10000 fonts

And just because I can’t get enough of fonts flying around, here’s another 10,000 for everyone to choose from. Dunno how much this would slow my system down, but I gather a hell of a lot really.


  1. I don’t know if someone’s done a similar study for Linux, but fonts really do increase the loading time for Windows.

    1 Tim McCormack
    Quote | 20/9/2006
  2. I recommend using something like FontExpert or similar to enable and disable fonts on the fly.. only enable the additional fonts which are worthwhile - plus it has a great browser to find the typeface you want

    2 Mark Hutton
    Quote | 20/9/2006
  3. It’d be handy if it would remember the preview text you wrote in when you switch fonts.. :\

    3 Daniel P
    Quote | 22/9/2006
  4. You could try Extensis Suitcase.

    I guess it’s the only font management suite available out there. Suitcase can load dynamically as much fonts as you want and you can even catalog your fonts in folders etc.

    Check out www.extensis.com for more. It’s pricey but it’s worth it when you are dealing with more than 1.000 fonts which is the “typical” limit of Windows (MS does not recommend more).

    Now, you can literally load all the 10.000 fonts!

    �εια �α�ά!

    4 Fotis Evangelou
    Quote | 26/9/2006

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