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Finally got the information regarding how to format your comments sorted out. This has been on my to-do lists since I launched version 4, which is a sad state of affairs to be sure. Special thanks to Joen; well for actually giving me a way that doesn’t look crap, keeping everything nice and clean.


  1. Good idea; I might have to nick it off of you.

    1 Michael Heilemann
    Quote | 12/11/2005
  2. Might as well nick it off Joen, that’s where I nicked it :)

    2 Khaled
    Quote | 12/11/2005
  3. Erm, what’s changed?

    3 Phu
    Quote | 12/11/2005
  4. Nicking stuff off Joen is always the best way forward :)

    4 AkaXakA
    Quote | 12/11/2005
  5. Phu, check just underneath the comment, I’m sure you’ll LOVE IT :).

    5 Khaled
    Quote | 12/11/2005
  6. Phu, check just underneath the comment, I�m sure you�ll LOVE IT :)

    Ah, I see it now… I guess it was too nice and clean as I totally missed it:)

    That said, I may just borrow this…

    6 If Else
    Quote | 13/11/2005
  7. I just wish the blockquote function wouldn’t crap up and show those funky symbols. Seriously it’s pretty damn annoying but yeah man be my guest, take away :).

    7 Khaled
    Quote | 13/11/2005
  8. Morning gents. What a lovely day it is, and how great it is to see my meager attempts at usability flourish.

    I think it works great, and I say run with it!

    One comment, Khaled… the “Change” for “Welcome back Joen” is fine, but the “Open” for “Formatting Your Comment” is right aligned… any reason why it’s not left aligned like “Change”?

    8 Joen
    Quote | 13/11/2005
  9. Sneaky Joen saw through me. Yeah there is a reason, however it’s not apparent because I’ve not finished formatting everything just yet :).

    After Phu’s missing of the actual feature, I thought hmm damn man it’s even more important now to actually highlight the format panel than before so that people can see it and use it. I know I’m using textile more since I’ve got this crib sheet in front of me.

    But you’re right it does look odd at the moment, so I’ll be sure to sort that out (probably the top (change) will be right aligned to give the area balance until I pull my finger out and style that area, definitely needs an icon of some sort.

    9 Khaled
    Quote | 13/11/2005
  10. Interesting… I love it :O

    10 Simon
    Quote | 13/11/2005
  11. The Word is spreading around the blogs ;-)
    This is a neat little Feature and I have hacked it into my Blog right now.
    At the moments it’s exactly right yours (Copy&Paste is magic ;-) I hope this is OK for you). It’s a pity that is down for the moment, because I will try to use there cool slide down feature, that Michael is using for his bonsai and Somefoolwitha is playing around with, with the “textile” and “XHTML” text I have above my comment area. So if you will click on “textile”, the textile part is sliding down and showing the textile formatting options.
    I have no idea if it will work for me, because I have never played around with Ajax til now, but I will see.

    So thanks for pointing at this cool little feature.

    11 Kapeka
    Quote | 13/11/2005
  12. Okay, don’t hate me for pointing this out.

    When javascript is disabled, the Thing is collapsed and clicking “Open” won’t do anything.

    I believe it was just an oversight.

    12 Your geeky friend
    Quote | 14/11/2005
  13. When javascript is disabled, the Thing is collapsed and clicking �Open� won�t do anything.

    It’s a good point.

    When I initially built the one I’m using on my site, I didn’t care at all, if users didn’t have JavaScript enabled. It would, however, be a good idea to change the style=”display: none” to a script that hides the formatting onload. That way, users with JavaScript disabled would simply always have the box open.

    The problem is, this will probably cause a flicker, when the box is hidden.

    I’m not sure it’s worth it… you could argue that if you choose to have something as fundamental as JavaScript disabled, you’ll just have to live with a lesser product.

    13 Joen
    Quote | 14/11/2005

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