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Introducing the first in a series of Broken Kode Originals (I’ve got another 5 to go). What’s a Broken Kode Original? It’s an original website design by me. The first one has gone to Mark Wade of RWebsDesigns.

It all came about a while back when he got some lip over the design of his theme. The ball got rolling from there and I promised him the design in 2 weeks. Yeah, that didn’t happen but the main reason behind that was that I’m an anal retentive bastard. The nice thing about it all is that Mark just waited patiently, which obviously made me want to sort this out a bit sooner rather than later but at the same time I had to make him proud of the trust he put in me.

In the end I really enjoyed doing this site emmensely, even when IE made me want to pull my hair out (which reminds me to thank Jon for being my knight in shining armour, you rock buddy).

My inspiration for the theme as the name implies was the Autumn leaves that until a month ago were a vibrant part of the London landscape. It just seemed like the perfect design since in our conversations, Mark did say that he would like:

Something in nature, seasonal forests,..

One last thing when going over there to have a look, please don’t look underneath the bonnet, I’m still sorting out the code but I had to go live because I’ve kept the man waiting far too long for this.


  1. Khaled, knock it off. One more incredible visual feast out of you before I even have the chance to work on my own design and I’m sending in a hit squad.

    Really, this doesn’t even look like a blog design. It looks like some sort ofâ�¦ ughâ�¦ I just don’t have the words. Lets say this, I feel as though I should be paying an entrance fee to be allowed to view it. I should be standing in a long line looking through a glass case roped off in velvet. Frustrated gendarmes urging the crowd along, docents explaining the history of the piece and the artist as a young man.

    When some day my lifeless corpse is found in a dingy Arizona motel there will be a napkin scribbled note resting on the bolted down TV that reads, simply, “Khaled was just too good.” For decades scholars will ponder this enigmatic exit of mine but you, I want you to know, you were my eventual undoing.


    1 Chris
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  2. I can really appreciate your artistic abilities, Khaled. It’s delightful.

    2 Adam Bouskila
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  3. Stunning is really the only word that comes to mind. It’s awesome. Way beyond traditional blog design but it still has the feel of a blog. I really love it.

    3 Ben
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  4. Looks awesome! :)

    4 Bilal
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  5. And I thought you were going to get some sleep :-)

    You are no more a bastard than, than, well I don’t know. What I do know is you are one incredibly talented designer who is heads and tails above everyone. I also know that I will wear this as proudly as I possibly can because IT’S AWESOME!

    No one, absolutely no one, should ever doubt having trust in you!


    5 Mark Wade
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  6. Beautiful design, Khaled!

    6 James (aka MacManX)
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  7. I have no words for this! I already commented on Mark’s site about it. This must be the most original design I’ve seen in an extremely long time. It’s totally magnificent.

    7 Marco
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  8. Fantastic work as always! Just sheer, unadulterated loveliness. Nice work Khaled!

    8 Phu
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  9. The colors are absolutely fantastic! Technology made beautiful. Wonderful.

    9 David
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  10. That header image is especially delicious and the whole thing is rather gorgeous. Great stuff.

    I wasn’t sure whether to post it here or there, but on the downside, I find the colour you have chosen for the About text in the sidebar really hard to read, against the red background.

    10 SpiderMonkey
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  11. Damn that’s nice!

    11 James AkaXakA
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  12. Damn, now see what you’ve all gone and done, my head’s just gone and exploded, I hope you’re all proud of yourselves :).

    But seriously thanks for the words guys much appreciated (Chris you seriously do know how to paint a picture).

    SP - I’ll definitely check it out, as I’ve only tested it on TFT screens. There’s a few more graphics and tweaks to go in.

    12 Khaled
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  13. Hey hey hey! I didn’t get Mark any lip, just some feedback. He’s my bud and I did compliment his content. But the redesign looks terrific, excellent work my friend.

    13 Ryan
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  14. Yeah I know :), it all worked out in the end it, I wrote that post late last night because I had to so it’s a bit rough around the edges :).

    14 Khaled
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  15. That is SOO nice! Bravo!

    15 JaX
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  16. Stunning! :o

    16 Viper007Bond
    Quote | 21/12/2005
  17. WaaaW , Amazing , really like it.

    17 Web Designer
    Quote | 27/12/2005

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