Just wanted to thank the guys and gals over at Web Creme, CSS Vault, CSS Remix, Adam (of CSSReboot fame) and Olav, for featuring the ‘kode in their galleries and lists, much appreciated. If you’re new to the Kode, please have a look around the site is constantly changing as I’m still trying to pull it all together.


  1. I really think you deserve it Khalid.. love your illustration and colors.

    1 Mohanad
    Quote | 13/5/2006
  2. Yeah, well, I want my Shuttle news now…lol.

    2 David
    Quote | 13/5/2006
  3. David said:

    Yeah, well, I want my Shuttle news now…lol.

    All in due course my man, all in due course. I just finished the background drawing for the release. I’ve got to make sure it gets the proper attention it deserves :)

    3 khaled
    Quote | 13/5/2006
  4. Sorry, I am just super excited… I feel like I have been waiting for this since I started using WordPress 0.72. :)

    4 David
    Quote | 13/5/2006
  5. My name is Shahin too

    5 Shahin
    Quote | 20/5/2006

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