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Right I’ve Google Adsense on the site (only in one location and far away from the main page, it’s just below the posts in the individual posts pages), just as a test. The problem is the damn thing’s not showing up. Quick question to everyone that uses this service, does it take a while before the ads start popping up? Do I need to confirm my bank account before these things start coming through? I’ll write more elaborately about this later on but I just wanted to know why the script’s not doing anything.


  1. Strange, they’re perfectly visible here.

    1 Emil
    Quote | 24/11/2005
  2. visible and need I say, clicked.

    2 Chris
    Quote | 24/11/2005
  3. Oh weird as all hell, hmm must be the firewalls at work then. See now that is crazy (I checked them on both FF and IE and I can’t see anything but the space required by both of them. Thanks for clicking boys, much appreciated :).

    3 Khaled
    Quote | 24/11/2005
  4. They show up fine when I am looking at your site.

    I think the problem may be an ad blocker, the problem for me is that Norton Internet Security was blocking ads.

    4 Nick
    Quote | 24/11/2005
  5. They’re visible. I had Adsense on my site but, I took it down because right beside a post of my wife sat an ad for divorce attorney’s (hope I spelled that right). I just didn’t have the time to futz with it. Anyway, looks great, blends right in with your site.

    5 Wesley
    Quote | 24/11/2005
  6. Not so sure it’s Norton - I turned Ad Blocking off, and still couldn’t see the ads.

    6 David
    Quote | 24/11/2005
  7. I’ve been running some google-ads in the same place on my site, but have only been showing them to people arriving via a few different referers (google, msn, etc). Figure those people are the ones actually looking for something as opposed to casual browsing. I hacked together a plugin from Ryan Boren’s search hi-lite plugin, you can grab it from this post if you want. Basically just create custom functions for any ads you want to display and put them in the appropriate template. The plugin’s a bit ugly right now.

    7 dave
    Quote | 24/11/2005
  8. Yep, I see them as well.

    8 Michael Heilemann
    Quote | 24/11/2005
  9. Yeah at home they’re here, it must have been Norton as I have that at work. Didn’t know it had that feature to be honest. Does that block all kinds of ads, because I could see the Yahoo equivalent while at work.

    9 Khaled
    Quote | 24/11/2005
  10. I am thinking of getting adsense, even though all my traffic is my school friends. How much does it pay exactly?

    10 momentum
    Quote | 25/11/2005
  11. Momentum, read my next post, the short answer being,..not much and depends on your traffic.

    11 Khaled
    Quote | 25/11/2005
  12. Ads are working for me. Gave you a few clicks.

    12 Nathan Smith
    Quote | 28/11/2005
  13. Thanks Nathan, much appreciated :).

    13 Khaled
    Quote | 29/11/2005
  14. I’ve got adsense on two blogs of mine, and I average a tad over $1/day. I only get about 1200 browser hits per day (plus about the same in RSS hits) on average, depending on what (or if) I’ve been posting. Also, my post topics are pretty scattered, which I think reduces the effectiveness of the contextual ad targeting.

    It’s not much, but it’s nice to get the ~$100 check every three months. I just wish they’d do direct payments to paypal accounts. I use my paypal for a “toy” fund, since it sits apart from the accounts I used to pay bills and such.

    14 Dougal Campbell
    Quote | 30/11/2005

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