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I’m Linux

Novell’s spoof on Apple’s MAC/PC adverts. One of the geekiest and funniest things I’ve seen in a SERIOUSLY long time. I especially LOVE the ‘NICE’ at the end of the commercial. Very very cool. (via Miguel)

20 must have firefox extensions

20 must have firefox extensions. The usual suspects are all involved, however I didn’t know about the showcase plugin which I think is pretty slick.

Inksmith Explained Redux

Let me start off by saying that Inksmith is what I view as my biggest online failure, after a fashion and this is what this particular post is about. Whenever I announce a project or something I usually deliver, notice I said whenever I announce a project. I may be a blabber mouth an I […]

Habari | Design Week 02

It’s been a truly exciting time for Habari on the design front (not that it’s not been exciting on the code front, but I can only really properly comment on all things design to be honest). Since the last time we talked, Michael has been a busy boy with absolutely everything under the sun. All […]

Habari | Design Week 01

This is the first (hopefully) weekly instalment of the comings and goings on in the Habari Design Community. As this was our first week ‘out’ it was obviously a pretty wild and exciting ride with an immense amount of interest from all people around the world. What’s fascinating to me is that the people at […]

30 Dark sites

Gotta thank the guys at Smashing Magazine for putting the Kode on the list of dark sites you should’ve seen list. Dunno if they were partly responsible for bringing the site down for a couple of hours yesterday but it’s an honour to be on the list.

Habari | Rumble in the Jungle

It’s been one hell of a couple of days since we first talked about the Habari project. There’s been a slew of reaction to the news all over the internet (go to the pingback section of that post) and to be honest it’s far exceeded all expectations I could have had because I honestly don’t […]


Well Chris broke the news about, Habari, a new open source blogging CMS platform. While he didn’t want feel it correct to mention in the post who was involved, I’m going to step forward and put my hand up as the designated pixel pushing monkey of this motley crew.

What I find amusing is that as […]

BlackBerry Pearl

Easily one of the coolest gadgets I got this year was the Blackberry Pearl (or 8100 model). I’ve been playing with it for like a day now and I know it’s going to be something really special to use for a good long while.

Best of the Net 2006

I started writing a best of 2006 about a week ago, however I’ve had to break that down into several posts because it got far too large and I didn’t feel that I would be doing each topic justice, if I bulked all of them into one post. So for the first topic of conversation I’ll talk about the best of the Net for 2006. Word of warning, there’s a lot of images in this particular post just to bear it in mind.


Mandolux, easily one of the single best implementations of a good idea for wallpapers on the net. Take some nice high quality photographs, halve them so they’re abstract enough provide them as wallpapers in different sizes. Genius.

Toshiba R100

I bought a Toshiba R100 about a month ago off ebay mainly in the attempt to get myself mobile again and out of the confines of my room, you know go out there and see the people while still creating. Installed Ubuntu on the machine straight away, thought I’d share my experience.

Eboy Poster

This “little” Eboy poster is so apt for capturing what I’ve been experiencing for the past year and a half as I got more into the internet in general. What’s great about the poster is that you actually notice more and more stuff on second and third viewing.

Broken Kode Season One Complete

Broken Kode Season One the dead tree version of Broken Kode is finally ready for general consumption. I talk about decisions I’ve made regarding the book and what you can expect to find between it’s covers and I talk about the Lulu process briefly.

CSS File Structure

This post is for those who dabble in a bit of CSS, so all those who don’t know or care for such things can move right along, I won’t take it personally, honest. For those that are interested in such things, I’m trying to change the CSS convention from what it is now to something a little bit more manageable.

An itch to scratch

I’m currently in Greece for a full 2 weeks. I’ve been looking forward to this break for well over a month now, hell I’ve been looking forward to this break for at least 3 months. I didn’t go anywhere during the summer period, which was probably the worst thing to do for my psyche to […]

Democracy Platform

Democrcy Internet TV Platform - in all it’s open sourcy goodness. Just in time for the new Battlestar Galactica series (how the hell did so many months go by since season 2 ended, it really does seem like an eternity), the new My Name is Earl series and the new Lost series (still need to […]


I’ve been trying to find ways to increase my productivity and effectively take my life back by the horns, which for the past couple of months has spiralled out of control.

