Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Official

Battlestar Galactica season 4 official press release! It’s about Frakking time they made this official. After last month’s story on cbr that they were thinking about cancelling the series this is good news. Notice the rubbish about it being renewed for at least 13hours though. What’s that all about? Those assholes got it wrong the first time when the first series aired in the UK for the first time because they thought it wasn’t going to do well in America.


  1. yay.. i guess. i got roped into watching this show and while i enjoy it, i have a major love/hate relationship with it. its so over the top at times, production quality is pretty weak and patchy (being from vancouver i recognize waaaay too many landmarks, buildings and products that just shouldn’t be recognizable in a sci fi show), cg is pretty good though, the acting… oh the acting. sometimes i just burst out laughing at their attempts at drama… yet…

    with all that said, i still cannot stop watching it. i guess it succeeds in that regard. they better not drag out the finding of earth into the 4th season. i’m almost losing my patience with the show completely.

    1 stuart trann
    Quote | 14/2/2007
  2. Frakkin a! Although, as you know, all good things must come to an end. Of course they will drag out the finding of earth until the bitter end. How can they not. Once they find earth, it’s over.

    I’ve caught up on all my BSG through the most recent episodes of season 3. I hate to say it, but it’s starting to drag. Still, I’d take this over SG1 any day. Why is it that so many crap television shows can just go on and on and on. Good tv is hard to find.

    2 Scott Gunsaullus
    Quote | 14/2/2007
  3. no its not hard to find… just start downloading HBO and showtime shows (sopranos, the wire, deadwood, rome, dexter) and some already cancelled shows (arrested development)… i even got so sick of the current crap on network tv that i went back and downloaded twin peaks from the early nineties. should be interesting.

    and about the dragging on of earth to the end… i could happen this season.. why not? they could find it, settle and then the cylons could follow and they would start a new bloody battle for the 13th colony. but who knows, like you i am getting sick of the current stagnation of the show. they always do this crap, in season 2 they had a period where they seemed like they were creating filler episodes of character buildup just to stretch the content of the season over all the episdoes.

    3 stuart trann
    Quote | 14/2/2007
  4. totally agree with your thoughts stuart - painful episodes to fill in time are what will get it cancelled

    4 Ash
    Quote | 7/3/2007
  5. I think I will have to slightly disagree with you there. I thought season 2 had the right mixture of excitement and character development. If it was exciting all the time it would get just as tedious to watch. With season 2 it started off fast paced, slowed down slightly then when the pegasus came it all systems go with when the pegasus came on the scene, then it slowed down again. I must admit that the ending to season 2 could have been better and left a better cliff hanger or maybe even used the last 15 mins of ep 20 for 1st ep of season 3 instead just to leave us thinking how things were going to deveop.

    Any way thats my thoughts. But saying that I am looking forward to watching season 3.

    What do find where a lot of sci-fi fails this succeeds. A lot of sci-fi series starts off with each episode is a different story then in later seasons when they start running out of ideas they make the series an ongoing story and that is when you get lost and lose interest (eg Babylon 5, Farscape). Where as BSG is an ongoing story and commits you to following all the way through instead of you picking and choosing which one you want to see.


    5 BLaze
    Quote | 17/3/2007
  6. I think I need to say that no series, piece of art, product or service can possibly be designed to please everyone all of the time. I think it’s more important to look at the whole and then decide an opinion; not whether the current episodes bore me or not. If have to look at BSG in total, then I assure you that this is the finest series that has ever been on TV. And I rate that against non-scifi forms.

    Primary reason: unpredictability. Though the concept is a remake, nothing on television (out of North America) is more original than this while at the same appealing to as wide an audience as possible. An excellent piece of work, is BSG. And I will mourn it when it’s over.

