Smokes and Mirrors

On Grooming
Today I took a look at myself in the mirror and didn’t really like everything I saw. It not so much just my physical appearance but in the past few months I’ve honestly not been taking care of myself in many other ways as well. So I’ve decided to deal with a few things and approach life in a slightly different way than before.

Every once in a while I’ll meet someone and they’ll have a unique way of doing things that I honestly wish I could do as well. For example I used to know a girl who was extremely good at making introductions. If there was a new face in a group of friends, within seconds that person would be introduced. It’s a great quality to have as I usually forget to do this; so I try very hard to remember to make introductions and if I’m not introduced, will do so myself.

However one of the most annoying traits that I have right now is the fact that I take my merry time to complete various tasks. They’re not difficult nor are they taxing, it’s just I get lazy. I end up doing them, however I take my merry time of doing it. One of my mid-year resolutions is to try and address that. If/when I have a task that can be sorted out there and then, no matter how annoying or boring I will sort it out. Just deal with the task at hand and not run away from it, which I’m very prone to doing.

So Sunday evenings are going to be dedicated to sorting myself out for the rest of the week. Shoes will be polished, shirts will be ironed (for the past few years I iron my shirt in the morning before I go to work), room will be cleaned, laundry will be done.

On Exercise
I also started running again this morning, which was EXTREMELY hard to do, however I do feel so much better for it now. The question of course is whether or not I can sustain that routine. Once I’ve gone over the 3 day hump it should be fine, problem of course is reaching that 3 day goal.

On Accessories
Another point that I’ve decided to tackle is buying stuff I actually need, that I simply put off because I was generally lazy to get sorted. So I ordered my Skype phone, sorted out a digital camera and got myself a decent bag. Now the question I have is does anyone know of any stores that sell decent fob watches? I’m talking about the pocket watches that have a clip that you put on the side of your trousers. The reason is I hate having a watch on my wrist, and subsequently I don’t actually carry a watch save what’s on my phone. However oftentimes my phone isn’t actually on me. So yeah any fob watches people have seen that look cool do send me the link.

On Clothes
Final item on the agenda was going through my wardrobe and seeing what was missing, what could be removed as I’d not worn it in over 2 years and what was nice but far too tattered. Now one of the things that I really need to get myself is a grey coat/jacket. I saw this guy on the tube wearing a really good one but felt a bit weird going up to him and asking him where he got his jacket. So I’m on the hunt for a light grey coat with a funnel neck (relatively large, maybe even with a couple of buttons). I’ve never actually looked at clothes online, but I’ve got to say that there is a serious MARKET out there for web designers to sort that industry out. Even the big names fall flat on the type of experience they’re presenting. I don’t know if it’s just my luck and not knowing where to go to search for these things, but I was seriously underwhelmed by my search…google actually failed me and it usually never happens.

As an aside - Yes I do generally work that way when it comes to clothes. I know what I want and know what it looks like, either because I’ve seen it or seen something similiar that didn’t look right because of something or other.


  1. I remembered reading an article about changing habits (or getting in to new ones) so went and found it:

    Experts agree it takes 21 days to break bad habits and form new ones.

    1 Jay
    Quote | 20/3/2006
  2. I have bought clothes online, and I occasionally do, but I wouldn’t really recommened it. I really don’t like going to the mall and trying on clothes, but by doing so I can make sure the clothing fits and it looks good on me. For example, some people look good in red, but I don’t.

    2 Michael
    Quote | 21/3/2006
  3. I like that, 21 days to break a bad habit. I suppose by writing it down here, I’m establishing the first step :). I knew I maintained this blog for a reason.

    3 Khaled
    Quote | 21/3/2006
  4. Fob watches… I’d go for a classic ‘nurse’ style one. A bit of retro design.

    4 Gordon
    Quote | 21/3/2006

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