Left and Right

Forest was back in town for the weekend and we were catching up as I’ve not seen him since the summer. We’re shooting the shit and he asks me how my artwork and design work is going. Of which I had to answer with the truth, in reality it’s not. Oh yeah sure I’ve recently been playing around with Habari, but to be honest Habari is a hobby which I’m enjoying being a part of, but I wouldn’t say it’s stretching my artistic muscles. It’s definitely making me take a much more pragmatic approach to design and I’ve done this before but I know when my artistic muscles are being flexed and sadly I can’t really claim the last year to have provided me with any level of truly artistic expression and in talking with Forest I kind of inadvertently voiced the reason why.

I’ve heard in the past that there are two sides to the way the brain works (I could obviously be making this shit up so if you’ve got links whatever please do send them over) in that it’s operates and functions with practicality in mind, maths, engineering, science. And then there is the creative side of the brain. These two areas don’t cross over very often but when they do you get freaks of nature like myself who do engineering by day (so it’s all about calculations, making things work/fit) and by night I draw and I create, or at least that’s what I thought I could do easily.

The harsh reality of the situation however is that I’ve obviously FAILED in that respect (chalk another failure on my part, one of many in my life) What I’ve found to be the case however is that if I’m submerged in engineering, my other drawing energy and concentration seems to disappear. I guess much like many people I need to be in a particular frame of mind. The music that I’ll be listening to has to inspire me as well (I draw a lot better when I’ve actually got music I’m really into at that particular moment in time); my mind has to be a blank, and I have to have focus. Cutting my drawing based on pesky stuff like eating and sleeping is the bane of the entire exercise to be honest.

So what’s the solution you ask? Well now that I’ve ACTUALLY identified the problem (which I always knew but I’ve not properly voiced until now) it’s really up to me to MAKE the time for drawing and retrain myself to my current situation. Originally I thought I’d have trouble finding the time to do all these things. See it’s not a question of whether or not you have the time to do something (at least that’s how I see it), the harsh reality of a busy working life is that you’ll never find the time. It’s up to you to seriously make the time and it’s up to you to train your mind and schedule your time in such a way so as to accommodate those things that you want to do. My problem it would see is my psychological status and my willingness to tackle the creative avenue in front of me.

So it’s time to be pragmatic about things one more time and really put in the hours of building and creating once again. Hopefully that’ll manifest itself in several unfinished projects that have been laying around the place in the attempt of making them a reality again.


  1. So what you’re saying is that you’ve just been too damn lazy to do any half decent sketches…

    Sort it out dude.

    1 Meoq
    Quote | 28/1/2007
  2. Meoq….Why don’t you go ahead and sort your attitude out….Im positive Khaled is placing all his remaing effort after his 12Hour Job 6 days a week.

    2 Fadi
    Quote | 29/1/2007
  3. While these two are bickering, i’ll comment on Habari;

    Is there an actual package (.zip, .tar.gz, .rar) that can be downloaded? Also, are there any themes/skins available for download that show off what Habari can do?

    3 Elessar
    Quote | 30/1/2007
  4. if any body know in what year the king faisal gived the reward of humanity care for rafic el hariri sendd it to me in my email

    4 ahmed
    Quote | 2/2/2007
  5. I will support the bickering!!! Fadi your right Meoq sort your attitude out

    5 yiota
    Quote | 2/2/2007
  6. Fadi said:

    Meoqâ�¦.Why donâ��t you go ahead and sort your attitude outâ�¦…

    Well thatâ��s me told… So how about this little bit of revisionism:

    Oi Mr K - set some time aside to do more sketches. We appreciate your heavy workload (sitting at a large desk covered in papers while minions scuttle around screwing things up for you), but we want more artwork GODDAMNIT!!!

    yiota said:

    I will support the bickering!!! Fadi you�re right Meoq sort your attitude out

    Actually you’re supporting Fadi, not “the bickering”

    Pedantic aren’t I?
    ahmed said:

    if any body know in what year the king faisal gived the reward of humanity care for rafic el hariri sendd it to me in my email

    11 April 2005 the Hariri foundation was awarded the King Faisal International Prize, is that what you meant?

    6 Meoq
    Quote | 3/2/2007

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