    6 Jay
    Quote | 20/3/2007
  7. You guys are just shooting yourselves in the foot if your trying to get rid of the best sci-fi in a long while. Fools tut tut… it’s no wonder we have lots of crap shows still running, its because people like you are slating excellant shows like BSG and we end of with shite, like mutant X. sigh

    7 Bill
    Quote | 22/3/2007
  8. I am fed up with the hype that Battle Star Galatica is such a great series. Personally, I think it is mediocre at best but is more often dull and dark. It’s time for an opinion that is not the same old, cheer leading propaganda the SciFi Channel loves to parrot.

    I hate the series and will be glad to see it go. Oh and one last thing, why is it so necessary for the characters to say, “fracking” in every line of dialog? I am not prudish or offended by the word( or the actual “F” word is represents) but just as I think uttering, “It’s like, you know” a thoughtless and completely silly manner of speaking; over using fracking is equally foolish.

    Edward James Olmos, is a great actor. I quite like him but Lorne Green is the “real” Commander Adama and on that note I say, good bye.

    8 Loki
    Quote | 25/3/2007
  9. I dont think the end is near. I think the series will at least hit 5 seasons but if this should be the last season (4) then it should be a heavy one. There are so many storylines which could/should be followed up. Like eloborating more on what Kobol was all about, was it really the birthplace of man or its first major colony? What about the cylon homeworld? I dont care if the series and its ideas are recycled from an earlier rendition. I’d like to see the colonials run into other human factions the closer they get to Earth and of course being human, they will attack each other. I hope that Earth of course will be advanced and not behind the times like in the 1980 series.

    9 Jay B
    Quote | 26/3/2007
  10. well well well… after being annoyed with so many episodes this season i must stand up and applaud the season finale. great episode, best this season. sets up season 4 very nicely and i will most likely continue to watch it despite its numerous flaws.

    10 stuart trann
    Quote | 26/3/2007
  11. OK. First, I am from Germany, so excuse any mistakes (grammatical and/or orthographical).
    Second: @Loki: If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. I hate beans, so I don’t eat them, but I also do not complain if they are served.
    Third. Since I first came to see the pilot of BSG on a trip to the UK, I fell in love, kind of. Yeah, sometimes there are scenes that make me laugh, or cry ’cause of the way they are shot. But I don’t care. It is meant to be entertaining. And BSG is entertaining, to me. I hated Baltar from the first moment - and I still do and I love that. As it is only arrived at the season 2 in Germany, I have to get it from the internet, and I tell you, I still can’t wait to get the newest episode on monday morning. Let them say “frack” instead of “fuck”. I am sure I am less prude then anyone from the new world called America. We got lot’s of naked, swearwords and porn on TV, and it’s legal in Europe (and we do not shoot each others as much as in the US - Michael Moore prooved that; Canada is also quite safe, according the movie of Michael Moore). So if they say “frack” instead, I am less botherd then some of you guys.
    So far the seasons worked out fine for me. There was action, romance, character-build-up - for my taste a little to little “space-action” (but I didn’t have that with Star Trek neither), and a very good story line. The season-3-final today was, as I have to agree with Stuart, one of the best episodes so far. I am looking forward for season 4 and I do not expect, or hope that it is over then, as it is the only series I am watching for at least 8 months, ’cause there really is a lot of crap on TV.
    However they let this series end, I don’t really care. Reunion with earth, war with earth, total annihilation of the cylons/humans, or peacful cooperation. They will figure it out. So far, I got Season one and two on DVD in my rack and I will buy the others, too.

    11 Daniel
    Quote | 26/3/2007
  12. As far as sci-fi goes, BSG has it hands down on the other sci-fi shows that are currently being aired. Sure there are story glitches like “where did that pesky little nuke get off to that Baltar had”… “how did it get to the other ship?”…. etc… but who cares? There is finally some good ADULT centered sci-fi out that doesn’t make you feel like your brain is turning to mush by watching it.

