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This should be interesting. The last time I decided to talk about fashion I got a response from a slew of sleeper readers. So this one is BOUND to get a few more sleepers to come out of the wood work, because I’m about to embark on what many guys consider a big black hole of an area to discuss - women’s fashion. More specifically women’s shoes. The single most important fashion piece that a girl should seriously pay very close attention to is her SHOES. See shoes MAKE or BREAK an outfit. Most of the guys reading this are going to start scratching their heads:

Hey Khaled dude, what the hell is wrong with you? You a bit fruity, why you talking about women’s shoes?

I’m talking about women’s shoes because they’re important (obviously not in a ‘this is going to save humanity’ important way, but important for my general well being since I like to look at women and it’s very disappointing when I do look and am subjected to their bad selection of footwear. It’s just really annoying me lately. So I’m going to try and help those girls out there that don’t think guys notice this sort of thing, I’m here to tell you, I’m a guy and I notice these things.


So what are the major NO-NOs in my view? I tell you what fashion I’ve been seeing more and more of lately and think it’s just complete bollocks. Jeans tucked into the boots. Seriously what the fuck? This harkens back to the 80s. In fact I can only remember that sort of thing from comics dating back to the 80s where all women would be drawn with their jeans tucked into the boots. Listen I understand you want to show off your boots. That’s why you paid £150 for shoes, because of all the extra material. The fact of the matter is it’s only acceptable to show the full length of your boots if you wear a skirt. It’s a very simple thing and yet most girls seem to forget this.

That’s if you take the naive route. The other direction is the fact that girls are lazy and a lot of you guys don’t really feel comfortable in a skirt. Fair enough. Get over it. You’re a woman and should dress the part. I’m talking about class here. I’m not talking about some short skimpy skirt that you used to wear when you were 15 and thought that was sexy.

This is not me having a footwear fetish; the girls reading this that know where I’m coming from will agree, those that tuck their jeans in their boots will not.


  1. Oh no you didn’t LOL….

    It depends on the boot… and the jeans.. and the legs. Some people can pull that off.

    One of your “sleeper readers”

    1 kristin
    Quote | 9/2/2006
  2. I have to agree with Kristin. Some women can pull it off. Not all mind you, but some…

    2 David Babylon
    Quote | 10/2/2006
  3. Sleeper readers never come out of the woodwork ;)

    3 Andre
    Quote | 10/2/2006
  4. Jeans in boots, absolutely ridiculous. No one can pull it off, if they try it’s too late for them, there’s nothing you can do to help them.

    4 Richard Burrows
    Quote | 10/2/2006
  5. As much as it pains me to actually say this, but I’ve got to agree with Richard on this one :). Boots in jeans don’t look good period. If you disagree, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but you’d be damn wrong :).

    5 Khaled
    Quote | 10/2/2006
  6. Okay if you like boots and skirts, what about cropped trousers and boots. Seriously trendy here in Edinburgh and I like it.

    6 David
    Quote | 10/2/2006
  7. Kristin/Andre - You sneaky sleeper readers :).

    David - If we’re talking about those god awful shorts that girls seem to be intent on wearing, then no, hate them. They definitely fall under the category of stuff girls wear to point out to other girls that they are fashionable.

    Capri trousers however I am a big fan of, during the summer (again with the appropriate footwear :) )

    7 Khaled
    Quote | 10/2/2006
  8. I’m here to help boost the female sleeper reader population, but tell me first: are you even old enough to remember the 80s?

    The “Jeans Tucked Into Boots” outfit looks uncomfortable to me. Even the infamous (but infinitely more comfy) “Sweat Pants Tucked Into Moon Boots” combo left marks. Just imagine what all that crinkled up denim will do!

    8 Bonnie
    Quote | 10/2/2006
  9. No Khaled, done right it looks quite sexy - so I’d have to agree with Kristin.

    And yes, you do have a foot/shoe fetish - and it’s clouding your judgement!

