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Best of the Net 2006

I started writing a best of 2006 about a week ago, however I’ve had to break that down into several posts because it got far too large and I didn’t feel that I would be doing each topic justice, if I bulked all of them into one post. So for the first topic of conversation I’ll talk about the best of the Net for 2006. Word of warning, there’s a lot of images in this particular post just to bear it in mind.

Broken Kode Season One Complete

Broken Kode Season One the dead tree version of Broken Kode is finally ready for general consumption. I talk about decisions I’ve made regarding the book and what you can expect to find between it’s covers and I talk about the Lulu process briefly.


I’ve been trying to find ways to increase my productivity and effectively take my life back by the horns, which for the past couple of months has spiralled out of control.

Gmail is a staple in my life. I use it and don’t think about it. I’ve not gotten to the stage where I really use […]

La Coruna

That was seriously one of the best weekend breaks I’ve had in a good long while. I think it was due to the combination of being back in Spain, the company and the actually city/village we visited that contributed to making it a special break. I’m going to dedicate a whole post to the main […]

Online Printers

A small part of creating the BK Logo was to have something to put on my business cards. As you’d imagine these things are not going to be your run of the mill cards, as I wanted to have some fun with them. So the mammoth task came down on me to actually do a […]

Shuttle Wave One

Update: The smaller images now click onto LARGER versions for your viewing pleasure.

For the past year the Shuttle team has been working on the beautification of the WordPress administration panel. The original team was just going to be myself and a couple of coders (Chris and Joshua) who were going to take the designs I […]

The Construction Industry

I’ve created a brand you category on the Kode. It’s called ‘Funk You Mr.Architect‘. Before I get into what I’ll be posting about in the category I’ll put a small disclaimer that I like architects as people. In fact I live with one, so I’m not a professionalist.

I’m going to talk about the industry […]

The Message

Joen’s has written about the fiasco with the illustration of the Prophet Mohammad, since he’s Danish the topic is obviously closer to him than others out there. I actually had to sit back and think about this for a while before jumping and offering how I view this topic. I rarely delve into the religious […]

Broken Kode | Season One - The pitch

Well I guess it’s time to start breaking out the champagne as I’ve got a load of posts to start writing. Part of the reason I’ve been so quiet over on BK is simply because I’ve actually dedicated every conceivable waking hour over completing Broken Kode | Season One. What’s that you ask? Well I […]

Broken Kode Logo

When I’m not talking much on the Kode, it usually means I’m up to something. This has been a pretty long weekend for me. I didn’t go to work on Friday because I was pretty determind to finish off several of my projects. You’d be amazed at the amount of progress someone can get done […]

2 Years Anniversary

Today effectively marks 2 years of blogging. It’s soo strange but I remember the day I decided to start blogging like it was yesterday. I’d actually heard of blogging before that, in early 2003, however for the life of me I couldn’t see the appeal for myself or for the general public. I was as […]

In Review 2005

In a way it’s really important for me right now at this particular time in my life to seriously take a step back, reflect and look at what’s gone before. It’s posts like this that actually make my blog an extremely important part of my life. The sheer amount of information and experience one goes […]

A Broken Kode Original | Autumnal

Introducing the first in a series of Broken Kode Originals (I’ve got another 5 to go). What’s a Broken Kode Original? It’s an original website design by me. The first one has gone to Mark Wade of RWebsDesigns.

It all came about a while back when he got some lip over the design of his […]

London Meetup Continues

Well this is the first London WordPress meetup that I know of and to be honest even if it wasn’t, it’s the first one that’s actually counts :). Started off by me getting to Starbucks and finding Mumbles on his own (with his friend he got to tag along just in case we were all […]

Inksmith Explained

I don’t want to say much about what we have planned because (to be honest) it’s still in the planning stages (so that answers everyone’s first question), however due to some confusion around the place, I think it’s prudent to address a couple of points and issues regarding InkSmith. Some common rumors making the mill.

First […]


A while back I talked about what the WordPress community was lacking. Upon reflection I’ve understood that in fact it’s not just the WordPress community that is lacking in a particular aspect, but in fact the blogging world in general.