    I have to hand it to the writers for BSG, they aren’t making it a modern copy of disco hair and polyester from the original. They are trying to keep it gritty and interesting. More to the point, it’s not really meant to be a “feel good” show. If you watch any of the talks given by the actors they tell you that it’s a dark show. They don’t live in a perfect universe, they get their asses kicked, and there isn’t a beam/particle/ray to fix anything in sight. Things break, people die, they move on.

    Oh, and about the liberal use of the word “frack”, listen to your co-workers. I’m sure there are colorful metaphores that they (or you) use on a regular basis. At least it sounds better than the original script.

    To the writers and more importantly to the producers… keep the show going. You have a good thing here. Don’t “frack” it up like they did with Firefly. Talk about a pissed off fan base.

    One last thing… and this is to Loki…. dude, if you don’t like the show, go watch trek… I’m sure that their mundane cookie cutter formula will work just fine for your entertainment. Heck, you can even wear pointy ears to some of the cons… LOL.

    12 lexx21
    Quote | 27/3/2007
  13. Jeez u people talk an awful lot of crap. BSG rules! And it will all be over by end of season 4, it’ll be a short season compared to the previous. So shut your mouths and wait for the final season

    13 GottaLoveGracePark!
    Quote | 27/3/2007
  14. Actually Galactica is now going for the full 22 episodes which again is a damn good thing and we get a movie out of it as well, everyone’s a winner except the winos, but we don’t care about them, you guys can go watch America’s Next Top Model or something.

    14 Khaled
    Quote | 27/3/2007
  15. i think they should end it with season 4, find earth, call it quits. i hate shows that drag on and on. they need to have a finnish or the show will eventually get canceled and we’ll all be left hanging. Its good, kept me watching it all three seasons.

    15 strikeitup
    Quote | 29/3/2007
  16. loving BSG despite its flaws (and yes, there are a few :)) i still hate wating some six months for the next season…. :(

    if you need some good show to bridge the time: try “firefly”. fox aired it some time ago but dropped it after the first season, which is about the worst thing fox has ever done, since i know of no scifi-series that gets even close to the beauty of “firefly”. not even BSG. then again, it’s personal preference…

    another great show to bridge the gap: “wonderfalls”, sadly also cancelled by fox after the first season. no scifi though :)

    16 fakefish
    Quote | 29/3/2007
  17. It was aired in the UK because we were the only people who would fund the mini series and pilot. noone in america would put their hands in their pockets for it. Shame you need to diss us :(

    17 KK
    Quote | 29/3/2007
  18. thay should keep it going for 7 more sessons. Cos just cos of the fact thay have ftl (faster then light) dos not mean thay are going to find earht that much faster. It should keep looking for earht. But on the way find more life out there…& pick up transmissons from earht as thay get near. But at the same time. A qwick ending will in my eyes be the esay way out but hoo am i to speek my vues…So please keep it going on cos for me and the ones hoo tune-in to see it week to week don’t end it so eslley. P.S for the ones hoo do not bleave in a good show sort your life’s out. PUNJ

    18 punj
    Quote | 30/3/2007
  19. KK said:

    It was aired in the UK because we were the only people who would fund the mini series and pilot. noone in america would put their hands in their pockets for it. Shame you need to diss us :(

    KK I think you misread the post, I was dissing Sci fi for their at the time stupidity both for the mini and for Season 4 which was originally half ordered. And just for the record, I also live in the UK.

    19 Khaled
    Quote | 30/3/2007
  20. i agree with Bill no-7 above. If this show can go on for 10 seasons let it. You guys that dont like it, watch something else.

