6000 free fonts

While looking around the net for font viewers I stubbled across 6000 free fonts to download (scroll down a little bit). Still can’t find a decent font viewer for ubuntu though, any ideas about this and font management in general on Ubuntu?


  1. Direct link to font section:


    1 Tim McCormack
    Quote | 15/7/2006
  2. Oh-oh…forget proper font management on Ubuntu, where’s a proper Window one?

    Cheers for the fonts!

    (And now to weed out the doubles!)

    2 James AkaXakA
    Quote | 16/7/2006
  3. Install KDE and run “kcontrol.” Great font manager in the KDE control panel.

    3 Steven
    Quote | 17/7/2006
  4. After I played with a few settings, I’ve got to say that my fonts have never looked as good as this. I just wish that I could get something that’s a bit more funky for sifting through these fonts. I’ve not even started looking at the 6000 fonts in that pack. I means seriously that’s a massive collection of fonts.

    4 Khaled
    Quote | 17/7/2006
  5. To answer the question about decent font management in Windows: I use Bitstream Font Navigator, which came with Corel Draw 12. I’m increasingly outgrowing Corel’s design and graphics applications (recently moved up to Adobe CS2), but the font manager is the best I’ve seen for Windows.

    Information on how to get Font Navigator without paying for Corel Draw can be found at Noscope. There are also some suggested alternatives to Navigator in the comments.

    5 Adam Messinger
    Quote | 15/8/2006
  6. Surprisingly one of the best font tools i use is a 1999 developed font management program called “The Font Thing”. It’s lightweight and can handle some 15000 fonts i currently administer with it, installing and uninstalling fonts in a second. Look here for the freeware program and/or details: http://members.ozemail.com.au/~scef/tft.html .
    (It’s for Windows, working even on Windows 95)

    6 mindcrusher
    Quote | 6/2/2007
  7. I used to use The Font Thing, myself. The program is fast and has some great features, but unfortunately it doesn’t handle OpenType fonts well at all.

    7 Adam Messinger
    Quote | 6/2/2007
  8. What is Ubuntu?

    8 meoq
    Quote | 7/2/2007
  9. What is Ubuntu? :)

    9 Root
    Quote | 9/2/2007
  10. Tariq, it’s an operating system, similar to Windows (only it’s Linux). Better in many many ways, however lacking in a good programme like Photoshop.

    10 Khaled
    Quote | 9/2/2007
  11. Ahh… I see.

    I live in a Microsoft dominated work environment, so forgive my blatant ignorance.

    11 meoq
    Quote | 9/2/2007

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