London Meetup Continues

Well this is the first London WordPress meetup that I know of and to be honest even if it wasn’t, it’s the first one that’s actually counts :). Started off by me getting to Starbucks and finding Mumbles on his own (with his friend he got to tag along just in case we were all a bit crazy/mad, you know insurance, I’d have done the same but I am a bit crazy/mad). Matt’s no where to be found. So I go look in another Starbucks and asked a random person that looked like Matt if he was Matt,…he wasn’t. Get back to the original Starbucks and Mumbles is talking to Podz; who’s got Matt’s number. I give him a ring, he’s in Heathrow still and reckons he’ll be there in a few minutes…yeah right, he’ll be a while so we all file into a nearby pub.

Podz, Mike, Paul, Mumbles and Frag all sitting around and COMPLETELY GEEKING OUT. It was pretty damn cool. Podz as you would expect pulls no punches. He’s straight in there, ‘What the hell is going on with Shuttle???’ And for the next 30minutes I get grilled as to all the crazy things that Matt and Ryan have decided to put into WP 2.0, soo unfair seeing as when Matt eventually came around he didn’t get the same grilling :).

Lots of food and then took Matt around London, as he’s leaving tomorrow (I think he hated his visit, and I can’t really blame him) so I thought it was important for him to have a look at London properly or at least see some nice things before he left. I’ll post a map at some point. We’re about to go get something to eat and drink when Mike give’s us a ring to see what we’re up to, so we hooked up with Mike again. Right about now I bet Mike’s wishing he NEVER made that phonecall. 3 hours later, a bit more eat and one missed train to Manchester and I’m sitting here with Mike chilling out in my house finding out all sorts of crazy/mad things about life and this world and believe it or not the beginnings of WordPress (which I’ll be sure to post at more length). He’ll be spending the night before heading back up to Manchester.

So I’ll leave you all with a picture worth 200,000 ‘Pressers. The founding fathers of WordPress, Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg.


  1. I’m so jealous! I want to meet everyone.

    1 Jennifer
    Quote | 10/12/2005
  2. Nice pic Khal! I hope Matt had a better time during his trip at London.

    I wasn’t feeling so good, I was a little sick, hence why I left earlier than I wanted, and didn’t speak all that much in the end.

    It was really great meeting you guys, and extra great meeting Mike, whom I have been speaking with online for –whoah! It’s been nearly 3 years! Amazing.

    I hope to become more active in the WordPress community, so expect to be seeing from me! :)

    2 Paul
    Quote | 10/12/2005
  3. No worries Paul, I could see you weren’t feeling that great, although I attribute that completely to the fact that you didn’t wash your jacket, it’s December you fool :), I have issued a warning to everyone to wrap up correctly :). Anyways it was good to meet you and hopefully we’ll hear more noise from you.

    3 Khaled
    Quote | 10/12/2005

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