Broken Kode Version 3 - Brewing

Allow me this moment to take a second and thank EVERY SINGLE person that’s ever given any time to WordPress. Be it in the help forums, helping out with the Wiki, sorting out a theme, sorting out a plugin or generally trying to get people to use WordPress and Open Source software more.

I’ve been slogging away at version 3. There are a number of reasons for me doing this. For a start I learn soo much every single time I do a design. I’m not a coder, not even close, and yet I’m starting to understand what’s going on every time I decide to do something new.

The great thing about the WP community is the fact that if I’ve got an idea for something, chances are somebody’s already had that idea, implemented it and made it into a downloadble script that I can manipulate and incorporate into the design. Sure it’s frustrating trying to get something to work, that just plain doesn’t want to play ball, but I’m extremely lucky in that if I’ve ever got a problem one of my buddies who are infinitely better at this than I am, come in and give me a shove in the right direction.

I’m tweaking this locally, just playing around with things, but I’m really getting into taking my standard base (in my case Manji, since I know the code upside down, and inside out), and tweaking to try and get things smaller and smaller in terms of file size). Every Kbyte I shave off I have a little giggy _.

I’ve got one final script I need to incorporate but I’m having troubles deciding which way to go. It’s that incorporating of images into a design. This is for the Manji gallery that’s been brewing for so long. Basically all I want is a script that will enable me to quickly add a thumbnail to a folder. Once that image is displayed then I want it to be clickable and to have the exact same surroundings as a single post, i.e with spaces for comments etc. Also I want this space to be integrated and controlled via the control panel as well.

Anyone have any ideas which script/hack/plugin will do this? I know it exists, just wish I knew which one it was…


  1. Hey Khaled, I’m using Scott Dot’s Obsidian flavored Manji, and it comes with Paul Griffin’s Simple PHP Gallery. Though the Simple PHP Gallery doesn’t do exactly what you’ve described, it is rather close and with a little tweaking could probably do what you want. Other galleries that implement comments (PictPress, Exhibit), all seem to insert images directly into the posts, which isn’t what you’re looking for. I’ve done a lot of research on galleries in the past, and I don’t think (to the best of my knowledge) that there is a script that does exactly what you want. But anyway, that’s my two cents.

    1 zaque
  2. Thanks Zaque, yeah I know, it’s just pretty annoying. I’m sure there MUST be someone out there that’s done this sort of thing. I’m going to post this on the support forums and see what kind of answer I get there. It will be the first time that I’ve thought of something that hasn’t been thought of by someone else, and that’s saying something :). I can dream a thousand things in any one evening.

    Actually seems I spoke to soon, PictPress seems to have something in there I might actually be able to use. Hmm developing…

    2 Khaled
  3. How about Qdig?


    WP Plugin:

    Of course, you could be geeky and make your own CSS gallery:

    3 MacManX
  4. Thanks dude that’s pretty useful to know what’s out there. I’m going to hopefully kill the gallery issue tonight.

    4 Khaled
  5. Why not join in on the CSS Reboot??

    5 Indranil
  6. I’m in no real rush I guess. I could potentially join in on that as well as the May 1st reboot (Emmortel). The thing is though that I’m currently sorting out the content pages on my redesign. Once that’s done, honestly, it’s like a week of me optimising the code.

    That takes a lot of time I know but I can’t really see myself waiting 1 month with a brand spanking new design right there, just so I join in on the Reboot. Hey who knows maybe I get really lazy. I’ll see _.

    6 Khaled