There’s a post missing, and a few […]

Static Pages Overload

Just thought I’d highlight a couple of new pages added to the site. I will say this, it takes a lot of time and effort to make a site whole. Makes me really appreciate other sites a lot more that I know the guys and gals have put soo much effort into them. I will […]


So I decided to go by Warren’s website, to see what he’s up to. For the uninitiated, Warren Ellis is a comic book writer. He’s really hot and cold with me to be honest. Sometimes he writes something that I think is absolutely stunning in quality and then he goes and writes some psycho thriller […]

CoCo Musings

This is a long one (roughly 1600 words), so I guess grab a coffee and chill.

CoCo Flavoured Manji

I’ll be posting a much more indepth post about the thought processes and ideas and what was used to make Broken Kode Version 2.0 a reality and what still needs to be done. I guess this is like my ‘beta’ version. I’ve still got validation and clean-up code, but I really want to see it […]


BrokenKode version 2.0 - countdown.

Channeling Mucha

For the past 2 years, essentially the amount of time I’ve been living in London, I’ve not actually drawn any comic books pages. Sure I’ve done sketches, and I’ve learnt how to use a number of programs to digitally illustrate since then, however the point is I’ve not actually fully drawn a single A3 page […]

New Logo

Every once in a while I get a cool idea that I can’t help but get excited about. The current one is my logo. I’ve been inspired by google in how I’m going to approach this little thing. I’ll be playing around with the logo and keep adding and deleting bits and pieces to it […]

Control Panel Version 0.1

Man the more you get into this wordpress stuff the more you find out just how much stuff people have done for you, and all you need to know is how to make things sing a bit, needless to say I’m enjoying these minor tweaks here and there.

The control panel hasn’t exactly been what […]

One page at a time.

With this blog completed, I’ve decided upon and began my next project. It’s time really to buckle down hard and actually try and try and finish my script. The plan is to complete the script by the end of the year. In addition the sketches for the characters, and my general skills should be ready […]

Back to the drawing board.

I’ve been involved with graphic design and computers and software and programming for the better part of nearly three years now. I think in that time I’ve learnt a hell of a lot, and really expanded my skills in a great number of areas, which ultimately helped me no end at work as well. Having […]

It’s always something…

Still playing around with the overall design of the site right now. It’s getting there, here’s a list of things I still need to try and sort out:

1. Fix up that control panel, with all the bells and whistles
Update: Sorted version 1.0 of the user control panel. It’s a start really although there are […]