Gmail is a staple in my life. I use it and don’t think about it. I’ve not gotten to the stage where I really use […]

Symphony 21

Seems like the pay for model didn’t work? Can’t really say why the guys over at 21 Degrees have gone the route of giving Symphony away, but having done this blogging thing for a while, I can’t help but remember distinctly the outrage the blogosphere went through when Six Apart went and made the free […]

10000 fonts

And just because I can’t get enough of fonts flying around, here’s another 10,000 for everyone to choose from. Dunno how much this would slow my system down, but I gather a hell of a lot really.

Design Magazines

There seems to be a bit of resurgence in the design and web development UK market. This is a very good thing as it’s been pretty poor the last year or so. When I cleaned up my room a couple of weeks ago I kept looking at my old magazines like I do and there […]

User Control, Eliminate the Noise

When it comes to doing things in WordPress, any idea I come up with has usually been implemented several times over, however I think (and I really hope someone has actually done this and I simply can’t find it) but the idea for this plugin came about after talking with several of my friends who […]

Blogger Burn

It’s been one of the longest summers that I can remember, which definitely followed one of the longest winter’s I can remember in a really long time. As I looked around me I saw more and more of my blogging friends slowly start to blog less. It’s not that we have less to talk about […]


Mapmyrun, one of the best use of the Google Maps API, I’ve seen so far on the net. My estimate of 5km for my runs wasn’t that far off, I run 4.8km.


“Bitch I’ll pull out all your blonde extensions from their big black roots“. That’s what I heard when I saw Stathis on Saturday as he was watching You Tube videos. Seems that several people have been forming a YouTube community, essentially creating video blogs. I saw a clip a couple of months ago with the […]

Crazy Egg

Quick thoughts on the new online service provided by Crazy Egg. I’ve been using it for about a week now. It’s another way of looking at how users interact with your site. I use Mint for my stats package; Crazyegg provides three levels of visualisation of where the majority of visitors click on your site. […]


I definitely noticed spamming coming through, which left me scratching my head (50 in like a few hours). I guess those spammers are seriously getting their ass kicked by Akismet, easily the only ESSENTIAL plugin you want to have as a blogger of any description. Damn, was it really that bad before this plugin? The […]

Contributing to Open Source

The last week has seen some movement on a couple of the open source projects I’ve been involved with in the past couple of years. I’ve already spoken about the first one but now I’m going to talk about the other project that I had such high hopes for which have been washed away and […]

FOFRedux | First Contact

This is what I’ve been reading my feeds from for the past couple of days :).

I promised the guys on the dev team I’d keep it quiet until we had more kinks ironed out, but I’ve got to say that I’m so excited and over the moon that the new FOFRedux UI is now a […]

Firefox day?

Have you picked a friends for Firefox Day? I’m stumped as I’ve been shouting about Firefox from the top of my lungs for the past couple of years…

Sky HD

One of the nicest adverts I’ve seen since the Sony Bravia advert. This is for Sky’s new HD service. Also on the Bravia advert, did you know they’re prepping up a brand new one as well? This kind of reminds me of the mid/early 90s when Levis held the fort for adverts that were more […]

Calm waters

I’ve been pretty quiet this last week and there’s actually two main reasons for that. The first one is due to the fact that I’ve been extremely busy at work. Every summer it happens to me and this one is no different. I’ve been landed with far too much work to handle in an exceptionally […]

Flocking Mad

I’ll probably do a more proper review of the latest version of Flock at some point when it’s slightly more mature, but v0.7 Beta is a good stage to look at it more seriously. Also mad props to my boy Veloso for a really nice implementation of the new Flock website, very cool.

Yahoo’s Summer Movie Guide

In case you missed it (because I did until very recently), Yahoo’s now got a nice Summer Movie Guide set up. The movies I’m most excited about are: Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Clerks II, Superman Returns and Over the Hedge. Should I be looking out for anything else?

