World Cup Excel Spreadsheet

I generally hate football. With the odd exception of the World Cup which I’m a really big fan of. The last time, a guy at work gave me this Excel spreadsheet which I found extremely useful in keeping me abreast of what was going on. Excely have provided an updated version of their spreadsheet which is very handy. Anyone got any other cool World Cup downloads?


  1. There’s a particularly good calendar at iCalShare of World Cup fixtures with kick-off times and the author promises to update it with results and goalscorers.

    I usually subscribe to football calendars in iCal and keep track of coming fixtures in Dashboard using the iCal Events widget.

    1 weisheng
    Quote | 28/5/2006
  2. Along the same lines, the below site alows you to select your team(s) & timezone and download the .vcs file for Outlook, iCal or whatever.

    12 days and counting, come on England!

    2 Ben Bishop
    Quote | 28/5/2006
  3. Sweet link. Anyone know if there’s an app to do an automated office pool on? Anyways, thanks.

    3 Sherwin Techico
    Quote | 28/5/2006

    4 josh illichmann
    Quote | 29/5/2006
  5. We created a word/pdf World Cup Office pool at

    It is free but we would appreciate you clicking on an ad or two - we are using money to buy beer for World Cup get togethers

    5 Alan Groves
    Quote | 31/5/2006
  6. I fount this excel spreadsheet that makes comments on group stage match scores and shows competition plan and other cool features like dynamic flags and alternate regulations ranking. You can also read about any two groups and teams before the match.

    Ultimate Couch Potato World Cup 2006 Guide Spreadsheet.

    6 elfman
    Quote | 3/6/2006
  7. Elfman, that’s fucking BRILLIANT. Much much cooler than the original spreadsheet I posted. Thanks for the heads up on that one.

    7 Khaled
    Quote | 3/6/2006
  8. Try the one at It’s a big file but it contains everything. His other football spreadsheets are brilliant also.

    8 Anap
    Quote | 4/6/2006
  9. We’ve got a big selection of world cup downloads on this site.

    Windows, pocket pc, palm and phones

    Have a look!

    9 Eric Lussier
    Quote | 9/6/2006
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    10 joe
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  11. can anybody give the password to unprotect the worksheet

    11 venky
    Quote | 13/6/2006
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    12 jess
    Quote | 19/6/2006

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