London Attacks

Damn, not really sure how to react to all this. I’m writing this from work, which I almost never do. It’s just that I seriously can’t concentrate on anything. Everyone’s been phoning each other, making sure nothing was happening.

It only hit me that this was actually serious when I saw Stathis standing at my desk, COMPLETELY distraught. Up until then we were lead to believe that it was the tube system acting up again, which it does on a regular basis. He’d been in the Euston Station bomb (which has not been officially reported yet) and for a milkshake, he would have been in the thick of the bomb blast. As it transpired he only felt it and got some flying debris on his leg or something.

We’ve been told to stay put, so no one’s venturing out of the office for lunch or whatever. A bit extreme probably since I guess/hope the worst is over. Now comes the aftermath, the theories and the reactions.

Image of the Northern Line (line I take every day), just after one of the blasts in King’s Cross.
(via wikipedia)


  1. It’s understandable. Such an event would be big news anywhere but for it to happen so close to where we work and live means that our thoughts would naturally be elsewhere. I’ve been the same. My heart goes out to anyone who was affected by the event.

    1 Phu Ly
  2. I was hoping you guys were okay, it is times like this that having friends in far off places suck!

    I am just glad you are alright. Let us know what is really happening, as opposed to the biased crap we get from news outlets.

    Stay Safe.

    2 Chris J. Davis
  3. Good to hear from you!

    3 Michael Heilemann
  4. Glad to hear your well.

    4 David Babylon
  5. I have to admit I was a little freaked out going through my RSS feeds. I’m just looking through the news first from Michael (copenhagen, safe, ok) then Brendan (Australia, safe, ok)….etc Khaled (Brit, freak out!)

    Very happy to hear you and yours are alright.

    5 Chris
  6. Glad to hear you are ok. Everyone here in the US is thinking about you guys in a time like this. Keep us posted!

    6 Chris G.
  7. Thanks guys. Good to hear you’re well Phu. Gotta check my emails and rss feed …

    7 Khaled
  8. Hugs

    8 Jennifer