Broken Kode | Season One - The Cover

This is the last time I talk about the book until I post the link(s) where it can be bought from. I’ll be writing some stuff about my Lulu experience when I finally get the book and hopefully provide some helpful insight and tips for people crazy enough to undertake a project such as this. I’ve finished formatting the book and I’m about to upload to Lulu and see what manner of trouble I’ll get into there.

In the meantime here’s the cover. This cover was actually my third attempt as the more work I did the more important this cover became to tie the package with a bowtie.

If you want to have a look at the cover on a grander scale, click here.


  1. Looks good. Sums up “Broken Kode” really well. Good job Khaled.

    1 Andrew Hamann
    Quote | 25/1/2006
  2. Very Spiff, Khaled. Though, I expected nothing less. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

    2 Chris
    Quote | 25/1/2006
  3. “Absolutely breath taking!” DAILY MIRROR
    “Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous” THE SUN
    “…so sexy” PENTHOUSE
    “…flying high” BIRD WATCHERS MONTHLY
    “Fucken beautiful malaka!” STARFISH DIARIES

    3 Stathis
    Quote | 25/1/2006
  4. Inspirational!

    Good luck Khaled, I’m proud to know you.

    4 Joen
    Quote | 25/1/2006
  5. You are going to laugh at me when I say this, but in the summary it sounds like you won your first design award at the Olympics. :)

    5 David
    Quote | 25/1/2006
  6. Thanks everyone, it’s been a seriously a good feeling having it done.

    David - LOL, I’ve actually tweaked that text again and again :). I’m forever tweaking the damn thing like you wouldn’t believe, so that’s the closest it is since I took that screenshot :)lol.

    6 Khaled
    Quote | 25/1/2006
  7. In that description, don’t you mean to spell “movable type” rather than “moveable type”?

    7 Zach Hale
    Quote | 25/1/2006
  8. I just checked and I guess you’re right, however for some reason I’ve always spelt it with an a. Was there some sort of point made by six apart in the early days of MT?

    8 Khaled
    Quote | 25/1/2006
  9. Just as a quick one though, I’m getting a copy delivered so that I can effectively assram it and do all my corrections before unleashing it to the world, so it’s bound to go through some tweaks. It’s all a bit experiment :).

    9 Khaled
    Quote | 25/1/2006

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