Symphony vs Shuttle

How come no one’s really mentioned this on the blogosphere? Symphony is the new kid on the block when it comes to blogging software, and it’s a complete beauty. It looks as slick as hell and has got some great little features.

As I look at what they’ve done to it I can’t help but smile at the fact that we’ve also, so far on the shuttle team, addressed several of these points as well. We may have gone about them in a slightly different way, but it’s still very cool to see we’re on the right track.

It’s been a bit of a slow development 3 weeks on that front, since the design half of the team is a bit pre-occupied with the real world. I’m making it a point to jump back into it later on this week.

Now why did they change the name from Typeworks? I did like that name, not that I’ll use the system mind you, just wondering is all.


  1. Symphony is a great little app. I’m lucky enough to have received a copy to beta test, and am strongly considering using it full time when I launch my new design on May 1st.

    As far as I know, the name was changed to Symphony due to legal issues with the name Typeworks. At least that’s what I recall reading on their website.

    1 Jeff Smith
  2. Why what system are you using now? Tell you what, wait till shuttle comes out, then make up your mind. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, by the time we’re through, there will be no reason to not have a wordpress blog, unless of course you don’t want to host it yourself :).

    2 Khaled
  3. Damn I can’t wait for shuttle. I once again switched over to Textpattern after total frustration with the WordPress interface - but after a few hours of wrestling with it and remembering why I switched back to WordPress I did so once again. Considered a total redesign of TINALS - and then went to bed. I feel better now, but Shuttle can’t come fast enough.

    Just remember Khaled, my mental health is in your hands. No pressure. ;)

    3 This Is Not A Love Story
  4. I’m currently using Wordpress for both of my websites. If I could, I’d wait till shuttle comes out, but my deadline is May 1. I’m currently just developing my layout and not dropping in the actual code for a few weeks. So, come the last week of April, if Shuttle is in my hands, I’ll definitely be sticking with Wordpress, otherwise, there’s a good chance that I may give Symphony a shot.

    If you’re looking for more hands to help out with Shuttle, keep me in mind. I’ve got a background in programming as well as being a full time web developer, so I can probably help out in either aspect.

    4 Jeff Smith
  5. Nah dude, Shuttle won’t be out till at least the end of May. In terms of help, damn I wish I could put the blame on the programmers (ie Chris Joshua and Matt) but erm the fault currently lies with the designers (ie Joen Michael and me),

    We’ve all been a bit preoccupied with stuff, and so we’ve reached a specific plateau right now, which I’m hoping we can all continue our climb in the coming couple of weeks.

    I’m sure the guys are itching to get into it as well.

    5 Khaled
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  7. If a project isnt delivered late it probably was not worth doing in the first place. Heck if it was easy everybody would do it. :) Symphony ? No way. It $49.00 - a world away from WP conceptually .

    7 Root
  8. Those of us that signed up as beta testers for Symphony were lucky enough to get a free copy, which is the only reason I’m considering using it. It wouldn’t even be considered if I had to pay for it.

    8 Jeff Smith
  9. If wordpress wasn’t such a fantastic product, and if I didn’t know what was in store with Shuttle, I wouldn’t mind paying $50. My blog means that much to me. Although I don’t think it’ll have the community or the flexibility of WordPress, but there you go, in which case I’m not going anywhere.

    9 Khaled