Grasping Inspiration

Traditionally February is generally a shitty month. I’ve had several things mar it in my eyes that for a while there I used to dread the month. This year however it’s been an exceptional month in terms of creativity. I’ve seriously been able to pucker down and deal with things that have been on my plate for far too long. So much so that I’m going to give everyone the heads up on several things that I’ve been working on and will be completing in the near future.

This is the big one. Believe it or not I can actually see the end of the road on this little project. Over the past year and a half the shuttle team has exchanged COUNTLESS emails, online chats, and easily 50 mockups or so. I’m going to talk about it much more detail in the month to come, however the first wave of a complete set of files (that’s every single page) will be making it’s way to the team this weekend. Currently I’ve got around 18 pages done and I keep coming up with new ideas and ways of implementing various things. I don’t know if it’s all possible however it’s definitely going to make for some interesting conversations. I do intend to do a similar site like the one for FOFR to show people the design process as I’m sure people will complain less when they don’t like something because odds are we’ve been down that road.

FOFRedux Redesign
I’ve got a few more pages to do, hopefully I’l get round to them once I get the first wave of Shuttle mockups out the door. This is a great project that I can’t wait till it all get implemented as it will become a major player in the server residing RSS aggregator market, which is pretty anorexic at best.

BKV5: Remix
Would you believe I actually got this one started as well. I know pretty much where everything will go, it’s just a matter of finding time. I’ve put the worst case scenario as going in for the 1st of May Reboot. It’s a while away I know but it might just take me 2 months to get it all done the way I want it done.

Splash Panel V1
Can’t wait to get this one done, as it’s going to be unlike anything I’ve done before. Once again it’s just going to take enough time to sort it out properly, there seriously is no rush.

Broken Kode | Season One
The good news is that the book has taken a beating from my bag and it’s still in good shape. I’ve been slowly editing the pages, currently on April but I should have a great deal of it done once I get a couple of these projects out of the way. Once again I’m not in a rush because when it comes out it will be worth it.

I swear I don’t know where this burst of energy came from but it’s very welcome and can come and stay over at my house any time it wants, I’ll even cook it my famous chicken and spinach lasagna.


  1. I’m curious here, is shuttle (when its released) going to include a build for wordpress 1.5? Or is it for 2.0 exclusively…

    1 Jim Kem
    Quote | 1/3/2006
  2. Originally shuttle was meant to be a plugin, but since we’re buddies with Matt and he trusts us enough he wants to integrate it into the proper admin. Of course not everything we do he agrees with and we’ll probably although he could prove me COMPLETELY wrong here make a plugin to sort out the things that Matt didn’t really agree with.

    It will be 2.0 exclusive.

    2 Khaled
    Quote | 1/3/2006
  3. Being part of shuttle, and having seen the comps Khaled mention here, I’d just like to repeat as a second opinion that it is fantastic work. Shuttle is looking better and better, and I’m sure it’ll meet all the huge expectations that have been built up. I’m really impressed with Khaleds work.

    3 Joen
    Quote | 3/3/2006
  4. Now you’re making me blush on my own site. Thanks buddy, you know how much I appreciate you saying that.

    4 Khaled
    Quote | 3/3/2006
  5. Thanks buddy, you know how much I appreciate you saying that.

    Yep, I know :) That’s why I’m saying it here as well as on the shuttle list.

    5 Joen
    Quote | 3/3/2006
  6. I too usually have a very shitty February, with my downward spiral starting in mid January and usually ending sometime in March or even April. My creativety ggrounds to a halt, productivety the same, and my mood plummets. Yes I have been dianosewd with sad(seasonal affective disorder). But this year is so different, I’ve been highly creative and in a good mood.

    I just started to work hard in early January and kept my head down doing it. I’ve always felt creativety breads more creativety, and productivety. But we’ve also had a extremely nice sunny January, with a not so bad February. What answers do you have for yourself?

    Looking forward to your projects.

    6 Patrick
    Quote | 4/3/2006
  7. Good to hear about your creativity Patrick. Honestly I have no answer to the general influx of creativity these past couple of months. It’s been very strange but I guess it’s just the way you look at things. The only thing is that I know it won’t last so I’m going to use and exploit it while it’s still here and see where it takes me.

    7 Khaled
    Quote | 4/3/2006
  8. February is normally a good month for me: the sun comes back out here, so I tend to bounce back from the pre-Christmas slump.

    Looking forward to Shuttle, hoping it sizes up well against Tiger Admin. ;)

    8 SpiderMonkey
    Quote | 5/3/2006
  9. IMHO, it’s oh so much better :). Love you lots Steve ;).

    9 Khaled
    Quote | 5/3/2006

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