Eid Mubarak

Today marks the end of Ramadan for the year 2005. Just wanted to wish all those who have just finished their fasting or are about to finish their last day of fasting in a little while’s time EID MUBARAK (loosely translated you can think of this as Arabic for MERRY CHRISTMAS). I’ve got to say that the first 3 weeks went by without me really noticing anything different about my habits, however the last 1 week has been very tough on me.

I guess that’s mainly a psychological effect of wear and tear. It’s bound to happen, as the month starts off with a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the event, and then towards the twilight of the month, it’s a bit more of a slog to get through the day. What made this day slightly harder was I was hoping that yesterday would have been the last day, to my disappointment. It’s like running the marathon (not that I’ve done that), finishing, and then someone telling you that there’s another km to complete the task at hand.


  1. Eid Sahied ya khaye……I must admit that this day of great joy is no where as nice without baba, mama and yourself.
    Someday hopefully, it’ll be just like High School, and I’ll be the one running first and getting at the door first! Remember that?!?!?! You were a Bad loser when I reached the door first out of Walid’s car at home……

    Love you loads my brother and my best friend:)

    1 Fadi Aboualfa
    Quote | 2/11/2005
  2. hey, eid mubarak. I love eid because of well I get money, get to see lots of relatives, get to see my cool cousins who only come around on eid. man I love this holiday.

    2 moe
    Quote | 3/11/2005

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