    20 Die hard fan
    Quote | 31/3/2007
  21. Alrighty most of you guy’s don’t know what’s goin’ on if you really were a battlestar galactica fan you would already realize that once earth is found it is NOT the end, most of you say it’s gonna be dragged out, well most of you are quite stupid Whats the point of havin’ created such a magnificent show if its gonna end in 20 minutes you fail to see that everything that is done on battlestar galactica is tied in! idiots

    21 James Hetfield
    Quote | 2/4/2007
  22. your all a bunch of moaners. BSG was a great show when it aired and like all great shows they’re getting every penny they can from it. i just hope that they manage to hold my interest to the end and give the show a grand final season. it was a good idea for a show in the 70’s and it’s a good idea now. production values are not what the show is about. plus get off your ass and do some exercise, watching endless amounts of mindless tv is the reason for the gobal obesity problem

    22 irish moe
    Quote | 2/4/2007
  23. If BSG ends at Season 4, it will take all 22 episodes to tie off the multiple loose ends and clues that have been placed in seasons 1-3, and if they do it right, season 4 could be quite entertaining. If I have one complaint, it’s that the writers seem to be writing the series from episode to episode as if they could be cancelled at any time - oh yeah, I forgot, they are! A 5 year project, such as Babylon 5, benefits its writers as they know when it will end. It’s too bad BSG did not have this buy-in from the SFN to begin with.

    I hope the strong writing from seasons 1 and 2 resumes in the 4th year. In season 3, they did not advance the cylon plot by much and this has cost them viewership. There are a lot of intriguing possibilities with the season 3 cliffhanger. Now, they just have to bring it all together. I agree that finding earth may happen sooner rather than later in season 4. After all, the “other” 5 cylons had to originate somewhere and it could be Earth! Should be fun.

    23 PCB
    Quote | 3/4/2007
  24. trying to second guess the writers is a mistake,.. they’ve been good so far at pulling out surprises.
    i cannot believe some people diss the series,.. some of it is cheesy… but compare it to some of the tosh that comes out these days and it’s right up there with the best on television.
    they should make 7 series (total) and cover the issues properly.
    i find it annoying to think the enjoyment of so many could be ruined by fickle single cell americans being petty and indifferent.

    as always.

    24 blksheeda
    Quote | 3/4/2007
  25. PCB said:

    If BSG ends at Season 4, it will take all 22 episodes

    I just read that they’ve ordered 13 new episodes with a release date of January 2008 so have lots of Patience

    25 AnotherStuart
    Quote | 4/4/2007
  26. AnotherStuart said:

    PCB said:

    If BSG ends at Season 4, it will take all 22 episodes

    I just read that they�ve ordered 13 new episodes with a release date of January 2008 so have lots of Patience

    Sorry forgot the web address: -

    26 AnotherStuart
    Quote | 4/4/2007
  27. I for one am DAMN PROUD of this fine piece of sci-fi being produced in my home province of Canada and a few hours from my home town! This show is a work of human drama, religion, politics, war and survival…woven into a original and gripping storyline, for whatever shortcomings the show may occasionally have, its a frakking sight better then just about any other show thats been produced lately in the sci-fi genre. Anyone who has the nerve to say they can’t stop watching a show…but then says their losing patience with it…needs to be reminded of the tremendous uphill battle it is for any sci-fi show to be written, produced, funded, filmed and CGI inserted with any amont of success, there was 3 original and half decent (good effects and story) series that didn’t make it last season. For Battlestar Galactica to be continuing into its fourth year of production is a fine achievment for any show of its caleiber and should be congradulated! Lets make sure we support this series for its high points so we can insure we have something as good as Battlestar Gallactica to watch for a few more years at least!

    27 Brante of B.C. Canada
    Quote | 5/4/2007
  28. bsg is awesome. i know some eps are filler, but i don’t mind or complain as they do grow the characters, move pieces, etc for the key episodes. And especially i just want to say the whole crew from top to bottom is doing an excellent job and I doubt any of us, especially those of you complaining, could do better. Sit back with a good beer and enjoy the frakkin show eh? I’m still guessing and anticipating what comes next, and when the show does end (hopefully not for a long time) it will leave an empty hole.

    28 Grubby
    Quote | 7/4/2007
  29. does anyone know when season 4 starts im bored to death already with cable…?

    29 jeff
    Quote | 9/4/2007

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