Wii E3

So I met up with Chris and co on Friday. What’s cool about Chris is that he’s one of the few remaining friends of mine that is a TOTAL and UBER geek. He’s not only a geek, but he’s pretty damn proud of it. Damn right as well. The way you should be. Wear your […]

Blog Design Solutions

Been meaning to write a proper review about this book for a good long while. Due to many commitments it’s not been possible to really get into the book until now. “Blog Design Solutions” is a book that was released earlier this year (from Friends Of Ed) and was written by 8 guys from around […]

Shuttle FAQ

To avoid any confusion and answer some questions that have been raised I’ve created this small FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to dispell any rumours and set the record as straight as I possibly can. If you’ve got any questions put them underneath and I’ll update the post accordingly.

Shuttle Launched

Before you read this I suggest you go and have a look at the 20 mockups showing the future of WordPress.

The idea of redesigning the WordPress administration panel began believe it or not in December 2004. For over a year and a half myself, Michael Heilemann, Joen Asmussen, Chris J Davis, Joshua Sigar (later joined […]

FOFRedux - Design

The real reason why I decided to reboot to something more simple this time round hopefully is becoming more obvious with the latest change in the background on the front page. As the section implies the background (which occupies the most real estate on the site) will be used to throw the spotlight on specific […]


Might be old news (since I remember this being ‘released’ by google a couple of months ago), however I couldn’t find the free version of the software. I’ll give it a review once I’ve actually used it properly.

Spring Musings

Looking at my archives April was the slowest month of blogging since I began over 2 years ago. 10 posts the entire month. Now I’m generally not for one regarding quantity as something I heed much as I blog whenever I feel like it. The curious thing about the whole situation is the fact that […]

Online Printers

A small part of creating the BK Logo was to have something to put on my business cards. As you’d imagine these things are not going to be your run of the mill cards, as I wanted to have some fun with them. So the mammoth task came down on me to actually do a […]

Explaining the New Web

I’m giving a presentation on what everyone is missing out on the web to my group at work on Wednesday. 90% of the people that are going to be there have never heard of Firefox, don’t know what Gmail is and certainly don’t know what RSS is. I’ve got a load of topics I will […]

Harmful books

Some of the statements made in the descriptions often come across as pretty damn glossed over (also laughable in a few occasions), especially when tackling a subject such as this, but check out the Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

HUMAN EVENTS asked a panel of 15 conservative scholars and public […]

FOFRedux Redesign Mini-site

If you’re interested in these things and would like to see what goes into making the administration panel of a programme, then I present the Feed on Feeds Redux Redesign mini-site. It’s just a quick install of the excellent Zenphoto which I’ll be skinning heavily in the coming days. I’ve got such a massive burst […]

FOFRedux Redesign

Honestly this sort of thing doesn’t happen to me very often. I subscribed to the FOFRedux mailing list and started talking interface design. Shortly after joining the list Joe Shaw gave this scathing review of the application:

I didn’t even try this. It has the scariest user-interface I’ve ever seen in a feed reader. I’m a […]


Go get yourself and account at coComment. Not sure how they’re going to make money off this, but track all the comments you leave on different websites all over the blogosphere. You can even have an rss feed and you can get them integrated into your actual blog. The design and implementation of the service […]

Warren vs Whedon

Warren writes about some bollocks (didn’t even bother to read his actual post). Go straight to comments section where there’s a seriously funny exchange between him and Joss Whedon.

UX magazine

Definitely one to put into your RSS aggregator. UX magazine seems to be a pretty quality type of website. Slick design and seems to have a decent amount of good content in there as well. Not sure why it’s in beta, it’s not like it’s an application or anything. Must be a web 2.0 thing..ugg.

Blogging Opera

Who amongst us doesn’t like a good bit of soap opera? Ok, what about a bit of soap opera revolving around the world that you spend a couple of hours a day on? Yeah I’m talking about the shit storm that’s blown up with 9rules announcing that it would be removing a few blogs from […]

Blogging Methodology

I was recently reading Stathi’s latest post and I could help but smile at just what a completely unique method of blogging he actually has. You see he doesn’t ever write full posts, he only uploads his poems. To be completely honest I actually didn’t think he was going to keep it going for longer […]

Perception of Value

Not too long ago I wrote a review about Feedlounge. Kyle came back and voiced his opinion about the price of the service, which to be fair was the only downside I could actually think of for the actual application myself.

