The title of the post says it all, lots of little things I’ve got on mind I’d like to get out.

» We’ve upped the InkSmith founding contributors to a total of 10. The latest additions are the impeccable Jennifer and the sublime Becca. You all know who I’m talking about.

» Thank god this week is over. Just handed in a scheme report design for an Embassy building. I’s been a mad rush to get it sorted, what should ideally take us roughly 5 weeks or so was condensed to around 1 week. So, long hours in the office have been the order of the day. Mental note, I will only accept to do projects if I like the mechanical engineer. If they’re a dick streer the fuck away from it. Luckily I’ve been very lucky in this regard generally. The reason is simple, on long office nights that’s who you’ll be spending the most time with.

» I did one of those cool 5 Question interviews for Dave Kellam. I really love what he’s done hacking the site to fit in. Very cool stuff, going that extra step. Also pretty cool being the first of the “blue and orange” interviews.

»I’ve started wearing my scarf, just in case people where wondering when I’d give the OK to accessorize properly. Now is the time people.


  1. “I did one of those cool 5 Question interviews for Dave Kellam”

    You’re a celebrity now:)

    1 If Else
    Quote | 19/11/2005
  2. Thanks. I’m off out now so I’ll grab my scarf. Let me know when hats and gloves are acceptable…

    2 Richie B
    Quote | 19/11/2005
  3. Oh I nearly forgot, thanks for reminding me Richie, yeah definitely make sure you take your gloves with you, it’s freezing out there, hell it’s freezing inside.

    3 Khaled
    Quote | 19/11/2005
  4. i have a question, whatever happened to inksmith?

    4 steven
    Quote | 23/1/2007
  5. So what’s Inksmith about then?

    5 meoq
    Quote | 25/1/2007

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