All that matters is that you are blogging and by default part of movement that’s […]

Kode 500

This posts marks my 500th post for this little site. In the comic book industry this number is a massive one that only a handful of titles have ever achieved. Although not even close to that sort of achievement, it’s nice to attain this milestone in the life of a website, that was only meant […]

Gallery Section

I’ve finally sorted out the gallery section of Broken Kode. This has been on the backburner for nigh on 2 months now, with the only reason I can give for the delay being that I couldn’t decide on the final format for the gallery. Originally I was actually waiting for Zenphoto so that I could […]

Human Behaviour

So I’m in front of the Greek Embassy yesterday, trying to get myself a visa to go back down to Greece to see my folks:”(I was raised in Greece, my brother was born there and neither of us have the Greek citizenship. I’ll be sure to write a proper post in the future about the […]

Scarves in Autumn

Can someone please explain to me why oh why people in London insist on wearing scarves in the autumn, when it’s no less than 20 °C ? I mean honestly, has style over content got to such a degree that people are so overly keen to wear a god damn scarf? The straw that broke […]

Ramadan 1426AH

I’d just like to extend my warmest wishes to all those who are about to finish their first day of fasting for the year 1426 AH (2006 AD). Small history lesson for those in the dark, AH stands for After Hijra and is how the Islamic calender is dated (only reason I know the exact […]

Broken Kode Tees

I’d first like to thank the 9 people who bought a print off me. You guys rock, and I’m seriously humbled by the fact that my work is appreciated enough for you to buy something off me. You guys have made the Broken Kode priority list and once I’ve got things set up correctly you […]

The Digital Swiss Army Knife

Knowing full well how the Apple fans out there are going to latch onto this, let me just say that I am not an Apple basher, nor am I a Microsoft fan. I don’t like corporations, but that’s another story for another time. Right now I’m going to talk about hand held gadgets. I […]

WordPress Wishlist

Easily the single biggest draw to using WordPress (apart from the price of course, which is priceless didn’t you know), is without a shadow of a doubt the actual community that has gathered around these handful of PHP files. I know I couldn’t do a slew of things as easily as I’m doing them now […]

City Slickers

About 3 months ago I was on the phone to Housy, and he asked me if I wanted to go on a mountain bike trip he always organises in September. At the time it seemed like a really good idea, bearing in mind I’d not been on a bike since I was 20 years old. […]

Battlestar Galactica

Just to be perfectly clear, this post probably has spoilers, or links to spoiler materials, so if you’ve not watched the first season, take it from me and go buy it then come back a week later and read the post.

Seeing as we don’t seem to agree on comic book movies (you are soo wrong), […]

Broken Kode 4.0: Saida Part 1

Version 4.0 has been a long time coming, as I’ve been sitting on the design for at least 3 month now. The idea popped into my head sometime in May, just something snapped and the idea began to grow. By the time I came back from holiday I knew exactly what I needed to […]

Ultimate OS

My previous windowz fart obviously as it would, started making me thinking about operating systems, and the like. I’ve had a couple of days to mull it over and this is something I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while now. Joen talked about why he wasn’t planning on switching in OSX anytime […]

The Internet is 10 years old.

So I’m waiting for Stathis to get his lazy ass to the station, and seeing as I was a little bit early I went into the nearest store to check the latest magazines. While I’m in there I noticed the latest Wired issue. Now bear in mind I’ve never bought Wired in my life. It […]


Update: One comment was all it took to make me realise that my post was lacking in something fundamental. Damn you Heilemann! I’ve added a few bits and pieces since I published this a full hour ago.

When I first started Broken Kode it was originally meant to be the online account of my trials and tribulations […]

BKV4 - Promo 1

The Corporation - Revisited

Every once in a while I remember why I’m living in London, and what it actually means to live here. I’m walking with Helen out from Angel Tube station and we’re talking about general stuff, mainly where to eat. I say you know what let’s keep walking and see what jumps out at us. At […]

Farenheit 9/11

Watched it last night. Very well put together littl documentary. Lots of food for thought. The thing is as with any media you’ll see it as biased propaganda, but the thing that it shows is how the western world has been subjected to the other side’s propaganda for so long, I think it’s healthy to […]