    9 James AkaXakA
    Quote | 10/2/2006
  10. And another sleeper comes out :). I love it. As for the 80s, well I remember the good things, as I tend to file the 80s as one of the worst decades ever (except for the cartoons which were brilliant). From the fashion to the pop culture to politics it was a pretty diabolical decade….can worms, spill…

    10 Khaled
    Quote | 10/2/2006
  11. I’m not a sleeper (lurker is the term!) - you just haven’t noticed my comments before.

    Oh and sure the 80’s were horrible fashionwise, but jeans-in-boots is just an extention of boots coming back (for) a bit…

    11 James AkaXakA
    Quote | 10/2/2006
  12. James I know who you are buddy :), I was actually saying that about Bonnie who I belive is posting on the Kode for the first time :).

    As for lurker or sleeper a blog isn’t a forum per say and so I guess it’s not so much a lurking sort of thing, reader with only stuff to say when you feel like it is more like it :). It actually the way it goes with most people I guess. They read however commenting is another ballgame. Only when the time is right. I feel that way all the time, which is why I don’t comment as much as I’d actually like to.

    12 Khaled
    Quote | 11/2/2006
  13. “that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but you’d be damn wrong”


    Didn’t you know? Women are always right. The sooner you accept that, the faster all of the problems in your life will become a piece of cake.

    13 kristin
    Quote | 11/2/2006
  14. I can totally see where your coming from. I can’t stand when women wear shoes with a sole over half an inch thick. I also can’t stand when they wear velcro sandals, or any type of sandal for that matter, gross.

    14 Couchart
    Quote | 12/2/2006
  15. I am 50/50 on this one Kal… I reckon:

    Keep the boots on!!!

    BUT minus the jeans!!!!

    15 Stathis
    Quote | 14/2/2006
  16. Well,thank God the majority of women couldn’t give a sh*t about what you think and just continue showing off their boots. Who are you to decide what’s acceptable or not anyway?

    Ladies, please don’t listen to this Khaled dude. He’s just a fruitcake who thinks he knows about fashion but in reality he’s probably suffering from some “dominant sister” trauma.

    16 Agamemnon
    Quote | 22/3/2006
  17. Its a sexy look if you ask me. Any women in boots is sexy n it’s a good look if you ask me. I’ve always loved it.. n YES.. blokes do notice things like footwear.. i do for sure, n i’d rather see knee high boots to flat sandals or flip flops any day!!!! Whos with me?

    17 fruitcake
    Quote | 3/10/2006
  18. I love the boots tucked in and sorry but I think that only gay men care about what shoes women wear.

    18 tell
    Quote | 27/12/2006
  19. Agamemnon: �dominant sister� trauma


    No, I think it’s high time that blokes started paying more attention to the nuances of women’s fashion… if only to give themselves a handy excuse when cuaght letching.

    So does special K have dominant sister issues, or perhaps simple ‘Venus Envy’? Probably neither, I’m going with the whole “I want women to look good, for me” point… which is admirable.

    Jeans tucked into boots? Odd, and very rarely carried off (if at all - usually by distracting the viewer with a really decent top). Stupid shorts so many women are wearing now - utterly wrong. Must stop now.

    19 Meoq
    Quote | 4/1/2007
  20. I’ve never ever been accused of Venus Envy, hell I’ve never even heard of the damn term, either way I can’t say that I’ve got Venus Envy, just know what I like and don’t mind telling girls that some guys actually do care what you look like and will tell you to take that stupid top off because it makes your ASS look big or because it’s a particularly unflattering dress.

    Not sure how the fact that I care how a woman presents herself makes me gay but there you go :).

    20 Khaled
    Quote | 7/1/2007
  21. As a female reader i unfortunately have to agree with you for once kiddo, but can i please also put in a vote for men to clip their nose hair?! its something we women do notice about our men and like you we often like you guys to look nice too…

    21 Chalky
    Quote | 8/1/2007
  22. I agree! The most important item for women is gorgeous shoes (and lipstick!). Does she really need anything else?

    22 Shoe Gal
    Quote | 20/4/2007

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