Dry Rain

It’s been a while since I got rained on in London. Generally speaking I always carry a bag with me. In it I keep my umbrella, Moleskin, pens and a book or magazine that I’m reading at the time. Tonight for once in a good long time I didn’t have that bag as the sky looked beautiful after my run. I would usually say that was a big mistake, however it was the dry type of rain. For those scratching their head, I’m sorry I can’t help you understand further than saying that there are several types of rain (even according to Forest Gump). The dry type is the one that rains for ages and your clothes don’t get completely soaked, nor do you feel that wet. Sure your head is wet, but not your face, and only the top of your jacket is wet.

Dry rain involves not having any wind, because that fucks everything up. Add Incubus’s Drive to the walk back home from the tube station and it’s a pretty mellow evening. Nope I’ve not had anything to drink tonight, I’m usually this weird.


  1. “Nope I’ve not had anything to drink tonight, I’m usually this weird.”

    ha! I love it!!!!!! you make me laugh

    1 Xaviour Papagemista
    Quote | 30/3/2006
  2. We had the exact same type of rain here in Denmark yesterday. It was a weird pleasure to walk from the train station home. I agree, it’s very hard to describe to people if they don’t understand right away, and it’s a very special feeling I guess mellow is a good word for it.

    2 Jonas Rabbe
    Quote | 30/3/2006
  3. Xaviour - I aim to please :).

    Hey hey, Jonas, glad to see I’m actually understood apart from in my little head :)

    3 Khaled
    Quote | 30/3/2006

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