Enter the Foo Fighters

See that’s how a fucking ROCK concert should be like. It’s 10 years too late, but at the very least I can say that I have now finally seen the Foo Fighters live. I owe it all to Yasmine and Matt who couldn’t make it as they had a wedding to go to instead, so Stathis and I got the tickets. This is our music. So we get ourselves to Earls Court, do a COMPLETE roundabout way to get to the actual venue. Once we got there, we realised that we were actually sitting in the furthest place possible to the venue. I’ve drawn what the problem to explain. Hell even Dave Grohl gave a massive shout out to the 6000 people that were sitting 6000 feet away from him. It’s completely ridicoulous.

So we eventually got through to the bottom seated area, which was pretty cool. Then we waited. The second the Foo Fighters came on, that was it we jumped over the rails and we were in the crowd. When watching something like the Foo it’s just too damn difficult to just sit there and not want to jump around.

I’m just going to wait a couple of days before some special person puts the concert online because I have got to get my hands on that 10 minute version of Monkey Wrench. It’s one of my favourite songs by the Foo. In the lead up to the solo, Dave didn’t actually sing the monologue, which is like the ultimate part of the song (5 years after it was released I can still scream it out perfectly), so I was really disappointed at first that he didn’t go through with it and let the crowd sing it for him… oh but wait young padawin one, he comes back 6 minutes later when you least expect it and screams it down the mic. Ultimate moment of the show and seriously very very hard to top that, the encores were good but not a candle.

Oh yeah and the lasers were pretty amazing as well.


  1. Sounds like a great show! I’m gonna see them in february when they come to Sweden, and I expect it to rock like h**l!

    1 Hans Nilsson
    Quote | 18/12/2005
  2. I saw them in 2000 when they were touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. One of the best shows I have ever been to. Dave even sat at the drums for a song.

    2 Chris G.
    Quote | 18/12/2005
  3. Oh, yes - it’s hard to find a better live band than the Foos. I saw them way back in about 1995, when the first album had just come out and the buzz about them was just growing; incredible show, packed to capacity and then some!

    3 Matthew Pennell
    Quote | 18/12/2005
  4. I’ve seen them 3 times, the best being in 2000 when they toured with the Chili Peppers like Chris said. They’re a great live act and Dave Grohl is always hilarious in between songs.

    4 Tony Summerville
    Quote | 19/12/2005
  5. Hey if anyone went to the foo fighters concert at earls court and took pictures could u please let me know… http://www.myspace.com/hipchatterbug

    5 Vicky
    Quote | 22/12/2005

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