Bitch I’ll pull out all your blonde extensions from their big black roots“. That’s what I heard when I saw Stathis on Saturday as he was watching You Tube videos. Seems that several people have been forming a YouTube community, essentially creating video blogs. I saw a clip a couple of months ago with the infamous ‘Cowboy’ and didn’t really think much of the format to be honest. For some strange reason I found myself watching Loca though. What makes this girl (from New York, I take it by the accent?) slightly more interesting is the format she’s gone for in presenting her videoblog. Black and white video, no cutting, complete close up on the face, keep eye contact, use the camera space as much as you can. From an idea and execution pov I think it works; not terribly sure about the actual content itself, some things I found pretty amusing. It seems she’s a pretty popular girl, as her video blog has spawned imitators and parodies all for good measure.


  1. She comes across as a white girl putting on an ethnic / ghetto routine, right down to the fake New York accent ( I’m from New York, I hear the real thing every day ) in an attempt to gain her 15 minutes of fame. It says on her profile she’s from East Los Angeles so I’m a bit baffled as to where the J-Lo act came from? West Hollywood is probably closer to the truth.

    The internet has made it possibly for anyone with a camera to become a star as long as they have some sort of gimmick ( or porn video ) that can keep a spectator entertained. I smell a fake ( or possibly fakes ) attempting to get the attention of the media and television executives with the intention of cashing in on their own reality show. There’s nothing wrong with that, plenty of genuine talent got it’s start on the net, but in this case the routine is nothing more than a bad Rosie Perez spoof with some left over Wayans Brothers jokes thrown in for good measure. In my opinion her nemesis Paris Hilton pulled off this same scam much more effectively, so maybe “Loca” should be tipping her extensions off to her instead.

    1 Matty
    Quote | 30/8/2006
  2. How fake is something if it brings genuine pleasure?

    2 James AkaXakA
    Quote | 31/8/2006
  3. I’m listening to her, but I can’t quite understand how she’s gained popularity. It’s really not that exciting of a log..

    Nothing against her.

    And claiming YouTube is a place for the ‘little people’ is just dumb.. Miss Hilton is right at home there.

    3 Hermit
    Quote | 4/9/2006
  4. Is she really that popular? How come I have not heard about her. Must have been me. Been missing a lot lately since I’ve been out of civilization for quite sometime.

    4 may119
    Quote | 5/9/2006

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