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I was recently reading Stathi’s latest post and I could help but smile at just what a completely unique method of blogging he actually has. You see he doesn’t ever write full posts, he only uploads his poems. To be completely honest I actually didn’t think he was going to keep it going for longer than a couple of weeks, however he’s proved me wrong and has been going strong since August.

In this particular post I actually understood exactly where he was coming from without him having to explain it to me. This poem came about from one of the Thursday basketball practices where he had stuff stolen from his jeans in the locker room. Credit cards, cash and his memory stick with several poems he was meaning to get onto the site.

See if I had my wallet stolen the post you’d be reading would go something like this:

MotherF$%er, wan$ing piece of sh*t that can’t do anything but pry on other people, the parasitic a$$hole seriously needs to be taken out and f%£ed up the nose….I got my wallet stolen today….

Or something along those line. However this is how Stathi decided to talk about this subject:

Would it be six thirty?
Would it be the five o’ ones?
Would it make a difference?
Faded they were, worn out and dirty
With six years of history

I left a piece of myself in them though
In the frequent adolescent sweat rooms
Where boys still burdened with abstract realizations
Of welfare and the boogie man
Have all become first class limping gangsters

Not their fault though
Accidentally took a piece of mine
From my overdrawn hole-full-hope-full pockets
Left me change for a bitter ride home


  1. Hey when are you guy’s finish with shuttle skin …? or is the project dead :((

    1 Milko
    Quote | 13/2/2006
  2. It is true everybody has different styles in expressing themselves. My poetry, just like your artwork is inspired by something seen, read, heard or felt. Positive or negative you use it to fuel your artwork. By the way I choose to express myself, my blogging (or poetry) can equate to you forms of artistic expression whether it is a sketch, a detailed drawings, an abstract stylization, contemporary stylization etc�

    2 Stathis
    Quote | 13/2/2006

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