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The real reason why I decided to reboot to something more simple this time round hopefully is becoming more obvious with the latest change in the background on the front page. As the section implies the background (which occupies the most real estate on the site) will be used to throw the spotlight on specific projects and completed artwork. Version 4 isn’t all that different (at least in structure) to what I have now, however it’s been adapted in such a way to allow me to play around more freely.

This week I’m throwing the spotlight on a little open source project I got involved with a couple of months ago. It’s an online feed aggregator and it’s allowed me to actually get up to speed and READ all the various sites that I’ve subscribed to. Traditionally most of my feeds were read from the Sage extension for Firefox, however I needed something a little bit more powerful FOFRedux provided me with what I was looking for.

The FOFR dev team is a great bunch of people. It’s a tight nit community of devs and users as the programme itself isn’t as widely used as it really deserves to be, however we’re hoping to change that with a number of great additions to the software. The major element being a complete overhaul of the UI admin section as you can see from the project page.

Currently I’m in the middle of providing the CSS code that brings these mockups to ‘life’ at which point the proper programmers will get their hands dirty and make it all work. To be honest though I’m slightly busy with a slew of other projects right now that it’s not really a priority so if someone’s looking to help out with the CSS please don’t be shy, join the mailing list, or just drop me a line to discuss things.
It’s pretty funny how quickly this design was completed. In comparison to Shuttle this took a week to produce all the mock ups. A number of back and forth emails between myself and the rest of the team and we were able to home in on what needed to be done. A lot of the speed does have Shuttle to thank to be honest as over the year long commitment that was the Shuttle project it helped develop the way I think about User Interfaces for web based software. Without the lessons learnt on Shuttle, I don’t think I would have been able to complete the design in a manner that satisfied everyone; in fact we’d probably still be in the brainstorming part of the design.

Anywho if you’re looking for an online open source aggregator that sits on your server, then you don’t have to look further. It’s still early days (version 0.3 was released a couple of weeks ago) but I have very high hopes for the software. Final word, I’m planning on spending a lot more time cleaning up my projects area over the coming weeks as I’ve got a great number of announcements to be making. Sometime over the weekend I should have some pretty exciting news about Shuttle to share with everyone and a page that mimics the FOFRedux page (it’s a lot bigger because I’ve got to upload over 29 images).


  1. Daniel San! You totally nailed it!!!! Shit! Im waxing my monitor to get a better look!!

    My fellow blood brother……I must admit………today…..the day has finally come, after a couple of years of hard work…you have today surpassed my greatness…(That should wind you up for a couple of hours :-D)

    1 Fadi
    Quote | 10/5/2006
  2. Very cool.

    I’ve been using a hacked up version of FOF called Refeed, originally so I could use articles from feeds directly in new posts. However, since I’ve changed my site’s focus too many times now, I only use Refeed to display the posts from all my feeds that I decide to ‘refeed’.

    I’ll have to look at little further to see if this does anything that Refeed does not. Personally I love web based aggregators on my own server.

    2 James
    Quote | 20/5/2006

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