I remember feeling the same way when the Mint price package was first released. […]

Feedlounge Review

I talked about Feedlounge a while ago. It was announced earlier this week that the application would be moving away from it’s Beta stage into a public release sometime next week. So I thought it’s might prudent that I give everyone a bit of a proper review for this little online application.

In Review 2005

In a way it’s really important for me right now at this particular time in my life to seriously take a step back, reflect and look at what’s gone before. It’s posts like this that actually make my blog an extremely important part of my life. The sheer amount of information and experience one goes […]

Best of the ‘net 2005 - Part 2

Because it was too big for one post, here’s the continuation of my best of the net round-up.

Love it or hate it this little application has definitely caused a bit of noise on the internet. Some say it was all hype and no substance. Some say that there’s no need for it. Some say the […]

Best of the ‘net 2005 - Part 1

I’ve got my year in review post (which I’m still writing) however I can concentrate on the best of the ‘net 2005. It’s been a busy little year for cyber-space with a lot of crazy ideas. Seeing what sticks has been the name of the game. I’ve split it into a couple of posts because […]


I was planning on keeping this quiet until I’d actually done the design for it and had a few posts under my belt, but alas it’s a good way to keep the interest in the project going, but SplashPanel marks my second blog. The content is VERY specific. It’s going to be about Graphic Novels […]

Internet Trust

If I didn’t read Business Logs I’d have completely missed this story. Just haven’t really noticed anyone I read actually talk about it. It would seem that the story of the week is the launch some blogging/advertising/network company called Open Source Media, no scratch that, it’s actually called Pajamas Media. Whatever not terribly interested in […]

Getting It

I’m not sure if this is just me, but I’ve been getting more and more frustrated with people in the real world not getting it! In this particular case it, being blogging and the internet community/world that has been building and growing for the last good few years. It’s like the general public around me […]


The title of the post says it all, lots of little things I’ve got on mind I’d like to get out.

» We’ve upped the InkSmith founding contributors to a total of 10. The latest additions are the impeccable Jennifer and the sublime Becca. You all know who I’m talking about.

» Thank god this week is […]

Inksmith Explained

I don’t want to say much about what we have planned because (to be honest) it’s still in the planning stages (so that answers everyone’s first question), however due to some confusion around the place, I think it’s prudent to address a couple of points and issues regarding InkSmith. Some common rumors making the mill.

First […]


A while back I talked about what the WordPress community was lacking. Upon reflection I’ve understood that in fact it’s not just the WordPress community that is lacking in a particular aspect, but in fact the blogging world in general.

All that matters is that you are blogging and by default part of movement that’s […]

9rules and me

By way of alerting people about the upcoming third round of submissions into the 9rules network I think I’ll also explain the reason why I decided to join the 9rules network. So before I get to my points make sure you mark Monday, 14th November into your dairies and tart up your sites accordingly.

Just […]


Fruitcast has gone live. Mr.Kartooner himself and I helped out with the copy of the site. Hell I’m sold on the concept that it makes me actually think that I should give this podcasting thing a whirl, whereas before I had little interest. Sounds like pretty easy money.

Reyyy . com

Reyyy is an excellent example of why comic book art is well above and beyond the traditional art bandied about by graphic designers. Learn how to use a pencil people.

Web Applications

It’s only natural for people to be getting sick of the term that’s plastered on the interent EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, this post in part will be about the crazy little buzz word, Web 2.0. I hate that term:”(So we’ll not use it again, in the future that word will be replaced with ***** […]

Broken Kode SALE $1M ONLY

Think of this as a complete and UTTER bargain. This is your chance to own Broken Kode. Hell I’ll even throw in the hosting for the rest of the year. According to Central Scrutinize if you extrapolate all those crazy numbers that have been thrown around the internet after the AOL buy-out of Weblogs Inc, […]

Flock You

I’m really excited about Flock. For those in the dark it’s a new browser that’s intended for bloggers. The program is based off the Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine, which is what Firefox is based on. In fact the guys and gals behind Flock were part of the development team behing Firefox. Since Firefox is […]

Blogging Networks

There’s been a lot of noise about blogging networks around the place. People selling and buying them:

Weblogs Inc to AOL
Weblogs.com to Verisign

while others are launching them:

Fine Fools

Personally all I see them as is another way to make money from adverts or more specifically, they’re sites set up to create revenue off advertising. […]